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Why Pluto Still Matters

tommeke100 Re:Not worth reading (91 comments)

typical click-bait: "read here why Pluto still matters...."
How about giving a real abstract on why it matters on the Slashdot post and people can click through for reference and details if they want to.

about two weeks ago

The Life of an ATLAS Physicist At CERN

tommeke100 Re:What it's really like ... (34 comments)

Cool, thanks for replying!
Yes this was also before the LHC on the smaller loop. The community is probably larger and more diverse now. Also, this is just hearsay of one person's account from a long time ago before the age of social media :)
Good luck with your research!

about three weeks ago

Want To Work For a Cool Tech Company? Hone Your Social Skills

tommeke100 Re:a thought (139 comments)

They tax the perks to a ridiculous extent.
The only thing you can do here as a tax benefit is give employees a company car. Which is still taxed, but less than getting the monthly lease money in cash.
Our company actually had to stop providing a 1-hour per week free gym visit (which nobody used) because after an audit they saw that as a taxable perk.
So we would have to pay taxes on something we never used in the first place.

about three weeks ago

Want To Work For a Cool Tech Company? Hone Your Social Skills

tommeke100 Re:a thought (139 comments)

> I can pay my guys $1000 more apiece but they'll only take home $700

You obviously don't work in Belgium. Here we see maybe $300 of that $1000 raise.

about three weeks ago

The Life of an ATLAS Physicist At CERN

tommeke100 What it's really like ... (34 comments)

I had a friend who was a PhD student in Experimental Physics in the late 90s.
As part of his lab's obligations, he had to do some grunt/shift work at CERN about a week every month.
He said unless your life is Physics 24/7, it gets boring pretty quickly. A lot of people there only talk about physics, they have no other hobbies.
There was not much to do besides the Physics aspect.

This seems to have changed though judging from the article, there seems to be social clubs which is certainly an improvement. Still, she (the woman in the interview) says the turn-over rate is huge, people are send there at the beginning of their PhD and get back to their home labs after a while. Looks like that aspect hasn't changed but that's probably true for most University Labs in the world.

about three weeks ago

Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates

tommeke100 Re:German cars (525 comments)

As a Belgian, I would tend to agree, except for maybe the South of Europe (Italy for example) whom have far more aggressive driving.
Congestion isn't much worse than you would get in other big cities, except our cities are so close to each other (Antwerp - Brussels : 25 miles) that congestion just flows into one big clusterfuck.
One of the issues is that the highways around big cities aren't bootstrapped for ongoing traffic, so there is no way to swirl around Brussels for example if you just pass by and don't need to be there.
Also Belgium is on the crossroad of many bigger countries ( Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, ...) so our roads are heavily burdened by foreign trucks passing through our country. You can actually see that in the crash clip above. You have a truck driving behind a truck that just passed it, while the accident happened another truck was overtaking the truck with the dashcam, and the car who tried to cross to the exit crashed into another truck waiting on the exit.
This is a typical situation here in Belgium. You could say the driver was not cautious enough and should have been in the first lane sooner. However, I drive that highway (the E40 from Brussels to Oostende - sea side) every day to work and you just have a string of trucks driving one behind the other that stretches for miles.
It's choosing between sitting between 2 trucks for a couple of miles (which really gives you zero chance of survival if the truck in front of you crashes and the one behind you smashes into you) or just hoping the stretch before the exit clears up and you have a safe passage to get into the first lane.

about three weeks ago

Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies

tommeke100 Re:Let's do the math (307 comments)

The closest spiral galaxy to us is Andromeda, 2.2 million light years away.
Andromeda is approaching our galaxy at a rate of 670,000 miles per hour.
Five billion years from now it will probably collide with us.
So, we'll just have to be patient if we want to hop onto another galaxy :-)

about a month ago

Big Data Knows When You Are About To Quit Your Job

tommeke100 Re:Our metrics indicate... (185 comments)

No. They will use their metrics based on performance appraisals and the like.
Of course, Performance Appraisals are just to document the bonus you get or don't get.
They would just better data mine browsing habits at work and correlate that with skills and market pull for these.

about a month and a half ago

Australian Courts Will Be Able To See Your Browsing History

tommeke100 Re:makes no sense (182 comments)

Or you could blame the kids or the wife.

about a month and a half ago

Carl Sagan, as "Mr. X," Extolled Benefits of Marijuana

tommeke100 Re:1999 slashdot (263 comments)

15 years in between a dupe, that must be a record :)
I love how all the comments in those thread are by people with a 5 digits id or less.
Hats off to you, sir!

about 2 months ago

Back To Faxes: Doctors Can't Exchange Digital Medical Records

tommeke100 It is your legal right under HIPAA (240 comments)

Under HIPAA regulation (The Privacy Rule to be exact), you have the right to make changes to innacurate information of any PHI (Protected Health Information) they have about you.
So, yes, you may demand some information be removed by law, and they are legally obliged have a procedure in place for it.

about 3 months ago

FBI Completes New Face Recognition System

tommeke100 Big Brother is already watching you (129 comments)

In Belgium, for a murder case, they checked the nearby cellular phone antenna and send all 1,400 phones connected at the time of the murder a message to look for witnesses (aka suspects).
I hope none of the innocent people will be in the vicinity of another one or two murders.

about 3 months ago

The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

tommeke100 Mass-Effect series (292 comments)

Along the same line (and from the same company) are the Mass-Effect series.
But space-sci-fi instead of post-apocalypse.
Playing New Vegas at this moment, BTW.
What I love about these games is that you get 60-70 hrs of gameplay (still way short of my 260 hrs of Skyrim). Even GTA V felt way short with about 45 hrs (although I loved that game as well).
Plus, these games can be picked up for under 10$ on Ebay for the PS3.
Borderlands is next on my list.
What's the gameplay time to beat a FPS in single player mode? 10 hrs max ???

about 3 months ago

Using Wearable Tech To Track Gun Use

tommeke100 false positives (264 comments)

... or chronic masturbators.

about 3 months ago

John Romero On Reinventing the Shooter

tommeke100 Re:That was the start (266 comments)

And it came on 4 floppies!

about 3 months ago

3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

tommeke100 Re:Today's business class is the 70s' economy clas (819 comments)

6'4" buddy here.
I always take an aisle seat which gives me the chance to stretch my legs whenever I want too.
If you travel for work, flights are often booked late so you may not have the chance of choosing your seat.
However, I don't mind for short flights (2 hrs). Transantlantic flights (+8hrs) are hell.

about 3 months ago

The Quiet Revolution of Formula E Electric Car Racing

tommeke100 lawnmowers (116 comments)

Indeed. People are now complaining the cars actually sound like lawnmowers. It's not the high-screeching sounds anymore.
I like the new sound actually.

about 4 months ago

Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen

tommeke100 Re:I did it first ! (182 comments)

So have you gained any super-powers?

about 4 months ago


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