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Ask Slashdot: Advice On Building a Firewall With VPN Capabilities?

trentfoley Re:Untangle (238 comments)

Probably not an issue for 99.99% of the population, but last time I checked, Untangle does not support IPv6 and has no plans on doing so. Also, Most of the interesting modules require a monthly subscription. I ran Untangle as a vm on an vsphere 5 hypervisor for a couple of years and it did the job ok. However, it is a cpu and memory hog which is surprising for being a firewall/security appliance. And probably the most annoying is the horrible user interface. They tried to make it look like a rack which is just silly. You'd be better off getting a Zyxell Zywall USG and mounting it in a real rack.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Advice On Building a Firewall With VPN Capabilities?

trentfoley Zyxel Zywall USG line (238 comments)

Since your question was not clear as to whether you wanted to connect to a vpn for outgoing traffic encryption, or to provide secure access to your home network, I will assume that you want both. I've got a zyxel usg50 at home and a usg100 at my office and they have been able to handle everything I have thrown at them. I was also pleased that when the whole Heartbleed fiasco appeared, the zywall firmware was not vulnerable at all. Dual WAN connections are supported which lets me use both my AT&T Uverse and Charter Cable internet access with load balancing. The only negative that I can note are the several features on the zywall that require monthly subscriptions. But, since I don't use those, there is no loss to me.

In the past, I have built my own firewalls either on dedicated hardware, or as a vm on an esxi hypervisor, from Linux ipchains to netfilter to BSD pfSense. While I love to roll my own, having such a critical piece of infrastructure as dedicated hardware has made life much easier.

about a month and a half ago

Email Is Not Going Anywhere

trentfoley Re: Duh. (235 comments)

I guess everybody has their own communication priority level classification system. Of couse any arbitrarily detailed list could be made, so here's mine:
1) email is the preferred base
2) IM - critical yet tolerant to high latency.
3) Phone - emergencies, or other rare events that require full-duplex
4) Knock at door - what have my kids done now?

about 2 months ago

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

trentfoley Out of the school's classroom and curriculum (794 comments)

Whole Foods isn't pushing for institutionalized indoctrination like the Creationists and IDer's. There's no "Think of the children!" response to rile the media, and without media attention, we don't get upset about anything.

about 8 months ago

Why We Think There's a Multiverse, Not Just Our Universe

trentfoley I guess that's ok (458 comments)

I mean, I can handle the concept... so long as there's just ONE multiverse.

about 9 months ago

Researchers Claim Facebook Is 'Dead and Buried' To Many Young Users

trentfoley Re: Who would believe it? (457 comments)

Not only would that remove what little logic is in the joke, it would offer too many options and include too many acronyms. Some jokes work only when provoking a thin-skinned group of near illiterate tools of Koch Industries.

about 10 months ago

China Creates Air Defence Zone Over Japan-Controlled Islands, Issues War Threat

trentfoley Re:War (519 comments)

How far away are we from the scenario where the Chinese Communist Party drums up rhetoric that the USA is an external existential threat to China and sells the idea to its rising middle class that the USA must and can be defeated by being outspent and by having its economy shattered - like the USA did to Russia with the Cold War?

And, yes, I probably look as crazy as I sound.

about a year ago

Man In Tesla Model S Fire Explains What Happened

trentfoley Re:They should upgrade the warning ... (526 comments)

I realize that Atlanta summers are hot and all, but when cars start combusting just because of the season, I think you've crossed a line where it no longer matters what's causing climate change.

about a year ago

US Government Shutdown Ends

trentfoley Negotiate? (999 comments)

I am surprised that anyone, including the Tea Party members themselves, believed that the Federal Government would negotiate with terrorists.

1 year,8 days

Florida Law May Accidentally Ban Computers and Smartphones

trentfoley Re:Computers are a passing fad (238 comments)

So, are you saying I should upgrade from 23 to 40 channels on my CB? I was wondering if I should just go for something with upper and lower sidebands. :)

about a year ago

Florida Law May Accidentally Ban Computers and Smartphones

trentfoley Re: florida's governor is a criminal (238 comments)

Please explain to me what is a "naturalized FL native". Does it have anything to do with hanging chads?

about a year ago

US Entertainment Industry To Congress: Make It Legal For Us To Deploy Rootkits

trentfoley Re:Exports? (443 comments)

You can't declare chapter 11 bankruptcy unless you are already rich and do not need too to feed your fucking family.

Personal bankruptcy in the US is chapters 7 and 13. You have to be very poor to file chapter 7, which eliminates debt. Otherwise, you are force in to chapter 13, which is a payback plan. Either way, bankruptcy is certainly not restricted to the wealthy. More precisely, the wealthy are restricted (for obvious reasons) from personal bankruptcy, not the other way around. The chapter 11 that you mentioned is for businesses and corporations only.

The problem right now is that people are literally too broke to file bankruptcy - they can't afford the court costs.

about a year ago

Did B&N Pass On the 6.8" E-ink Screen That Kobo Snapped Up?

trentfoley 6.8' (132 comments)

Obvious typ-o, but I feel compelled to make stupid jokes.

"300,000 6.8' screens"

My 60" TV isn't even 6'.

On a 6.8' eReader, you'd only have to turn the page once every hour or so depending on how fast you read.

Doesn't that come to over 386 miles of screen?

about a year and a half ago

Galaxy S 4 Dominates In Early Benchmark Testing

trentfoley Re:funny thing is (276 comments)

Put simply, multi-processing is not multi-threading

about a year and a half ago

'Old School' Hackers Attack European Governments Using 'MiniDuke' Malware

trentfoley Re:Not hackers, I just found this on my Dad's PC.. (48 comments)

I had lots of fun with that in the early 90's. The first time I used the tool, I created a virus with no payload - just replicating and... accidentally unleashed it on my employers network. Fortunately, being the only admin, I cleaned it up before anyone noticed - not that they would anyway. Still, thanks for the memory. And, my kids would never find such a thing on my computers! They have yet to break my encryption.

about a year and a half ago

'Old School' Hackers Attack European Governments Using 'MiniDuke' Malware

trentfoley Re:Aging hackers (48 comments)

8080A, Z-80, or 6502. When you've been 8-bit hacked, you stay hacked!

You and your new-fangled 16 bit processors. At least use an 8086, or even better, a moto 68k!

And, don't knock false teeth. Where else do you think I have my portable wifi hotspot installed?

about a year and a half ago

Nate Silver's Numbers Indicate Probable Obama Win, World Agrees

trentfoley Re:Everyone loves a winner. (881 comments)

I'll start this off by pointing out that I never get mod points when I need them.

I'd like some help from you so that the citizens of the United States of America can have their government back from the corporations. Stop buying products and services from, and stop working for American OR international corporations. Short of armed revolution, denying the corporations their tribute and slaves is the only way to break their grip.

You are on the right track with your assertion, but you are being naive thinking that (1) only Americans are controlled by corporations, and (2) the problem is with only American corporations. Every citizen in the world that buys a coca-cola when they are thirsty has been controlled by these multi-national corporations. Why else would you believe that sugar water quenches thirst?

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Open Communications Set-Up For Small Office?

trentfoley Re:Warning: You can't run PBX on a VM (224 comments)

My 2 cents: If you are using an FXO card, then VM is a no-go. These cards require full attention from the PCI bus in order to operate properly. In particular, I use Digium's TDM800P with Echo Cancellation. There might be other cards out there that are better designed, but I am unaware of them.

However, if you are going straight VOIP using a SIP/IAX trunk and SIP phones, a VM will work just fine so long as you have adequate and stable (perferably redundant) internet access, and your network is properly subnetted or VLAN'd, with a healthy dose of QOS.

But, here's the real reason to not run your phone system on a VM: maintenance. Losing your phone system whenever you have to maintain the hypervisor sucks. So, keep your PBX on dedicated hardware so the only reason to ever bring it down is if there is something actually wrong with the phone system.

Oh yeah, if you are going to use Asterisk, learn dialplans etc and don't use Trixbox, AsteriskNow! or any other Asterisk-based distros. Roll your own and you will be rewarded - even if you have to initially hire a consultant to get your first dialplan. I've started using Debian Wheezy as a base for Asterisk installs. Its nice to have everything all ready for you in the repositories, and at the moment, Asterisk 1.8 LTS with DAHDI and dkms make updates a breeze.

P.S. Please excuse anything stupid - I'm in the middle of a chemo treatment and apparently, my polarity has been reversed.

about 2 years ago

How Big Pharma Hooked America On Legal Heroin

trentfoley Re:Breaking the addiction is easier than you think (499 comments)

I got a Volcano with the solid valve kit for xmas from my wife (she truly loves me) and I use it almost exclusively. But sometimes, the situation just calls for a rice paper. I also picked up a Magic Flight Launch Box which is great for on-the-go situations... which are occurring less and less as the months progress.

Thanks for the tip though - I've been spreading the word on vaporizers as well.

more than 2 years ago



How Does One Compel an Uncooperative Website to Delete One's Account?

trentfoley trentfoley writes  |  about 10 months ago

trentfoley (226635) writes "I've been trying to clean up my digital life (insert joke about having a life) and have run in to a situation I fear is too common. Many social websites, in particular, do not allow a user to delete the account they created. In the case of, their privacy policy makes it clear that the user owns all of their data. If this is true, I should have the right to destroy that data. These lines of thought brought to mind the recent privacy defeat in Europe. Does the defeat of the EU's Right-to-be-Forgotten legislation bring a practical end to this debate?"




trentfoley trentfoley writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Everytime I feel like writing something here, I realize how stupid my idea is before I hit the submit button -- and, I refrain from doing so.

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