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Anonymous Isn't Anonymous Anymore

totierne People get caught - then step back from the action (407 comments)

Just from what I have read about the IRA - you will get caught - you will not want to go back to prision - you will organise/encourage other people to get caught in their turn.
So I guess it is up to everyone to improve freedom fighting/hacking tools so the reckless young can have more of an impact. At least it gets us better jobs in the security forces in fact we should encouage them / run agents etc:)

more than 3 years ago

How Do You Stay Upbeat Amidst the Idiocy?

totierne How would it be otherwise? (442 comments)

I only really started making the mistakes 'real' people do when I had to do things fast - moved from taking an hour to grok what was required to having something demoable in 15 minutes - or talk back in 20 seconds.

So people do not make the mistakes you do given 3 years degree + x years on the job, or who have not coded in 5 years, how would it be otherwise?

The person who never made a mistake never made anything.

about 6 years ago

Amazon Launches Public Data Sets To Spur Research

totierne Best way to analyze these public data sets? (82 comments)

OK so you have the public data from amazon - how do you analyze it? (I realize the problem here is the amount of options available rather than being constrained down one path)

more than 6 years ago

Amazon Launches Public Data Sets To Spur Research

totierne Haw to analyze display survey data (82 comments)

I have been promised some simple survey data (bipolar survey) - what is the best way to analyze and display - I am into java/database/oracle and would like to use business intelligence techniques to test growing my career that way.

I realize there are lots of ways to do this, most of which would increase my skillset.

more than 6 years ago

Computer For a Child?

totierne Free progs: childsplay gcompris and tuxpaint (556 comments)

also tux typing (?) and maths from tux for kids.

We have some (Russian) bought programs and lots of Movies/DVDs - he has not gone on the internet/youtube/flash programs yet. (He is 2 years 2 months - flashcards on childsplay was the first thing he used at 20 months).

I guess putting our 9 year old pc on the ground our maybe leave a 20 year Amiga out on the ground for him to destroy is next.

more than 6 years ago

How to Deal With an Aging Brain?

totierne I do not see any software developments... (684 comments)

I was sharp when I was 20. At 38 5 breakdowns latter I am just about treading water. I write down in a computer file (utf8) what I used to remember. I played with regurgitating random parts of this memory file - mostly just reminded me what little progress I have made. (Same job 10 years later)

What I really worry about is my bipolar/depressed 72 year old mother and how long we can keep her out of a nursing home.

I am certain there is a software answer for this - but I do not hear any big developments, maybe she should just carry a pencil and paper everywhere - like I do.

I remember meeting a blind man when I was 18 and thought of all the computerized benefits that were just around the corner - oh to be 18 again...

more than 6 years ago


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totierne totierne writes  |  more than 11 years ago

This is a pointer to my geocities web site, should anyone be bothered to look up my collection of rants and conflicting opinions:Blog file

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