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Australia Rebooting Search For MH370

tux0r Hey, MH370: (92 comments)

âoeWhere the bloody hell are ya?!â

about a month and a half ago

Twitter Gets Major Funding, Adds New Data Center

tux0r Re:One question that we all want to know (125 comments)

It's not the technology upgrades which will engender longer tweets, it's profitability.

When the new subscription rate slows and Twitter decides that promotion/advertising revenue isn't enough, I expect the ability to tweet longer will be a "premium" (paid) enhancement. 140 char tweets stay free, but if you load up your account with Twitter credits ("Twedits"?), every block of 70 extra chars costs you x twedits...

more than 3 years ago

Glass Invisibility Cloak Shields Infrared

tux0r Headline parsing (115 comments)

Glass Invisibility Cloak Shields Infrared

You know you've been coding too much when the brain reads that as "noun noun noun noun noun" and throws a parse error expecting a verb...

more than 4 years ago

AU National Broadband Network Signs $11 Billion Deal With Telstra

tux0r Re:This is Great (120 comments)

This is a great sign that the NBN won't be scrapped by any upcoming parties.

Coalition to halt NBN-Telstra deal (if elected later this year).


more than 4 years ago

Steam Client for Mac Launches, Linux Client On the Way

tux0r Re:Dedicated "Steam" Distro of Linux (572 comments)

Ubuntu Gaming Edition?

Marketing opportunity: Hardcore Ubuntu Gaming Edition - "It's HUGE".

more than 4 years ago

The Humble Indie Bundle

tux0r Re:Noble, but sad (290 comments)

Hmm... $7.74 split between charity and developers evenly equals $3.87 to developers, split among five development outfits equals 57 cents per developer. Sounds like "jack squat" to me.

$0.57 × 7169 = $4086.33... Other benefits aside, I'd certainly be happy with a low-cost word-of-mouth promotion allowing me to pick up four grand that was otherwise unlikely to come my way...

more than 4 years ago

Multicore Requires OS Rework, Windows Expert Says

tux0r Re:Current architecture flawed but workable BUT... (631 comments)

I find Teracopy to be an excellent Windows copy dialog replacement. Gives you per-file and per-batch progress bars, better filename collision options, and a status list. Good from XP through to Win7.

more than 4 years ago

Multitasking In For iPhone 4.0?

tux0r Re:A minor point... (345 comments)

When I'm using any app the only thing I want interrupting me is a phone call.

Me too, with one important modification: I want the app I'm using to be able to wait in the background until the phone call is done, then bring me right back to where I was (ie mid-calculation/-level/-video) without delay.

The phone app should be one that executes "over top" of the others, causing the other apps to pause, rather than quit.

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity

tux0r Re:It might look nicer but (683 comments)

because I can't set up a simple config file or bother to google how to set up config file.

While Ubuntu was installed and running on the laptop well within an hour, the extended time trawling through forum posts and help pages to try and figure out things like to generate the xorg.conf file, the X server needs to be stopped or the X server runs in the service called 'gdm' or sudo is your friend, once you know about Ubuntu 9.10* meant that the net time investment on the WinXP setup (including driver downloads) was lower.

Your comment ignores the fact that with a similar time investment, WinXP achieved the desired result (and I knew that it would); Ubuntu did not achieve the desired result (and when I gave up, I still didn't know whether it could).

* It takes a while to discover that the password entered during setup isn't the root password, and in fact, that Ubuntu 9.10 does not have a user-set root password after installation. Might be obvious to others, but to the Ubuntu 9.10 newbie, it was baffling...

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity

tux0r Re:It might look nicer but (683 comments)

xorg.conf will still be used if you make one.

Yes, I made an xorg.conf, but wrangling with drivers, text files and unanswered forum posts of others trying to do the same thing quickly became tiresome. It's the same old issue: desktop Linux configuration is too much for Everyman. I'm technically capable and not averse to troubleshooting, but still couldn't readily identify what to do to get it to work (or even whether it could be done at all). To search the net for desktop Linux configuraton advice is to trawl a wasteland of old information, misinformation and absent information.

Why are you using s-video in 2010?

S-video because it's an old rear projection TV, and I've got no money for upgrades. The point is that I've done it on the cheap, but not by using Ubuntu.

WinXP Just Worked, and Boxee runs fine.

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity

tux0r Re:It might look nicer but (683 comments)

Warning: anecdote follows.

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 on an Acer Aspire 3680, to use as a basic HTPC with Boxee. I was impressed with the overal finish of the OS and initially was glad I could use open source software. At least, that was until I tried to get s-video working, with either the laptop screen at native res, or the same res as s-video but in the correct aspect ratio (4:3 on 16:9).

After discovering that Ubuntu now believes Xwindows to be so good at autodetect that it no longer requires xorg.conf, and then wrangling with various configuration options for hours, I gave up, found the WinXP disc and had everything up and running in short order. No voodoo magic workarounds, no text file configs to create, and dual video output with native res on each.

TL;DR: Ubuntu's good looks and neat UI effects are fine, but when It Just Won't Work, people jump ship - fast.

more than 4 years ago

$9 Million ATM Hacking Ring Indicted

tux0r Re:Did Glenn Beck steal 9 million dollars? (86 comments)

On the basis of this post, I propose a new IM-style abbreviation: COL (Chuckle Out Loud).

As in, I just COL'd (because I just did).

Good form, sir!

more than 4 years ago

Where Does a Geek Find a Social Life?

tux0r Re:Things I have found helpful (1354 comments)

...and most of all simple complements.

I agree. As always, attentiveness is key; if you consider all the angles acutely, none of your complements could possibly be obtuse.

more than 5 years ago

Build an $800 Gaming PC

tux0r Re:Ars Technica System Guide (296 comments)

Heh - without having read the Ars guide, I recently built a system including either the recommended parts or a mentioned alternative from their Budget Box spec. The parts I got came to $1080 Australian, which is ~$850 USD. Not bad at all.

more than 5 years ago

Virgin American In-Flight Internet Review, From In-Flight

tux0r Re:May I be the first to say (198 comments)

Your weight is directly effected by your intake.

Randall, is that you? :)

more than 5 years ago

Antarctic Ice Bridge Finally Breaks Off

tux0r Metric (505 comments)

An ice bridge linking a shelf of ice the size of Jamaica to two islands in Antarctica has snapped.

Having trouble visualising... Seriously guys, we've already established Libraries of Congress as the arbitrary measure of choice, why introduce the size of Jamaica now?

more than 5 years ago

Harvard Law's Nesson Says P2P Is "Fair Use"

tux0r Re:NewYorkCountryLawyer (393 comments)

Gotta wonder if that's fair use of the NewYorkCountryLawyer brand... Heck, I know I was looking for it, being an out-of-NewYorkCountry-lawyer myself...

more than 5 years ago


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