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NSA Says They Have VPNs In a 'Vulcan Death Grip'

trollboy Re:Good news (234 comments)

I'll often type "viola" as I'm a old "Married... with children" fan and that's how Kelly Bundy said it. I'm also a fan of TrailerPark Boys Rickyisms. As such, especially if I'm being sarcastic about something, I can make a small joke and possibly point out the idiocy of a concept. Get two birds stoned at once.

about a month ago

Kickstarter Lays Down New Rules For When a Project Fails

trollboy big woop (203 comments)

Yes yes, kickstarter will now OFFICIALLY slap members on the wrist for defrauding backers. TLDR: Kickstarter still doesn't care, just give them their 10%

about 4 months ago

Sony Forgets To Pay For Domain, Hilarity Ensues

trollboy If it's good enough for microsoft (277 comments)

I still remember when someone got sued/threatened when MS did the same thing and it killed passport. After calling and unsuccessfully telling them how to fix the problem, he registered the domain, and pointed it back to where it should have been pointed and mailed them saying he would give them back the domain, he just wanted his stuff to work. They unleashed the vicious attack lawyers anyway.

about 6 months ago

Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

trollboy Poor Computer Illiterate. (608 comments)

How dare we not bow down to the expertise of those who know nothing of the topic. We should all start valuing the medical advice of common lay people & celebrities over elitist doctors as well. Why just the other day Jenny McCarthy was telling us about vaccinations...

about 7 months ago

Google Apps License Forbids Forking, Promotes Google Services

trollboy Ouya (163 comments)

Isn't this precisely what Ouya has done? They run their own app store and unless you root it (which is encouraged) you can't use the Google App Store to load apps.

about a year ago

TSA Screening Barely Working Better Than Chance

trollboy Re:Fuck the TSA (337 comments)

as a 7' tall man of german descent, I always get "randomly" chosen as well. I assure you it's not so much the "olive skin" as it is the "different" or "standing out for any reason".. which is also deplorable and ineffective for the task at hand.

And yes, no option to opt out of all the still beta FBS

about a year ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

trollboy Samsung NoteII Review (1191 comments)

Your responsive scripts pick up that I'm on mobile, but then the mobile ad forces screen width to desktop size. This results in the mobile rendered page being shown on the left half of the screen in tiny unreadable text, while the right side of the screen is all whitespace, save for an actually readable mobile ad at the top. Clicking the menu button gives you a black slideout panel with only "Login" on it... having the default section buttons there would be ever so handy in lieu of taking up a VAST amount of screen real estate to urge me to log in and nothing else.

Let me know where to send a screen shot to and I'll gladly help out. Other than that... looks pretty nice and modern. So long as it's quick and smooth I say go for it. After you fix the mobile of course.

about a year ago

Physicists Attempting To Test 'Time Crystals'

trollboy Re:Newton? (231 comments)

They also can not perform work, so.. no energy created.

about a year and a half ago

Politician Wants Sci-fi To Be Mandatory In School

trollboy It works (295 comments)

My high-school actually had Science Fiction as an English credit. Favorite English credit ever.

about 2 years ago

Ubuntu Community Manager: RMS's Post Seems a Bit Childish To Me

trollboy Pretty much Godwin's Law (529 comments)

When you say "just look at facebook" for a comparison of your privacy policies... you kinda prove RMS's point.

more than 2 years ago

180k-Year-Old Mutation Allowed Humans To Become Vegetarians, Move Out of Africa

trollboy Re:I knew it (342 comments)

Until I eat you. Jurassic Park anyone?

more than 2 years ago

iPad Bait and Switch — No More Unlimited Data Plan

trollboy Customer Service Bastardry (670 comments)

So I called that evil gaggle of vampires to see if I'm to be affected by this. I was told I was! My unlimited data package was going to end, and I'd have to switch. How could they do this I asked, the gentleman I talked to told me the contract specifies that I can't cancel for 2 years, but it doesn't say they can't change the services offered on the contract. He preceded to run down the pricing and packages I now, according to him, had no choice to choose. I then asked isn't this the very definition of bait and switch? I entered into this contract with the intent to get a product, and now you're taking this product away and expecting me to still honor my end? He IMMEDIATELY *checked into something* and told me I was grandfathered in and can keep the unlimited package, and even use it on future smart phones for the life of my AT&T service. My contract expires October 25th. I have never fired a gun in my life. I am looking forward to sinking a 45 slug through my iphone on the 25th. I love my iPhone, I prefer it to the Droid (please don't hate). However, my renewed hatred of AT&T now knows no bounds.

more than 4 years ago

Google Interested in Wireless Bandwidth Balloons

trollboy Re:Dear Google (181 comments)

This has been done before. When there wasn't enough coverage you got a verbal warning msg.
"Spawn more overlords"

more than 6 years ago



trollboy trollboy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

trollboy writes "Potheads everywhere rejoice as thier own GCC is released into the wild, bringing a whole new meaning to "rolling your own kernel". On top of encouraging developers to create a "bake" alias to point at make and raising the question of if gcc crashes how DO you get the smell of bongwater out of your machine, it also has some remarkable FORTRAN improvements as well as optimization tweaks.
Read more at http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.2/changes.html"


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