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HP Buys Compaq

trey Re:Holy Cow (759 comments)

HP's reticence to return to the
engineering strength that founded
the company is going to kill the company.

Fiorina is screwing up one of the
worlds greatest companies.

Here's how: at HP, engineering used to innovate products, driven by heavy r+d budgets at hp - marketing would then sell them using branding.
HP would be first in a market, and make
a ton of money (case in point: printers).
Then everyone would copy them, the market
would saturate but by then they moved on
(cf. scanners, etc.).

Under Fiorina, engineering is organized
to take requirements from marketing. Marketing
copies whats going on in the market, and
then returns it to be spec'd. Engineering
knows they are behind the curve, morale tanks -
and the product is two cycles behind competition.

Now Fiorina thinks she will save HP by buying
up an unprofitable company.

I'm better off here than I ever would have been
at HP.

more than 13 years ago


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