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The Rise of Robotic Labor

trickyD1ck Re:Long term goals (308 comments)

This will leave us with tons of cheap stuff and lots of time for leisure.

about 3 years ago

Krugman On Bitcoin and the Gold Standard

trickyD1ck Re:Keynesian? (601 comments)

Well, it creates lots of government jobs. Too bad that these jobs not only produce anything useful, but hamper the rest of us who are productive.

about 3 years ago

AMD Starts Shipping First Bulldozer CPU

trickyD1ck Re:It is all about the die size (202 comments)

AMD could outsource production to those who have competitive process tech.

about 3 years ago

World Population Expected To Hit 7 Billion In Late October

trickyD1ck Re:Facing facts (522 comments)

we can't

Good! Because I surely will consume as much as I can.

about 3 years ago

Will Climate Engineering Ever Go Prime Time?

trickyD1ck Re:Wrong idea (281 comments)

Are you sure that destroying the western civilization the most efficient way to cope with this change?

about 3 years ago

Crowdsourcing Makes an API For Human Intelligence

trickyD1ck Re:Douglas Adams Correct (123 comments)

God forbid you take responsibility of your health.

about 3 years ago

Microsoft 'Ribbonizes' Windows 8 File Manager

trickyD1ck Re:Paging Darth Vader (951 comments)

Ctrl+Z works in Explorer

about 3 years ago

The London Riots and Facial Recognition Technology

trickyD1ck Re:Talking is not Doing! (482 comments)

Here's some food for thought: What do redneck trailer trash, Latino street gangsters, thuggin' blacks, petty criminals

Low IQ

more than 3 years ago

Right-Wing German Extremists Tricked By Trojan Shirts

trickyD1ck Re:how big is the movement? (457 comments)

I'm the one doing the stealing, so no need for hiding.

more than 3 years ago

Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook

trickyD1ck Re:Uhm... DUH. (575 comments)

Then don't do anything stupid. This has nothing to do with Facebook or Google.

more than 3 years ago

The London Riots and Facial Recognition Technology

trickyD1ck Re:If Only... (482 comments)

I don't break the law so I am all for it being used on everyone who does. Why aren't you?

more than 3 years ago

Finding Fault With the Low, Low Price of Android

trickyD1ck Re:Gee, another Microsoft shill (364 comments)

At least one can expect people who are motivated by money to be rational. Unlike people who are motivated by an ideology (e.g., the FSF cult).

more than 3 years ago

Germany Says Facebook's Facial Recognition Is Illegal

trickyD1ck Re:the end of privacy? (278 comments)

I don't see how libertarianism has anything to do with privacy. One does not have a right to privacy, just as one has no right to control what other person knows or thinks.

I also wonder how one could describe this web site as libertarian-leaning.

more than 3 years ago

Germany Says Facebook's Facial Recognition Is Illegal

trickyD1ck Re:Postwar abuse? (278 comments)

I wonder what this privacy enforcement is costing the German economy. The world will move on regarding privacy and data mining will eventually become ever more ubiquitous. If Germans are so eager to place themselves at a competitive disadvantage they'll find out that the next Facebook or Amazon will definitely not be invented there. Or, on the consumer side, people will get degraded experience or no service at all. In the same way that GEMA prevents Germans from having Pandora or Spotify now, if they make it impossible for Facebook or Google to operate, consumers will lose again.

more than 3 years ago


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