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Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

trudyscousin Re:if you think products are consumer driven. (370 comments)

Apple products are designed using focus groups and industrial engineering teams.

Yeah, I stopped reading after this.

You're talking out of your backside.

about 3 months ago

Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?

trudyscousin They fail because they're contextual. (249 comments)

If an ad exists in the same context as that which I'm attempting to read, it's like a gnat buzzing in front of my eyes. It's a distraction, and an annoyance. Annoying those you want to reach isn't the way to communicate your message,

about 4 months ago

Which desktop environment do you like the best?

trudyscousin Finder. (611 comments)

That's all.

about 8 months ago

Psychologists Strike a Blow For Reproducibility

trudyscousin I read the headline... (138 comments)

...and thought, "Now there's a ray of sunshine for Slashdotters."

As a group, that is.

about a year ago

HP CEO Meg Whitman To Employees: No More Telecommuting For You

trudyscousin No doubt you've heard about Apple's flying saucer. (477 comments)

To be completed in a few years here in Cupertino. Almost all the real estate for it is coming from former Hewlett-Packard sites. As far as I know, the only part that isn't is Pruneridge Avenue between Wolfe and Tantau. I understand they'll be plowing that under as well.

There were two campuses. One was Ridgeview Court, which sprawled across seven or eight buildings south of Pruneridge. (I'm pretty sure these were among Tandem Computer's facilities before Compaq and then HP.) The other was a campus to the north of Pruneridge. It's all being torn down for Apple's new digs.

HP also had a facility in Mountain View too. Something's happening there now, I think, but it had been empty since roughly 2002.

All they've got now, for the most part, is a complex in Sunnyvale that used to belong to Palm, and Phillips before that, no bigger than anyone else's in the neighborhood.

I realize these are only a few sites in Silicon Valley, but the same thing probably happened in other places across the country where HP had a presence. It's a pity HP couldn't have been a bit more forward-thinking, but that died with the HP Way about the time what's-her-name finished having her way with the company.

about a year ago

IAB Urges People To Stop "Mozilla From Hijacking the Internet"

trudyscousin My attempt to rebut the points made in IAD's ad (499 comments)

"Finding stuff you're interested in on the Internet is easy these days. That's because advertisers can tailor ads to specific interests through the responsible and transparent use of cookies."

No, it isn't. This the lie you love to perpetuate. The reason my web browser plugins include an ad-blocker is that you have, time and time again, steadfastly proven that you're entirely incapable of grasping the terms 'responsible' and 'transparent.'

"But Mozilla wants to eliminate the same cookies that enable advertisers to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time."

Let's say someone purchased a copy of Robert Towne's film Personal Best online. The next thing they know, they're drowning in ads for lesbian erotica. The niceties of lesbian erotica aside, perhaps our someone didn't buy the film for that reason, but it's telling that's the only aspect you trout-brained nincompoops regard, so it's the wrong audience and the wrong message. And as for the "right time," decades of abuse long before the Internet's advent have shown that you think it's in the time frame of dinnertime.

"Mozilla claims it's in the interest of privacy. Truth is, we believe it's about helping some business models gain a marketplace advantage and reducing competition."

As the song says, it's your misfortune and none of my own. What is this bizarre sense of entitlement that posesses you?

"Right now consumers have control over whether they receive interest-based ads through the Digital Advertising Alliance's self-regulatory program."

Oh, yeah. That "opt-out" you love to foist on us all. That's kind of like getting down on one's hands and knees asking the cockroaches skittering across the kitchen floor to please stop that.

"It appears that Mozilla wants to be 'judge and jury' for business models on the Net."

I can't speak for Mozilla, but I'd be willing to bet they could care even less than I do about your "business models."

"If cookies are eliminated, it is clear to us that consumers will get a less relevant and diverse Internet experience."

A "relevant and diverse Internet experience" doesn't include pop-ups that obscure what I'm trying to read, or those full-window ads that shut out the entire web page, unless one happens to be a total freakin' idiot, a sociopath, or some combination of the two, which would explain why the lot of you think this crap is such a grand idea.

"Send an email to StopMozilla@aboutads.info to tell Mozilla you don't want them hijacking cookies on the Internet."

Is there an address I can use to tell you all to intercourse yourselves? Because it's all about choices, as you love to say, and that's the choice I want.

about a year and a half ago

US Congress May Not Have Stomach For Another SOPA

trudyscousin No stomach...? (95 comments)

But sopapipas are delicious with honey!

about 2 years ago

Apple Seeks To Block 8 Samsung Products After Court Win

trudyscousin Screw it. I've some karma to burn... (396 comments)

...because I'm absolutely certain my opinion won't be popular here.

If all these innovations you think are so obvious are indeed that, then why didn't we see them implemented in popular phones released before 2007? I don't doubt that they existed before then, but it apparently took a company like Apple to implement them in a popular, readily available device.

If Samsung, who whines like the spanked brat of a company that they are, about how terrible it is that a company resorts to litigation rather than innovation in order to compete, well, why didn't they innovate? All of this obvious tech must have been available to do so, right? Samsung, as far as I'm concerned, got owned, and the best they could do was to imitate Apple. Ook ook.

As for those of you who sanctimoniously howl about how your household is going to be Apple-free from here on? See you in the funny papers, schmucks. I'm pretty sure Apple isn't in business to garner the adoration of the all-you-can-eat toe-jam buffet crowd. Not that I believe for a moment that any of you actually owned any Apple products in the first place.

I thought I'd never defend Microsoft, but I have to hand it to them: They created an OS that offers, as far as I can tell, a thoroughly original user experience for a smartphone. I mention this, because as much as I do enjoy my iPhone and the rest of the Apple products I own, I often wonder when something better will come along, and not necessarily from Apple.

But, those who really do innovate? Those who really would create something that is truly new under the sun? It isn't patents, or the arcane system that comes with them, that they need to fear. It's the people who buy fourth-rate knock-off crap they have to fear. It's their voice, their vision, that becomes lost in all the noise.

more than 2 years ago

Hackers Dump Millions of Records From Banks, Politicians

trudyscousin nee (310 comments)

The motivation behind the hack, the group claims, is to protest against banks, politicians and the hackers who have been captured by law enforcement agencies.

(emphasis mine)

Yeah, I'd be protesting against those stupid hackers too. I mean, they got caught? Horrors!

Is no one proofreading these submissions?

more than 2 years ago

Paying Through Facebook May Become a Reality

trudyscousin 'Bango' 'Frictionless' (122 comments)

Sounds like the potential for a good fucking, all right, but not necessarily the kind you want.

Payment using Facebook? I don't think so. Why not be done with it and make barcode tattoos on foreheads mandatory?

more than 2 years ago

4 UK Urban Explorers Face Orders Not To Talk With Each Other For 10 Years

trudyscousin Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport (387 comments)

Let me ABSOs go loose, Lew
Let me ABSOs go loose
They're of no further use, Lew
So let me ABSOs go loose.

(with apologies to Rolf Harris)

more than 2 years ago

Osborne 1 vs. IPad 2

trudyscousin Whee. (249 comments)

Z80 CPU was supported by whooping 64KB of system memory.

Was it celebrating something? Or did it have case of pertussis, the poor thing?

more than 3 years ago

Android Copy of Danish Man Unveiled

trudyscousin Obligatory HHTG (147 comments)

"You'd just have to programme it to say What? and I don't understand and Where's the tea? Who'd know the difference?"

That's what came to mind when I saw the Geminoid's expressions.

more than 3 years ago

Sony's War On Makers, Hackers, and Innovators

trudyscousin I'm done with them. (317 comments)

I knew for years that Sony had been the distributor of CBS recordings in Japan (and a great custodian too; I found CDs in Tokyo of CBS releases, long forgotten in the US, whose excellent quality reflected the care given to their masters), so it seemed to be a natural fit when they acquired CBS Records. In those days, how could I think otherwise? Sony's reputation for innovation and quality were unmatched by anyone else in Japan. Whenever I brought home a Sony television, or a stereo receiver, or a reel-to-reel deck (yes, I'm that old), that was something special.

However, that acquisition, along with that of Columbia Pictures, marked the days when Sony began its long decline as an electronics provider. (Akio Morita's inevitable departure didn't help, either.) They still produce some amazing products, even though products like the Walkman, once ubiquitous, is now largely a historical fact. Their shift in focus now makes them a content provider first and a electronics provider second.

When it comes to content, I think of them as nouveau riche, in the derogatory sense. Like the person with newfound wealth sometimes behaves, Sony has behaved in a most vulgar manner. It has demonstrated an amazing lack of finesse toward its customers while attempting to protect its content. The most infamous example of this has got to be the rootkit debacle.

I miss the Sony of old. But I'm done with them.

more than 2 years ago

Warner To End Free Streaming of Its Content

trudyscousin If you really want to know what's wrong... (278 comments)

...with Warners today, all you have to do is contrast this money-grubbing douche with the likes of Ted Templeman, Lenny Waronker, and Mo Ostin. These were guys who staged and kept alive a renaissance at Warners for over thirty years. They signed amazing people like Hendrix, Zappa, Little Feat, the Doobies, and that's just for starters. Ostin in particular was so loved that artists actually wrote songs for him.

But this moron...the only thing he's interested in--forgive me for the cliché--is money for nothing.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Wins Windows XP WGA Lawsuit

trudyscousin Re:They may have won in the courts.... (307 comments)

If you were talking about iPhone OS, you might have a rational argument, and would have earned your moderation.

But I thought we were talking about an operating system for a general-purpose computer. Contrasting Mac OS X with any post- W2K Microsoft OS:

- I've never had to enter an 'activation' key to install it.
- I've never had to worry if it's going to turn on me and accuse me of using a 'counterfeit' version of it.
- I've never had to call Apple and ask, "Pretty please, is it okay to have my computer back?"

I think you're a little bit confused as to "Super-Lockdown-Incorporated" really is.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Says Goodbye GUI, Hello MUI

trudyscousin It was bound to happen. (79 comments)

Microsoft is seeking patents for controlling a computer by simply flexing a muscle.

Microsoft has been controlling computers for years by flexing its muscles.

about 5 years ago

Not All iPods — Vinyl and Turntables Gain Sales

trudyscousin The things about vinyl that drove me crazy: (405 comments)

- 22-26 minutes maximum playing time per side.
- Rumble. Especially when it came pressed into the record.
- Scratches. A click or pop was forever. Often with the very first playing.
- Warpage. This was especially a problem after 1969-1972, when records became thinner. (Thank you RCA, for that "Dynaflex" nonsense.)
- Playing a phonograph record was a fiddly business. Extracting the record from its jacket and inner bag without getting fingerprints all over it (which could lead to more clicks and rumble). Cleaning the record surface with a brush before playing. You took all those precautions because you didn't want to make things worse, but it was rather like pissing in the wind, as the saying goes. No matter how great your cartridge was or how light your tracking force, your records would inevitably wear, especially your favorites.

Obviously, I'm not in the demographic that wants vinyl today. I was never a DJ (not in the context of a dance club, anyway), and I have no nostalgia, false or otherwise, to bring me back to the medium.

But I can't help but wonder if the problems that plague CDs today parallel the problems that vinyl in its heyday had. Everything I mentioned above were the reasons I was so quick to embrace CDs. (And if you've ever heard Ry Cooder's "Bop 'Til You Drop" or Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms," you know exactly how wonderful CDs could sound.) But, it was a reaction, and I'm wondering if things like DRM and the "loudness wars" are the reaction people who are migrating to vinyl are having.

more than 5 years ago

Apple Voids Smokers' Warranties

trudyscousin Gooey brown sludge (4 comments)

I have no first-hand knowledge of the condition of the computers involved in the story.

But as a student completing college in 1990, I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment, and smoked perhaps 3/4 pack a day. At that time I had owned a Macintosh II with a 13" AppleColor display for the past year and a half or so.

One day I noticed that the display had become somewhat dim. On closer inspection, the glass looked as if it had been fogged over, and so I fetched some Windex and a paper towel to clean it. What came off beggared belief. The paper towel was covered with a gooey brown sludge. On a hunch, I opened the case of the display and found that everything inside was similarly coated with that brown gunk. The thought of taking the thing apart and washing the chassis in a microsonic cleaner crossed my mind, but I decided to leave well enough alone as long as it worked, washing the exterior case instead.

Oddly, the Macintosh II itself seemed to be fairly free of that crud.

Nonetheless, this is why I haven't had a cigarette since that day.

more than 5 years ago



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