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US Secretary of State Calls Climate Change 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

trollebolle Re:Mousetraps and ping-pong balls (401 comments)

Hello Kitty is worth 5 billion a year, last time I checked.

You check that often?

about a year ago

The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu

trollebolle Re:I switched to CentOS and never looked back (346 comments)

Also Oracle steals from Redhat

I was not aware that forking GPL'ed code constituted stealing. Do CentOS and Scientific Linux steal from Red Hat, too?

No, technically not stealing, but it is shady behaviour. There is a difference between taking the GPL-ed packages, repackaging them and giving them away for free to the community (CentOS/SL), and taking it and selling it as a direct competitor in the same market. AFAIK, Red Hat is perfectly happy about CentOS and SL, not so much when it comes to Oracle.

about a year ago

TSA Union Calls For Armed Guards At Every Checkpoint

trollebolle Yes... (603 comments)

The solution is obviously... more guns.

about a year ago

Red Hat Makes Supported OpenStack Release

trollebolle Re:OpenStack competes with vSphere? (50 comments)

Summary is wrong. Openstack would be a (probably, I haven't compared the two) competitor to vCloud. The direct competitor to vSphere is RHEV.

about a year and a half ago

Fedora 18 Release Slips Another Week

trollebolle Re:I feel like Fedora 18 is a bust (68 comments)

The main reason for the delay is the new installer. As I understand it, the old one had become extremely bloated and it took a lot of work for it to work properly with a new Fedora release. This is the reason for the "no contingency plan". The contingency would be to keep the old installer, but that isn't as simple as it seems. The installer needed to be redone, and the manpower needed to make the old installer compatible with Fedora 18 just wasn't there, so they couldn't do both at the same time. They needed to choose, and they made the right choice.

about 2 years ago

Fedora Adds MATE and Cinnamon Desktops to Main Repository, Releases Beta

trollebolle Re:Will MATE make it into RHEL? (56 comments)

I would guess that it is practically a given. RHEL7 is supposedly going to be forked from F18.

I would guess not. Though RHEL7 will be based on F18 or thereabouts, RHEL only includes a subset of the packages that exist in Fedora. Remember that Red Hat will be supporting the packages for 10 years. They'll choose the package subset with care. But on the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised to see MATE in EPEL7.

more than 2 years ago

CentOS Linux 6.0 Released

trollebolle Re:Upgrading from Centos 5.X - 6X (184 comments)

This is exactly what Red Hat says too. While it is possible to upgrade RHEL5->RHEL6, it is highly recommended that you reinstall instead. Red Hat won't even give support for systems that are upgraded rather than reinstalled. RHEL and CentOS users should be used to this by now.

more than 3 years ago

How Norway Fought Staph Infections

trollebolle Re:The People Problem (595 comments)

Norway's answer to the people problem is to ban ads for medicine that are regulated in any way, like antibiotics. Medicine must be prescribed by a doctor (you can't by antibiotics in a convenience store), and the doctor don't get patients that want a certain medicine after watching a TV ad. Advertisement for medicine is considered to be too dangerous to be allowed, as the decision regarding medical treatment should be left to the doctor, not the pharmaceutical companies through aggressive marketing.

about 5 years ago

Want a Science Degree In Creationism?

trollebolle Re:Giggle... (848 comments)

Speaking on behalf of the rest of the world... *giggle*

more than 5 years ago

Russia's Mars Mission Raising Concerns

trollebolle Re:I love the way (245 comments)

1) Because it will make much more sense to live in free space (IE on an asteroid or space colony) where you avoid the huge energy cost of going up and down a gravity well.

Humans need gravity to exist for a prolonged time. Our skeleton, internal organs, muscle etc. all depend on it. Unless you in some way emulate gravity in a satisfactory way, living in free space is impossible.

about 6 years ago

Green Is In At CES, But Is It Real?

trollebolle Demand proper documentation (165 comments)

The only way to make sure is to demand thorough documentation of the manufacturing process and ensure the authenticity of the documentation provided. Consumer pressure is needed to make companies deliver green products on a regular basis. They will manufacture what the buyers want. Governments are usually important customers and can lead the way on behalf of the public.

As a side note, one should also demand that the products are "fair", such as the manufacturer and subcontractors don't exploit third world countries, the workers are properly paid etc.

about 6 years ago

Open Source Victories of 2008

trollebolle Re:Wine? (378 comments)

There's a flipside to that coin. The more programs that work perfectly in Wine, the more vendors may feel inclined to not support their app with a native Linux client (or worse, discontinue their Linux client) because "it works fine with Wine".

about 6 years ago

Linux In 2009 — Recession vs. GNU

trollebolle Huh? Regression? (355 comments)

I first read the title as "Regression vs. GNU"... that didn't make sense at all.

about 6 years ago

Interesting Computer Science Jobs?

trollebolle Sysadmin at a university or college (352 comments)

You say that you don't want to write code all day. I'm also guessing that you would like a job that is interesting and varied, with a minimal amount of seemingly unnecessary and boring stuff. Try getting an sysadmin job at a university or college, preferably a large one (many students and employees). Universities and colleges do a lot of varied work/research, and if you're lucky you'll get involved with many interesting projects. They also have a tradition in using open source software. You may even get paid working on FOSS. In my experience, universities can also be in the forefront in using new technologies. The work is important, but not important enough not to try new stuff. This type of work often attract smart, interesting people so it's a fair bet that your colleagues will be smart people that can really learn from.

about 6 years ago

Researchers Test Whether Sharks Enjoy Christmas Songs

trollebolle Re:Shark & christmas songs? (142 comments)

Question: Who the hell funds these projects? And why?

Some record label joining forces with evil and/or insane scientists for world domination? Sounds like the work of Dr. Evil, really.

more than 6 years ago

What Web 2.0 Means for Hardware and the Datacenter

trollebolle Web 2.0 FAQ (125 comments)

This seems like a good opportunity to mention the famous Web 2.0 FAQ by Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka on somethingawful.com. For those readers who are not entirely sure what web 2.0 is:

Question: What is Web 2.0?

Answer: Web 2.0 is a combination of Web 1.0 and being punched in the dick.

Question: How do I know I'm using a website / service / product that is officially "Web 2.0" and not actually "Web 1.0" with various patches and enhancements added to it?

Answer: Web 2.0 is made obvious by the addition of completely and highly unnecessary bells and whistles that don't do anything besides annoy you and make life more complicated. If Web 1.0 was the equivalent of reading a book, Web 2.0 is reading a book while all the words are flying around and changing pages as the book rotates randomly and sets your hands on fire. Also there's this parrot that keeps on flying towards your head in repeated attempts to gouge out your eyes.

Question: I read about this one website in Wired Magazine. Is that Web 2.0??

Answer: Oh definitely. Wired won't even mention Web 1.0 sites. Every single site in their magazine is at least Web 2.0. Sometimes they're even up to Web 45.2 (such as www.ebutts-and-credit-reports-delivered-via-carrier-pidgeon.com)!

Question: My roommate said he "digged" a "wikipedia entry" about "the blogosphere" which mentioned "podcasting" as a viable form of "crowdsourcing."

Answer: Your roommate is a faggot. Also, this wasn't technically a question.

Question: What's Web 3.0?

Answer: It's a product or service planned on release in spring of 2008, and consists solely of websites enabling the user to create even more detailed Kirby ASCII art. (O'.')-o

more than 5 years ago


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