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Wikipedia Bans Church of Scientology

tuba_dude Re:The Irony (665 comments)

Neither you nor your parent actually get the joke

Personally, I'm getting tired of these fucking "whoosh" comments. News flash: you are not as funny as you thing you are, and if you think making a stupid reference to some hackneyed geek cliche gives your otherwise nonsensical comment credibility, you're wrong.

Oh, and those "fixed that for you" comments are getting pretty awesome, too.

Fixed that for you.

more than 5 years ago

How Do I Start a University Transition To Open Source?

tuba_dude Re:open or closed ecosystems (497 comments)

I think the major problem here is that programmers/techies *enjoy* learning new things. From my art friends, and most people in general, I get the feeling that they want to stick with what they already know. Either they're too lazy, too afraid, or just plain not interested in learning. Sometimes they just don't consider the tools important, so once they figure something out, they stick with it so they don't have to think about it. My art school friends learn the tools they learn because they need to learn something. Once they figure out their favorite tools, they stick with them so they can get to what they consider important, their art. I don't really understand the vehement support of commercial tools, but I do understand their lack of interest in changing tools.

more than 5 years ago

The Deceptive Perfection of Auto-Tune

tuba_dude Re:Inauthentic? (437 comments)

...but I refuse to recognize Hip-Hop as music. I mean sure, it's got a beat and you can kill cops to it, but it's still lacking something.

It's poetry with a beat behind it! And guns! They're like beatniks with automatic weapons.

more than 5 years ago

Man Robs Convenience Stores With Klingon "Batleth"

tuba_dude Wow (579 comments)

Maybe it's just me, but as amusing as it is that this guy robbed two stores with this thing, it's funnier that both of the store clerks knew exactly what it was!

more than 5 years ago

Trojan Hides In Pirated Copies of Apple iWork '09

tuba_dude Re:Pirates (431 comments)

Or, even worse, a child! Those things last longer, cost more and cause more damage than those other things.

about 6 years ago

Obama Looking At Open Source?

tuba_dude Re:No... (306 comments)

There are other options available. My company provides outsourced Linux/Windows IT support to small businesses. We have service agreements that say we'll respond to outages within a set time frame, and that with a few exceptions, all service is covered under the contract and not billed hourly, usually for the cost of hiring one relatively inexpensive IT guy. If you're even more worried about cost, we even do straight hourly billing, with no monthly fees or anything like that. I know several of our competitors do the same.

about 6 years ago

Possible Last-Minute Problems With Vista SP2

tuba_dude Re:Slashdot == The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf (328 comments)

That's utter bollocks. I have a workstation with 8GB of RAM running Vista64. No such thing happens. All open apps spring back to life pretty much instantly no matter how long they have been dormant. There's something fucked up in your setup, or you're trolling.

You've got an almost optimal setup. Most people have 2 GB RAM or (most likely) less. I'm a nerd with gobs of spending money after I pay my bills, and I still only have two gigs of RAM.

Swap is a failure mode, and although slow, a very graceful one. It's what happens when you have less RAM than your workload requires. Right now, a typical workload in Vista is enough to trigger that failure mode in a typical store-bought system.

You have a system that's specifically designed to be very far from that failure mode, while most people have systems that are only as far from it as they can afford. With Vista, the RAM available:RAM required ratio is much closer than it's been in a long time, so the cost of avoiding swap is higher than it used to be, and for the people that understand that issue, it's a problem. (Everyone else just says "My system's slower with Vista!")

Swap's going to happen for a lot of people, and it's arrogant to assume everyone can afford to avoid it to the level you can. Don't dismiss the fact that Windows' swapping methods are bad (or that Windows is bloated) just because you can afford to avoid them.

about 6 years ago

Hope For Fixing Longstanding Linux I/O Wait Bug

tuba_dude Re:KTorrent (180 comments)

Almost everyone using Ubuntu 8.x is.

about 6 years ago

Hope For Fixing Longstanding Linux I/O Wait Bug

tuba_dude Re:Dang!! (180 comments)

Sounds like somebody needs to patch in preemptable multitasking! :)

about 6 years ago

A Peek At DHS's Files On You

tuba_dude Re:Time to recycle a "meme". (241 comments)

You can choose not to do business with them now, but what happens when they have guns, or they're large enough that even a few thousand protesters won't even slow them down?

about 6 years ago

A Peek At DHS's Files On You

tuba_dude Re:Schnitzel (241 comments)

Mmmm, i would kill for a bowl of Hitler...

about 6 years ago

Distributed "Nuclear Batteries" the New Infrastructure Answer?

tuba_dude Re:Critical (611 comments)

Unfortunately, you can blame engineers here. While it most likely wasn't the immediate cause of the explosion, the way the reactor was built was highly unsafe. Check out the reactor's design flaws:

-The reactor had a dangerously large positive void coefficient. The void coefficient is a measurement of how the reactor responds to increased steam formation in the water coolant. Most other reactor designs produce less energy as they get hotter, because if the coolant contains steam bubbles, fewer neutrons are slowed down. Faster neutrons are less likely to split uranium atoms, so the reactor produces less power. Chernobyl's RBMK reactor, however, used solid graphite as a neutron moderator to slow down the neutrons, and neutron-absorbing light water to cool the core. Thus neutrons are slowed down even if steam bubbles form in the water. Furthermore, because steam absorbs neutrons much less readily than water, increasing an RBMK reactor's temperature means that more neutrons are able to split uranium atoms, increasing the reactor's power output. This makes the RBMK design very unstable at low power levels, and prone to suddenly increasing energy production to dangerous level if the temperature rises. This was counter-intuitive and unknown to the crew.

-A more significant flaw was in the design of the control rods that are inserted into the reactor to slow down the reaction. In the RBMK reactor design, the control rod end tips were made of graphite and the extenders (the end areas of the control rods above the end tips, measuring 1-metre (3 ft) in length) were hollow and filled with water, while the rest of the rod â" the truly functional part which absorbs the neutrons and thereby halts the reaction â" was made of boron carbide. With this design, when the rods are initially inserted into the reactor, the graphite ends displace some coolant. This greatly increases the rate of the fission reaction, since graphite is a more potent neutron moderator (a material that enables a nuclear reaction) and also absorbs far fewer neutrons than the boiling light water. Thus for the first few seconds of control rod activation, reactor power output is increased, rather than reduced as desired. This behavior is counter-intuitive and was not known to the reactor operators.

-The water channels run through the core vertically, meaning that the water's temperature increases as it moves up and thus creates a temperature gradient in the core. This effect is exacerbated if the top portion turns completely to steam, since the topmost part of the core is no longer being properly cooled and reactivity greatly increases. (By contrast, the CANDU reactor's water channels run through the core horizontally, with water flowing in opposite directions among adjacent channels. Hence, the core has a much more even temperature distribution.)

-To reduce costs, and because of its large size, the reactor had been constructed without any secure containment. This allowed the radioactive contaminants to freely escape into the atmosphere after the steam explosion burst the primary pressure vessel.

-The reactor also had been running for over one year, and was storing fission byproducts; these byproducts pushed the reactor towards disaster. As the reactor heated up, design flaws caused the reactor vessel to warp and break up, making further insertion of control rods impossible as the heat deformed them.

about 6 years ago

Karl Rove's IT Guru Dies In Small Plane Crash

tuba_dude Re:Screw Balance. (377 comments)

I'd mod you up if I hadn't started this thread.

more than 6 years ago

Karl Rove's IT Guru Dies In Small Plane Crash

tuba_dude Screw Balance. (377 comments)

(although it could not be called balanced)

Seriously. Screw Balance. Don't kowtow to some asshole who disagrees with you just because he says you're not reporting fairly. Know your biases, know them well, and know how to counteract them. As for the readers, know your biases and know or at least anticipate the author's biases.

"Balance" is for people who want to be heard, even when they know they're lying. It's for people with persecution complexes who have no business having them. "Balance" is reporting that Wall Street needs $700 billion, but auto workers are paid too much. "Balance" is promoting two sides as equal when they're not, or promoting two sides when an issue is more complex than that.

How many times have we IT people complained about unfair, ill-informed, hyped, or spun news articles about us? Why is this exact same tactic on the front page here? "Almost all the media coverage comes from the left and some of it is frankly conspiratorial." Marginalization and a thinly veiled ad-hominem attack? When did slashdot start culling from the mainstream?

"Balance" is bullshit, truth is paramount.

more than 6 years ago

Beating the College Bubble

tuba_dude Re:Foot in the door (616 comments)

The point and the reality of it are two different things, unfortunately. At my last job, I was hired on as a desk monkey (not a help desk monkey, just a monkey with a copy of Excel) after I left the Marine Corps, since it was the only job I could get without any certifications or official education. I saw three guys get hired on as IT staff that didn't know jack shit, but they had piles of certs. Then again, at my current job, I totally gamed the system through a friend. He had a linux machine he had been using as a testbed/fileserver, and after a while, he was afraid to touch it because he didn't know enough about linux. I patched it up, showed him some nifty tricks, etc. Any time we hung out, I'd have some new idea or powertoy to play with. Eventually his company was looking to hire a linux consultant that could work well with the team. My friend vouched for my linux skills and how well I fit in, and I got the job on the first interview. :D

more than 6 years ago

Hallowe'en means to me primarily ...

tuba_dude Mmmmm, sexy teacher. (658 comments)

My girlfriend is an *actual* sexy teacher, you insensitive clod!

more than 6 years ago


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tuba_dude tuba_dude writes  |  more than 11 years ago Morning everyone. How are we all doing today? Good. Just wondering if any of you have read my script, and if so, what you thought of it. I am greatly enjoying work on the next couple of episodes, but I would like some comments to better focus my efforts. I'll link it again, just in case. It's here or perhaps here. Enjoy.



tuba_dude tuba_dude writes  |  more than 11 years ago Man is freenet cool! I've been playing with it a bit from the beginning, but it's just now starting to speed up to a useable speed, and there's content! Good stuff. www.freenetproject.org


Bob the Nameless / Joeseph Stalin (Vampire - The Masquerade)

tuba_dude tuba_dude writes  |  about 12 years ago

Here's the curent backstory for my latest character.

The Exciting life and times of Bob the Nameless/Joeseph Stalin as presented in
Dolby Digital Limerick form.

There once was a guy called Bob or Joe
Who couldn't decide wether to stay or to go
He fought off a mace
But then was embraced
And he ain't mortal no mo'

While on a trip to Tanzinia
He acquired a feverish mania
His mind was hosed
No longer composed
And now they've both got Schitzophrenia.

Bob is just an average guy,
Always known to try and try.
He flirted and flirted,
Was always diverted,
And now he only gets half the pie.

Joe is not your normal dictator,
"Attacks are better now than later."
His last name is Stalin,
but he's perpetually walled in
by a guy who thinks he's a player.

Now that he knows his time will come soon,
He's taken a ride in a hot air balloon.
It won't be long
Before he's totally gone,
And he'll sorely miss the glare of the moon.


I feel verbose! hahaha

tuba_dude tuba_dude writes  |  about 12 years ago

Pointless rant mode on! (U.S. Citizen, to clear up any confusion)

I am frustrated.
My government is run by companies and elitists.
My fellow citizens are unfortunately nearly all idiots, thereby freely allowing the government to do whatever it wants.
I'm sworn to follow all orders of the President (Marine), and I'm pretty sure I won't like most of them due to the previous problems.
What's worse, all of these problems are almost entirely superficial (accidental jackass mode on. I apologize in advance) because I'm probably in the richest 5% of the world. Hell, I think something like half of the world's humans can't eat a decent meal regularly.

YEARGH. bleah. I'm spent.

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