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20 Hours a Month Reading Privacy Policies

ttapper04 fuzzy math (161 comments)

20 hours X 12 months = 240 hours

about 6 years ago



Blackberry DST Patch

ttapper04 ttapper04 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ttapper04 writes "To my groggy delight this morning my Blackberry Pearl had rolled back time by 1 hour. I changed my alarm clock, with a satisfying feeling of having "stuck it to the man." Did anyone else indulge in this unexpected treat? If so what kind of reaction did you get upon showing up late to work? It turns out that Blackberry phones with old firmware have jumped the gun on daylight savings time. is where you can get the patch. Is anyone else faced with having to upgrade all their companies Blackberries?"
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Defending "Less then Legit" Software at Work

ttapper04 ttapper04 writes  |  more than 6 years ago I am in the middle of an office flame war with a co-worker. He has argued the point to our boss that the "less then Legit" software and music on my computer is a risk to the company. He sites the argument that a disgruntled former employee can snitch on us and bring legal issues to our door. Our steel fabrication company employs about twenty people; he and I are the only 2 that are computer literate. Sometimes I use Photoshop for odd jobs my boss needs done, now this fact has become the centerpiece in his efforts to smite me. How would you justify the use of a pirated copy of Photoshop to your computer illiterate boss?

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