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New HP Laptop Would Mean Windows at Chromebook Prices

tsqr Re:The obvious /. question... (215 comments)

Locked BIOS.

Unless I missed something (possible), that is an unsupported supposition. Nothing in the article or the spec sheet it links to says anything at all about BIOS.

about a week ago

Why Chinese Hackers Would Want US Hospital Patient Data

tsqr Really (170 comments)

If I am one of the 50 million Americans who are uninsured ... and I need a million-dollar heart transplant, for $250 I can get a complete medical record including insurance company details.

It would be less painful to just kill yourself than to receive an organ transplant based on someone else's medical record and then wait for rejection to set in.

about a week ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

tsqr Re:... information ... (359 comments)

For some reason people like to equate "ignorance" with the lack of access to information --- which I think is patently false

Perhaps the "some reason" you're searching for is the fact that they are right and you are wrong with regard to the definition of ignorance:

1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned
2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact
3. uninformed; unaware
4. due to or showing a lack of knowledge or training

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Recliner For a Software Developer?

tsqr Re:The best seat in the house (154 comments)

you can work, shit, eat (I have a mini fridge within reaching distance), watch tv (I also have a tv mounted on the wall)

Didn't anyone ever tell you not to shit where you eat?

about two weeks ago

How California's Carbon Market Actually Works

tsqr Re:Is it really a problem? (97 comments)

In Florida, the utilities have successfully sued people over installing solar power, but that is beginning to change as the laws were altered to stop them from doing this.

Citation on this?

Here you go.

about two weeks ago

The Misleading Fliers Comcast Used To Kill Off a Local Internet Competitor

tsqr Re:Appropriate punishment (250 comments)

It is about slander and libel. You can, in fact, sue people for making untrue statements that negatively effect you.

In general, you can sue anybody for pretty much anything. Winning a lawsuit is another matter. And neither slander nor libel is applicable in this particular instance.

Slander is the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation. Libel is the action of publishing a false statement damaging to a person's reputation. Whose reputation was damaged in this case?

about a month ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

tsqr Re:Where's the drug tests? (511 comments)

on the grounds that poor folks are users

A lot of companies require drug testing as a condition of employment, but I don't think it's because they think people looking for work tend to be users.

about a month ago

The Psychology of Phishing

tsqr Re:If you tried fixing that you did it wrong (128 comments)

Even something as basic as the difference between To: and Cc:, I've seen people assume "first goes in To:, rest goes in Cc:, and that's not how it works.

Personally, I like the people who don't understand the difference between Reply and Reply All. When HR sends a company picnic invitation to Everybody, the invitation is immediately followed by a Reply All flood of RSVPs from that crowd. Lately, though, HR seems to have discovered the Bcc: field as a solution to that issue.

about a month ago

States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

tsqr Re: Local testing works? (778 comments)

People who can't move? Do you have any idea how many dirt-poor people moved out of the dust bowl during the Great Depression?

about a month ago

White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

tsqr Re:What? (382 comments)

Not all popular idea's will go out or should go out, just because the majority wills it.

Or, as Edmund Burke put it back in the late 18th century, "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgement; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion."

about a month and a half ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

tsqr Re:Cost of smartphone service (753 comments)

But then you have to pay hundreds of USD for an iPhone (or maybe one hundred for a compatible Android phone) and hundreds of USD per year to upgrade from voice-only cellular service to smartphone service. Or what am I missing?

That most people already have a smartphone.

The data plan issue is a bigger one, I think.

According to this survey, 56% of all US adults have smartphones (61% of cell-phone users). So yeah, "most", but not exactly an overwhelming majority. Note also that smart phone ownership is heavily skewed toward the upper income brackets, especially among older age groups.

about a month and a half ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

tsqr Re:Useless coins (753 comments)

On the other hand... have you ever had a wallet full of bills? Dollar bills, like pennies, can really add up. Add a couple fives, tens and twenties and your wallet will be about to burst, not wanting to close properly.

Right now I have $98 in currency in my wallet (mix of 20s, 10s and 1s), and my wallet is showing no signs of distress. Personally, I'd rather have eight 1-dollar bills in my wallet than a small pile of heavy coins in my pocket, all mixed in with my thumb drives, keys, and pocket knife. I also prefer not to make jingle-jangle noises when I walk, but I suppose some people like that sound.

Then the next time you pull your wallet out, you have to deal with the nightmare of wading through tens of loose pieces of paper, all folded and bent and deformed in any way imaginable, to get to the bills you need.

First world problem. If your currency is "all folded and bent and deformed in any way imaginable", you're not doing it right. Are you one of those people who keep their currency all wadded up in a ball? Anyway, if you think straightening out a pile of money is a nightmare, you should count yourself lucky in life.

about a month and a half ago

Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen

tsqr Re:Global warming is only the start (265 comments)

What will happen when eventually, inevitably, the oil and gas of the UAE starts to dwindle, the economy correspondingly does the same, and the energy supply to keep the whole thing cool becomes prohibitively expensive?

Here's some information for you. Oil and gas are a minor (and decreasing) part of the economy. Not sure about pizza and beer, though.

about a month and a half ago

ESA Shows Off Quadcopter Landing Concept For Mars Rovers

tsqr Re: This is not going to work. (104 comments)

Yes, it isgoing to work, actually. A proof of concept vehicle has already been flown in a chamber at Martian atmospheric pressure.

about 1 month ago

California Legalizes Bitcoin

tsqr Re:Bitcoin's day has come. (162 comments)

No one I know uses anything but Windows on the desktop (and a few OSX).

Allow me to introduce myself. I've been using Linux on the desktop since 1997. Also Windows from time to time, and for the last 7 years, frequently OS X. Maybe I've been at war with myself, but casualties have been very light.

As to the parent AC's reference to "desktop wars" being rendered irrelevant, it's probably with respect to those whose computer requirements are sufficiently trivial that they are satisfied by a smartphone and/or tablet. I have an Android phone and an Android tablet, and I enjoy using both of them for casual content consumption; but, they aren't anywhere near adequate to do most of what I use a desktop or laptop computer for, either at home or at work.

about 2 months ago

What's Your STEM Degree Worth?

tsqr Re:Worth mentioning (148 comments)

However, getting a STEM Ph.D. closes nearly all doors except becoming a researcher or teacher in your field.

I guess it depends on the field. I have a lowly BSEE earned many years ago, but where I work (small aerospace company), you can't walk from your office to the coffee room without tripping over a couple of PhDs. They're not here to teach or to do research.

about 2 months ago

Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy

tsqr Re:I sleep less. (710 comments)

Something a lot of people forget is that with a 2-income home, we get a 2-income lifestyle. You could probably still do what they did in the 50s, but you would have to give up a lot of what we value more.

My wife quit working 12 years ago. Financially, we're doing better than we did while she was working -- spending less on commuting, clothing, food (dining out is a treat, not something you have to do because no one has time to cook), laundry (they actually sell these machines that enable you to do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it; all it takes is time) and not having to hire a house cleaning service, and avoiding the "marriage income tax penalty" imposed on the second income, we actually have more disposable income than we did when she had a paying job. We don't have small kids at home, but if we did we'd be saving even more, on child care.

Then there are the emotional benefits. A lot of people need a career to feel fulfilled. My wife liked her job, but she truly despised getting up in the morning and going to work. She likes taking care of the household, and she's a lot happier when I come home in the evening than she used to be. The saying, "Happy Wife; Happy Life" has a lot of truth to it.

I'm not suggesting that this is a successful strategy for everyone. As I said, some people need a career to feel fulfilled. Some couples won't save any money on some of the items I listed above, because even with two incomes they can't afford to eat out often or pay for laundry and house cleaning services. But it's worth sitting down and running the budget numbers to see if it can work.

about 2 months ago

Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

tsqr Re:here's what's wrong with that (358 comments)

my IQ is 30% higher than the average person

I look down at my phone [while driving] to see what the heck happened

If you're as bright as you say you are, you'll realize that those two statements are mutually exclusive.

about 2 months ago


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