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How Do You Volunteer Professional Services?

turkeyphant Re:Have a vacation AND do something for people (366 comments)

Spot on about Goa and Phuket - I have no idea why those two areas were picked when it's not exactly hard to find places in India or Thailand that don't run entirely on tourist dollars. Laos is a good pick, especially in the north but Cambodia has become firmly entrenched on the tourist trail already. Not as bad as Vietnam, sure, but give it ten years...

about 5 years ago

Open Access To Exercise Data?

turkeyphant Nokia Sports Tracker (188 comments)

Nokia Sports Tracker lets you export your workout data as KML files. It also supports GPX, XML, CSV or Google Earth compatible formats. You can locally access all the data whenever you want. And, as it uses open formats, you can upload your workouts to Google Maps and have them appear there.

more than 5 years ago

Best Method For Foiling Email Harvesters?

turkeyphant stupid browser (506 comments)

I don't think spammers crawl the net looking for addresses so much.
A report published in 2003 showed that over 97% of the spam they received during an experiment was from addresses posted on the public web.

more than 8 years ago


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