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Prison Is For Dangerous Criminals, Not Hacktivists

trevc Learn from history (337 comments)

Send them all to Australia.

about 5 months ago

Red Hat Releases Ceylon Language 1.0.0

trevc Use? (159 comments)

Another language for intellectuals to study.

about 5 months ago

IZON IP Cameras Riddled With Security Flaws

trevc On the one hand, NSA said do this.......... (55 comments)

So the NSA forces them to put in a back door then the FTC fines them for putting in a back door. No wonder nobody wants to do do business in this country anymore.

about 6 months ago

Engineers Aim To Make Cleaner-Burning Cookstoves For Developing World

trevc Money and resource waste (147 comments)

We already have too many people on this planet. Stop investing money and resources into stupid projects like these. Let nature take it's course.

about 7 months ago

Trove of NSA Documents and FISC Opinions Declassified Thanks to EFF Lawsuit

trevc Re:Of course they were collecting (110 comments)

You do not qualify as a geek at all.

about 7 months ago

Tor Usage More Than Doubles In August

trevc Re:In need of more relays (186 comments)

So you don't think the NSA knows how to do man-in-the-middle https attacks? So naive. There is no where to hide.

about 8 months ago

Samsung's Smart Watch Coming September 4th, Without Flexible OLED Screen

trevc Re:The future is client wearables. (89 comments)

Sold my Pebble. Didn't deliver what was promised, at least on iOS.

about 8 months ago

Illuminating Window-Less Houses With a Plastic Bottle

trevc Patented? (240 comments)

I am sure somebody will manage to get the patent and then sue his ass into total poverty

about 8 months ago

Hacking Lightbulbs To Cause a Sustained Blackout

trevc Wow (115 comments)

Some people just need to get a life...

about 8 months ago

Using Zillow's Creative Commons Neighborhood Boundary Data For the U.S.

trevc Re:What is a "neighborhood" (32 comments)

Boundaries as defined by the local gangs tagging.

about 9 months ago

Other Agencies Clamor For Data NSA Compiles

trevc Anybody else read that as (144 comments)

Ad Agencies Clamor For Data NSA Compiles

about 9 months ago

New Doctor Who Actor To Be Revealed This Sunday

trevc I grew up (249 comments)

therefore I do not watch Doctor Who anymore.

about 9 months ago

SF Airport Officials Make Citizen Arrests of Internet Rideshare Drivers

trevc Re:Dispute - not often at all (510 comments)

Yep, save the obese people, screw the light ones.

about 9 months ago

Chinese Firm Huawei In Control of UK Net Filters

trevc Without internet porn... (148 comments)

What is the UK coming too?

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Programming / IT Jobs For Older, Retrained Workers?

trevc Stay away from IT! (215 comments)

It sucks! Try and enjoy some personal time while you can.

about a year ago

Facebook Lets You Harvest Account Phone Numbers

trevc oh no! (185 comments)

I heard that there is a book circulating with EVERYBODY's name, address and phone numbers in it!!!!!

about a year ago

Why Scientists Should Have a Greater Voice On Global Security

trevc Front page? (167 comments)

How on earth did this drivel make the front page?

about a year ago

Child Gets Nintendo 3DS Full of Porn For Christmas

trevc Ordered wrong model (370 comments)

They meant to order the one with child porn on it.

about a year ago


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