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Is M$ Finally Over? The M$ Death Watch.

trimmer Yeah sure (6 comments)

Wake up asshole. It's not gonna happen.

more than 6 years ago


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You can be twitter too!

trimmer trimmer writes  |  more than 6 years ago or "Will" the real twitter please stand up?

Let's start from the beginning. I created this account yesterday, with the only purpose of having a little fun with twitter. In fact, first I wanted to take the username tweeter, but it seems to be used already. Oddly enough, it never posted anything. Could it be another twitter sockpuppet, which is still on hold?

Otherwise I am just a normal /. reader, and I have my normal account, in the 1.1M range, which I created some time last year, with Excellent karma, which identity of course I will not disclose here. I frequent slashdot for quite a few years now, but only took the time to register last year. I am not from the US of A, and English is not my mother tongue.

Now to the subject. It looks like the way twitter is playing the sockpuppet game was underestimated. Why? Because he has positive karma puppets too, created some time ago and carefully avoided trolling. The ones I discovered are willyhill and dedazo but there could be more. Yes, I know, he created name trolls for these, but that's for deception. These positive sockpuppets post only intelligent comments to keep their karma up, thus get modpoints from time to time (to mod the negative puppets up, 'cause they all fell in karma hell), and they are quite preoccupied in their journals with twitter's troll personalities. Alright, so who would take the time to collect all that bullshit by twitter in such anti-twitter propaganda journals? Of course, only twitter itself.

So, how does he react when I throw the facts at him? Well, first thing is that he reacts. (he uses AC frequently, but the style is unmistakeable) That's a pretty good clue. Secondly, he tries to make me one of his troll sockpuppets too. Very intelligent. The slashdot crowd would believe, "oh yeah, twitter never stops, he just created one more sockpuppet, one more to ignore". Well done twitter. Well I must say I was expecting something like this, but I still laughed my ass off when I saw this comment. I underestimated you. But this is the ultimate proof that I'm right in my statements.

Please note that wiIIyhiII is not the same as willyhill, which is supposedly on vacation. Sockpuppet on vacation. That's a good one. Well, he's one of the good guys, he deserves it.

So, for my non-twitter readers: watch out for more fun. You can even try this for yourself. Create a new account, bonus points if the name resembles some existing twitter sockpuppet, and go annoy twitter a little bit. You'll become twitter too! ;)

Oh, and I almost forgot. Check my friends list for the up2date list of twitter sockpuppets. Of course it will be updated as new ones are discovered. I'm sure there's more.

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