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Lawsuit Claims NASA Specialist Was Fired Over Intelligent Design Belief

tulare Re:Down-modded (743 comments)

Consider that /. is largely populated by analytical thinkers (computer people tend to be that way or else they'd do something else for a living) and that religion, regardless of what flavor, is predicated on the abandonment of analytical thought at least where one particular idea is concerned.

Just like the guy this article is about, in a group of analytical thinkers, anti-analytical thinking is bound to be suspect.

more than 2 years ago

Lawsuit Claims NASA Specialist Was Fired Over Intelligent Design Belief

tulare Simple enough (743 comments)

The dude was pushing his BS on unwilling subordinates and they (rightfully) complained. Then he was demoted. Then, when layoff came, he looked like a weak performer due to his weak performance and made the cut list.

Good riddance to him. He's was working in a scientific institution pushing anti-scientific snake oil and I can't imagine that did good things for workplace morale.

more than 2 years ago

FreeBSD 8.1 Released

tulare Re:Who cares? (46 comments)

Perhaps, although the number of (non-Ubuntu) Linux machines deployed outside of people's parent's basements exceeds fBSD and Ubuntu combined, which is kind of a built-in interest base. My expectation is that most smart people try to stay abreast of trends in the industry they work in ;)

more than 4 years ago

FreeBSD 8.1 Released

tulare You answered your own question. (46 comments)

There really are only eight of you. PS: there are enough geeks on here not using FreeBSD to suggest that your initial premise is laughably false.

more than 4 years ago

FreeBSD 8.1 Released

tulare Who cares? (46 comments)

Hours old post, other posts after attracting normal comment volume, this has eleven (11) posts as of this moment. If an update to a shitty, feeble, archaic operating system that only the most devoted antisocial fanbois give a flying fuck about doesn't deserve the "whocares" tag, nothing does.

more than 4 years ago

Toshiba Intros Trilingual Translation App For Cellphones

tulare This should be amusing... (44 comments)

As anyone who has ever used an online translation engine can tell you, going between English and either Chinese or Japanese leads to a stream of gibberish which at best gives the wily reader a hint of what the original topic might have been about.

I foresee a few tourists on both sides of the pond having some epic adventures as a result of relying upon this app :)

about 5 years ago

White House Website Switches To Open Source

tulare Re:That's totally wrong. (219 comments)

Really? I mean, I'm not saying you are wrong, but I am saying you've just made a direct statement of fact with no justification whatsoever. It's not even an argument.

more than 5 years ago

Personality Testing For Employment

tulare Complete answers to uniscrew exam (581 comments)

Fuck it, and fuck them. This sort of thing leads direct to "Idiocracy" becoming reality. So this bit is borrowed from Melbel, who posted it in the hopes that the information gets spread far and wide. If you are looking for a job that uses this exam, I'm sorry for you, but here's at least a glimpse into how the faragin bastidges want you to conform:

SA = Strongly Agree
A = Agree
D = Disagree
SD = Strongly Disagree

You expect to succeed in whatever you do SA
You are good at taking charge of a group A
You keep calm when under stress SA
You are somewhat of a thrill-seeker SD
You like to be alone SD
You are well aware of your inner feelings SA
People are often mean to you SD
You get angry more often than nervous SD
You know when someone is in a bad mood, even if they donâ(TM)t show it SA

You would like a job that is quiet and predictable SD
You work hard at what you do SA
You keep your promises, no matter what SA
You work better with your hands than your mind A
You donâ(TM)t work too hard because it doesnâ(TM)t pay off anyway SD
You love to be with people SA
You love to listen to people talk about themselves SA
You hate to give up if you canâ(TM)t solve a hard problem SA
You prefer to do things alone SD
When under pressure, you think about all that can go wrong SD
It is easy for you to ignore small problems SD
You feel lively and energetic at parties SA
You are a quiet person SD
You donâ(TM)t like to be interrupted when you are doing something SD

When someone is rude to you, you get over it quickly SA
You do not always feel hopeful about your future SD
When you need to, you take it easy at work SD
You attract attention to yourself SD
You believe that you would be very successful at a sales job SA
You finish the work you have to do, even when youâ(TM)re tired or bored SA
You are proud of the work you do at school or on a job SA
You look forward to going to work (or school) SA
You quickly see the solutions to new problems SA
You have no big regrets about your past SA
In school, you were one of the best students SA
It bothers you when something unexpected disrupts your day SD
When someone treats you badly, you ignore it SA
You like people to notice you A

Slow-moving people make you impatient A
You often feel nervous about something SD
You got mostly good grades in high school SA
Many people cannot be trusted D
You rarely act without thinking SA
You have friends, but donâ(TM)t like them to be too close SD
You could describe yourself as âtidyâ(TM) SA
In your free time, you go out more than stay home SA
Your stuff is often kind of messy SD
People have a lot of arguments with you SD
You have a lot of different abilities SA
Your moods are steady from day to day SA
You are lively and talkative SA
There are some people you really canâ(TM)t stand SD
You do not fake being polite SD
You show it when you are in a bad mood SD
When things go wrong, itâ(TM)s hard to control your temper SD

It bothers you when you have to obey a lot of rules SD
You can argue hard but still keep it friendly SA
You would rather not get involved in other peopleâ(TM)s problems D
It is not easy for you to put your ideas in writing SD
When you are annoyed with something, you say so SD
You were absent very few days from high school SA
Youâ(TM)ve had some disappointments that youâ(TM)ll never get over SD
You follow through on everything that you start SA
You feel nervous when there are demands you canâ(TM)t meet A
You think a lot about the worries and stresses you have D
Peopleâ(TM)s feelings are sometimes hurt by what you say SD
You make more sensible choices than careless ones SA
It bothers you a long time when someone is unfair to you SD
You change from feeling happy to sad without any reason SD
You like to try things that are new and different SA
You do some things that upset people SD
When you are done with your work, you look for more to do. SA

You are always learning about new things SA
You are skilled at convincing people SA
You swear when you argue SD
You donâ(TM)t act polite when you donâ(TM)t want to SD
When people make mistakes, you correct them SA
You usually like to be by yourself SD
You talk cheerfully to people you meet SA
You do what you want, no matter what others think SD
You tend to follow others more than lead A
Realistically, some of your projects will never be finished SD
People do a lot of things that make you angry SD
You like to take the lead with others SA
You make new friends all the time SA
You sometimes thought seriously about quitting high school SD
Any trouble you have is your own fault SA
When someone criticizes you, you criticize back SD
You like to plan things before you start to do them SA
You shy away from trying new things SD
You are good at leading people D

You worry about saying the wrong things to people A
You like to take frequent breaks when working on something difficult SD
You have plenty of self-confidence SA
You are not interested in your friendsâ(TM) problems SD
You do not like to meet new people SD
Your friends and family approve of the things you do SA
You bounce back right away from disappointments SA
Itâ(TM)s fun to go out to events with big crowds SA
It is important for you to feel good about your work SA
You feel bad for a long time after youâ(TM)ve made a mistake SD
Youâ(TM)d rather not compete very much SD
You avoid arguments as much as possible SD
You can easily cheer up and forget a problem SA
You like to talk a lot SA
You do things carefully so you donâ(TM)t make mistakes SA
You have to give up on some things that you start SD
You donâ(TM)t believe a lot of what people say SD
You donâ(TM)t care what people think of you SD
You like to have a lot to do SA

You finish your work no matter what SA
You are careful not to offend people SA
You think a lot about things that have bothered you SD
You could not deal with difficult people all day SD
You donâ(TM)t care if you offend people SD
You pay close attention to peopleâ(TM)s feelings SA
You agree with people more than you argue SA
You work best at a slow but steady speed SD
You think of yourself as being very sensible SA
Right now, you care more about having fun than being serious at school or work SD
You act pleasant even when you feel bad SA
You want to be the best at everything you do SA
You donâ(TM)t worry about making a good impression SD
You wait to start your work until you are told to SD

You get mad at yourself when you make mistakes SA
Youâ(TM)d rather blend into a crowd than stand out D
You look back and feel bad about things youâ(TM)ve done SA
In school or on a job, you could be doing better than you are SD
When you go someplace, you are never late SA
You have no big worries SD
You donâ(TM)t work harder than you have to SD
You take the lead in conversations or discussions SA
It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free SA
Other peopleâ(TM)s feelings are their own business D
You always try not to hurt peopleâ(TM)s feelings SA
In groups, someone else usually takes the lead D
You are a good reader.SA
You do not like small talk SD
You do all you can do to win SA
You do not like to take orders SD
You have trouble dealing with sudden changes SD

You try to sense what others are thinking and feeling SA
You try to make everything you do perfect SA
Youâ(TM)ve done your share of trouble making SD
You would rather work on a team than by yourself SA
You are hard to get along with when you are in a bad mood SD
You criticize people when they deserve it SD
You have always had good behavior in school or work SA
People who talk all the time are annoying D
You like to be in the middle of a big crowd SA
You have confidence in yourself SA
You give direct criticism when you need to SA
You ignore people you donâ(TM)t like SD
You donâ(TM)t care if you offend people SD
You chat with people you donâ(TM)t know SA
You have a busy, active schedule SA

about 6 years ago

Bad Signs For Blu-ray

tulare Re:From one consumer's perspective... (1276 comments)

Exactly! "Less than two hundred bucks" isn't cheap when you can get a reasonably decent DVD player for $30-$40. And who gives a rip about 1080p when all one has to watch on is a 19-inch CRT screen.

When house-sized flat screens start to match (not come close to, but match) the cost of similar CRT or projection sets, and when Blu-Ray players drop below about 80 bucks, then the market will shift. Not before.

more than 6 years ago



Barnes & Noble fails to update Nook app in advance of Android 5.0

tulare tulare writes  |  about 2 months ago

tulare (244053) writes "If you read your eBooks on a Nexus device, plan on doing without reading anything purchased via the Nook bookstore for a while. According to comments made by NOOK on their Facebook page, they will be releasing a fixed version in a week or two.

This begs a couple of questions:
Why did BN miss this?
If BN decides the app business is too much trouble and walks away, what happens to the DRM-protected libraries of their customers?

This has happened before."

Barnes and Noble allegedly violating GPL for Nook

tulare tulare writes  |  about 3 years ago

tulare (244053) writes "The boot process in B&N's flagship Nook Tablet is locked (good discussion here) and now one user has started a thread at the B&N support forums to address the question of whether or not their boot process is GPL-compliant. The initial response from B&N is telling: they deleted the first thread raising the issue and then marked the current thread "Operates as Intended." As an owner of one of these beasties myself, I'd love to fully utilize the hardware I own."
Link to Original Source

Debian quietly removes Apache1.3 from next release

tulare tulare writes  |  more than 6 years ago

tulare writes "Unless you happen to follow BTS closely, you probably missed the following message:

Apache 1.3 is obsolete and should not be included in Lenny, which would require to support it at least until 2011.
With that, Apache 1.3 was (forever?) stripped from the next Debian release, called Lenny. From my perspective, it's a pretty big thing to drop Apache 1.3 from the distribution, and you'd think that there would be more discussion on the topic, but that doesn't seem to have taken place."

Barack Obama's website hacked, laptops stolen

tulare tulare writes  |  more than 6 years ago

tulare writes "Apparently someone (presumably supporting Hillary Clinton hacked the my.barackobama.com website, inserting redirects to Hillary Clinton's website when users tried to click through the community blogs section. There's a video of the redirects being run on the link above. Additionally, there are reports that laptops containing field data, as well as cellphones, were stolen during a break-in at the Allentown, PA field office.

Is it 1972 all over again?"

Link to Original Source

tulare tulare writes  |  more than 7 years ago

tulare writes "To the chagrin of postmasters and webmasters everywhere, the newish .info and .biz domains have become the realm of all that is seedy on the Internet, from popup-laden porn sites to every imaginable R)oleX and Herbal V14GrA advertising domain. From this writer's point of view, there is simply nothing on .info or .biz that is not at some level related to spam.

My question is this: at what point, and what sorts of efforts can be taken to simply drop the entire mess that has become .info and .biz? I'm sure ICANN would need to get involved, but perhaps a petition drive to convince DNS server admins to blackhole those TLDs would be a starting point to show public support for denying spammers the cheap safe haven they now have. Thoughts?"

tulare tulare writes  |  more than 8 years ago

tulare writes "Over the past year or so, I've noticed an increase of people sending one another documents in .pub format, both to myself, as well as to the users who I support at work. I've seen everything from thank-you letters to disclaimers, to the sort of newsletters I imagine Publisher was intended to be used for. Problem is, nobody here has it, nor do we need particularly need to spend the money for it, but I can't seem to find a file reader anywhere.

To be frank, I don't blame the senders for this — they have Publisher, everyone in their office has Publisher, why wouldn't anyone else? Add to this the File | Send to Mail Recipient feature, and the assumption is easy to make if you don't know any better. Yes, we can and do email the sender saying "Hi, can you either send that file to us in some other format, or forward along $149.99 so we can go down to {Fry's,Staples,BestBuy,etc} and pick up a copy?" but it's becoming a common enough problem that I've had to draft an email template politely requesting that the sender use other document formats. Please keep in mind the fact that I don't work in a desktop publishing-heavy business here. From the chair I infrequently get to sit in (due to constant user-support brushfires), Publisher is sadly going down the road of becoming Yet Another De-Facto Standard. Beyond deploying the velvet-covered LART every week or so and dealing with frustrated users, or paying Microsoft more money just to read someone's document, what options do we have? Does anyone know of a reader or plugin in the works? Where can I help?"



This is why I don't bother using my mod points (often)

tulare tulare writes  |  more than 8 years ago The problem with the moderation system is that slashdot is full of people with an axe to grind, and will do it however they can. Given the higher motivation of such people who would presumably moderate and metamoderate every chance they get, you get a skewed sample, which defeats the averaging principle that moderation is supposed to be based upon. I happen to think the OP was a somewhat funny commentary on what for a school network administrator is a rather serious problem (as well as some rather pointed advice for the kid who got in trouble). I suspect that the metamoderator disapproves of web filtering, but it's hard to know for sure; what I know is that my moderation rating has dropped for reasons which rankle me. Here's the scooty:

Some of your past moderations have been meta-moderated by other Slashdot readers. Here are the exciting results:

* "Awww, rich kid busted for using proxy, how sad." from the discussion "Legal Actions of School Against a Proxy's Host?" which you moderated as Funny was voted Unfair.

Summary of your recent moderation: 86% Fair

Thank you for moderating.

I'll go ahead and leave my current block of modpoints to expire, as I usually do. As I probably will do more frequently in the future.


Goin' for a drive

tulare tulare writes  |  more than 11 years ago Note: this is my first /. journal. Go figure.

Lately, the trades have made much hay about "wireless security" in the sense of it not existing, or being poorly implemented. So, on a whim, I grabbed my iBook, fired up iStumbler, and went for a drive :)

From my testing, iStumbler cannot detect true AirPort nodes (the kind made by Apple) which have been closed - i.e.: they do not broadcast their ssid, but can detect any base station which does an announce (forgive me if I am hazy on the details - I am indeed hazy on the details of 802.11).

What I discovered was interesting. I live in a small town of about 20,000 souls whose primary industries are a liberal arts uni and a somewhat famous Shakespeare Festival. Over the course of about fifteen minutes of driving primarily in the business district, I picked up twenty distinct signals. Of these:

Four were public access points at places such as cafes and bars (yup, for some reason someone thought drunk people and laptops would be a good idea).

Seven APs appeared to be set to default configurations - such as SSID=linksys, channel=6, web=off, etc.

Eighteen of the APs did not have wep on. Yes, wep is trivial to crack, but at least it's better than no wep.

Of those APs with non-default names, most were named such that it was obvious that they weren't intended for public consumption - ssids such as "house" come to mind in this case.

So, my little non-scientific survey of my area suggests that for once the pundits in the press aren't so far from the truth. Based upon my observations, it would be trivial to see the contents of several home and office networks, and undoubtedly to sniff traffic on same - or worse.

To my mind, this is reminescent of the hordes of people who went to the bargain shack to buy brand-new peecees, but were never told anything about Windows Update, or why it's so darn important to use. My contention has been all along that it's not so much that Microsoft writes a crappy OS (although they do), but that they have failed utterly in educating consumers on the reality of networked computers. Oh well. I now make a living cleaning the gunk out of the hard drives of these users. Undoubtedly, I'll soon be called in to secure their networks and uninstall the rootkits that the neighborhood s'kiddie installed on their computers "just to see if it could be done."

A final disclaimer: while I ran a scan to detect ssid broadcasts, I made no attempt to connect to any available network not clearly identified with a business which advertised such a service, nor would I. I don't wear that color hat.

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