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Moving Away From the IT Field?

tomatobasil be a CPA for $120 /hr and take over the world (783 comments)

CPAs work with the only thing that management cares about, which is money. As a CPA you'd earn as much or more than a programmer/sysadmin/IT staff. More importantly, knowing both CPA and IT puts you in a position to run your screwed up IT department, get out of your cube in the server room and into board room. If you're halfway smart and shower daily you probably do a better job than most existing managers.

about 5 years ago

Spam-maker Hormel Spends to Reclaim Name

tomatobasil Re:What's SPAM taste like? (201 comments)

Tastes just like a big square hot dog; its pretty much the same stuff as hotdogs.

about 10 years ago


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