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Microsoft Outlook Users In China Hit With MITM Attack

trippin_efnet Ah the good ol' days (35 comments)

Remember when we could look at these stories and say things like "Aww, those poor Chinese. Their government is awful, shady, intrusive, abusive, etc.." Now the U.S. government makes the Chinese government look good by comparison. -t

about a week ago

Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications

trippin_efnet Re: I would rather see 1000 terrorists go free... (556 comments)

Yes. Do not allow our liberties to go away out of fear of what the worst case scenario could be. Statistics show the odds of dying from terrorism are extremely low. And there are plenty of other tools in their anti terror arsenal. They need to stop treating their own citizens as enemies and actually do targeted investigations.

about a week ago

Piracy Police Chief Calls For State Interference To Stop Internet "Anarchy"

trippin_efnet Re:Rules and freedoms (302 comments)

First things first, though: when they talk about new rules and regulations, it is not because they imagine that everybody will suddenly be law-abiding, it is because it is not possible to prosecute people for breaking non-existent laws.

I'm pretty sure it is already illegal to 'pirate' movies in most western countries. One of the many problems I think a lot of people are struggling with here is, his proposed solution has too many negative side effects. It has too broad of a negative impact on law abiding individuals and very little real world positive outcomes. For example, most technically minded people can see that a criminal would just setup a website on a server in a country that has more to worry about than whether or not someone paid to watch the new Transformers movie. So, what is the next new law we'll need to pass after a website license?

We can pass these nickle and dime laws for the next hundred years and 'criminals' are still going to find a way around them. Often, the end result from passing laws to inconvenience a criminal doesn't do much other than inconvenience law abiding people, waste time, and waste money.

It does however make for a good headline and make it at least appear like they're attempting to make a real difference, even though it has no long term measurable positive effect.

about 4 months ago

WikiLeaks' Assange Hopes To Exit London Embassy "Soon"

trippin_efnet Re:How many years could he be charged with? (299 comments)

Glenn Greewald's partner David Miranda was detained for "terrorism" just for carrying leaked Snowden documents. It is clearly not a wild leap to think they would charge someone as high profile as Assange with "terrorism."

about 5 months ago

Android App Quality Pathetically Low Says Developer

trippin_efnet Oh noes! It works for iPhone and toasters too! (336 comments)

Do some googling for "can't download apps for iPhone" or similar wording, and you'll see that this is a widespread chronic issue...

Do some googling for "can't download software to computer" or similar wording, and you'll see that this is a widespread chronic issue...

Do some googling for "can't stop vcr clock from blinking 12:00" or similar wording and you'll see that this is a widespread chronic issue...

Do some googling for "toast stuck in toaster" or similar wording and you'll see that this is a widespread chronic issue...

This post has got to be flamebait right?

more than 3 years ago

FCC Levies Record Indecency Fine

trippin_efnet Re:sex is immoral (577 comments)

I could not agree more. After watching the teen orgy from Without A Trace, I had to wonder what was so offensive about it. I mean, its a night time drama, aimed at adults. It's not like they had little dancing, beeping, cartoon characters advertising this show. If there were children watching it, they were most likely watching it because the parents were watching.

I'm sure they were so offended by that clip because they were actually aroused by the idea, and this caused a bit of double think, which turned it into sexual repression. Maybe they were jealous they didnt think of it when they were kids?

Heres the clip of the 'teen orgy' that won CBS this fine.

If they decide to block direct linking to the video, go to "parents tv". The link to the video will be in the middle of the page inside the little box saying something like WARNING TAKE CAUTION

This way, you can not only view the clip, but see how over-the-top upset they were about it. we also have the added benefit of sucking their bandwidth dry.

Any organization willing to focus so much time trying to decide what I, as an adult, get to watch on TV in the name of protecting THEIR children, makes me a bit nervous.

more than 8 years ago


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