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Rand Paul Launches a Filibuster Against Drone Strikes On US Soil

tvlinux Re:Ron Wyden (693 comments)


about a year and a half ago

Why Can't Intel Kill x86?

tvlinux x86 is Intel IP (605 comments)

If Intel moves away from x86, it just becomes a fab company. Intel has much IP in the x86. The x86 is Intel's bread and butter.

about a year and a half ago

Windows 7 RTM Support Ending Soon

tvlinux In 2015 will Win7be like WinXP? (173 comments)

When WinXP was at its life cycle, there was only Vista so nobody wanted to upgrade. There was a HUGE customer demand for Microsoft to continue support, and Microsoft listened. With Win8 being a poo pile and I expect Win9 will not be much better. Will Microsoft listen to to the customers again or will they cut their own throat?

about a year and a half ago

Home Server Or VPS? One Family's Math

tvlinux port blocking by IPS (380 comments)

Port blocking and bandwidth are the most important things. Most IPS block port 25 in and out and port 80 in. I can run a server with less than 1G memory for both email with postfix, spamassassin ang web server nginx. I have monitoring tools also running but they take so little resources that they don't count. The next level of issues are power backup, moving residence, backup storage,... VPS form me is better.

about a year and a half ago

VLC Running Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Native Windows 8 App

tvlinux Have Microsoft Pay (252 comments)

Why would any sane person donate to have VLC ported to Windows8? If MS wants windows8 to succeed have them pay for the development.

about a year and a half ago

China Blocks, Gmail, Maps and More During 18th Party Congress

tvlinux Only hurting technology information. (129 comments)

I lived and worked in China for years. Baidu is fine for Chinese searches(98% is non tech searches) but if a person is doing technology searches Baidu sucks. I can understand the reasons for blocking gmail and other interactive communication, but blocking tech searches on Google will only harm the advancement of technology.
If the ISP knows that a is the primary user, they usually are not as strict, But you have to go to the ISP office to complain.

about 2 years ago

Anonymous Hacks UK Government Sites Over 'Draconian Surveillance'

tvlinux Support Them? (151 comments)

Hacktivisim at it finest. The more governments restrict freedom the more "terrorist" there will be.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft's Killer Tablet Opportunity

tvlinux Any Tablet that can offer features wins (282 comments)

Any tablet that allows the user to be more productive, secure, and enjoyable will win, not only Microsoft. The tablet should not be the selling point, the applications needed should be. The thing the base tablet offers is security, and platform. Too many people are "STATUS" oriented, so they pick iPad.

It is the APPS that make the system!

more than 2 years ago

Windows Admins Need To Prepare For GUI-Less Server

tvlinux GUI = insecure, bloated, stupid admins (780 comments)

MS has finally realized that a GUI on a server is a bad idea. it consumes resources, it is insecure, and less then knowledgeable people administer system poorly. GUI is usually limited to a single system.

This change will radically change the MS landscape. Bosses will want the "new system", most admins will Install the GUI( they cant do it any other way), there will no longer be the local "expert" in small businesses. Higher wages because less admins can go GUIless.

The smart companies will just move to Linux.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Unity/Gnome 3/Win8/iOS — Do We Really Hate All New GUIs?

tvlinux Unity reduces programming productivity (1040 comments)

There should be TWO panels for programming, one for "active" programs and one for launching and support. I have many programs running at once for development: servers console in two shells, network tracing, the IDE and browser, email, skype,.... Unity get too full. there is only small arrow indicating active programs.

I usually do not run full windows. so having the menu away from the application is very confusing. Unity almost requires all apps to run full window. Not Good! I remember the last place the program I want was located, I just have to click on it. Less mouse movement

I want to see most of my options with just a simple click, slide click. With Unity, it is click, slide, click, type, slide click.

I upgraded to 11.10 and I had to install gnome, OK but gnome is very broken. If Ubuntu wants to make unity the default, OK, but they better allow and support gnome that is not broken.

Unity may be fine for beginners that only run one of 7 programs one at a time. ( redundant). But for programmers that need to look at many things at once is is bad.

I hope I have explained the reasons Unity is not good in logical terms, I hope Ubuntu understands FIX IT OR FLAKE OFF!!!

more than 2 years ago

China Hires 1 Million People To Fight Fake Products

tvlinux This will increase inflation in China (151 comments)

Many people buy fake items because that is all they can afford. When the fakes are removed the original will cost too much for the average person. It will also be a great opportunity for off brands and local brands. In the end the average person will have to pay more for everything.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Training May Have Helped Tunisian Regime To Spy On Citizens

tvlinux Only Money matters: Bing in China, renren, GOT,... (129 comments)

MS is a business, It does not care about people, It would sell Windows licenses and database to the Devil if it could make a profit.

more than 2 years ago

Hard Truths About HTML5

tvlinux The Server Controls the App (265 comments)

The Server controls the web app.
The only data in the client is temporary local data and display data. All data is stored on the server.
When a user logins in a session is created. At this point resynchronization happens. All the data stored in the client is downloaded to the server. the server then deals with what needs to be updated.
Yes, expect people to try to crash the server and corrupt data. Design the server framework to deal with it. Then the server application does data validation and checking. then finally use the data to update the server storage.
The standard frameworks now do not deal with "Data Only" processing. By using a server framework the uses small callbacks for RPC with session security tokens creates a secure enviroment.
The biggest problem are RPC calls that are automated to harvest data. This can be mitigated by throttling in the server framework.

about 3 years ago

Microsoft Partners With Baidu, China's Top Search Engine

tvlinux This will kill open source in China (115 comments)

If they are going to censor, they might as well censor open source products and tools. After working in China, I find Baidu does a very bad job of supporting Chinese language documentation for open source. Many programmers in China are very badly trained because they have only used Windoz. They know how push buttons and drag and drop to make software. Some have no idea how to really write code.

more than 3 years ago

News Corp's The Daily Is Doomed

tvlinux Re:The REAL Daily "show" should sue! (246 comments)

Using your logic "T" can be a company ( and a person) and sue every that uses "t". ( LIke Apple does with "i", McDonalds does with "Mc") "The Daily" and "The Daily Show" are both media. Both have electronic distribution, Both report the "news". Both have interstate and international distribution. With a good enough lawyer and enough money, ( both have much money), it would be an interesting fight.

more than 2 years ago

News Corp's The Daily Is Doomed

tvlinux The REAL Daily "show" should sue! (246 comments)

Worlds apart in ideas but very close names. John Stewart should sue News Corp, make Murdock bleed a little more.

more than 2 years ago

US Targeting China In New Anti-Piracy Drive

tvlinux Red mans Stop, Green means Go, Not Piracy (99 comments)

Many Chinese do not even follow traffic signals! Piracy should be very low on the teaching scale. Many Chinese do not follow the rules, it is the culture, that is on reason why corruption is so bad in China. The US is just a puppet of the rich multinational corporations. So that is why it the "US" wants to enforce it law upon China. China's National government has done very good in improving the lives of many Chinese, and protecting them. The US economy is sinking fast and the US government is more worried about Wall Street than Main Street. The US should worry about the people not the large Multinational Corporations.

more than 4 years ago

How HTML5 Will Change the Web

tvlinux HTML5 lay sucks (208 comments)

The major problem with HTML is that the layout sucks. the two methods are tables and

, both are very bad. The box method of lay out is far superior! Most of the cool features are not in the HTML5 spec but other new specs "server push, web sockets, ...." but when forced to use the bad layout you still have crap.

more than 4 years ago

Touchpad Patent Holder Tsera Sues Just About Everyone

tvlinux Previous ART, 1999, National Semiconductor -WebPad (168 comments)

I was programming a "touch screen" in the year 2000. I still have the device, it was made to demonstrate the NSC Geode chip. The name of it was "WebPad" I can find out the manufacturer when I get home.

more than 5 years ago

What to Do With a $99 Wall Wart Linux Server

tvlinux NO JTAG OpenOCD config, bzip2 instead cpio, .... (346 comments)

If you look at the documentation( When I bought it the version was only 1.0), you will see everything is for MWsindow (Putty?). I tried every know ftdi configuration to get OpenOCD working(I even had to cat /proc/bus/usb to get the numbers, it was not published then), none worked. When I wrote them about it, No answer. If OpenOCD does not work, and you can not debug the system at that low level, You do not have full control, The Linux host that come with it is just a is a bzip2 of a gcc&libs and a file system (BTW: devices and sockets do not like to be zipped, use cpio). To me this is a MSwindoze programmer that does not know what they are doing. Setting up TFTP and NFS root is basic to any embedded Linux project, it is the low level debugger that makes the system.

more than 5 years ago



The forgotten MACRO language of HTML, XBL

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  about a year ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "The web is becoming more than just a media display, there is more interaction and more special things that need to be done. Right now jquery is the preferred method of very dynamic user interface. There is a W3 standard called XBL2.0. It is the macro language of the html. To me it seems like a great idea, Reusable HTML widgets where each one is a separate object contained with in it self. You can define properties, methods, events, each that is self contained.
If the browsers supported XBL2, I can vision a whole ecosystem of new widgets, charts, grids and inputs that people could add to web pages just like any other HTML element. I see less experience developers be able to create fancy websites by just using DOM and not having to learn jquery.
My question is WHY is XBL dead? I think a MACRO language for HTML is a good idea.

Link to Original Source

Skype support == Microsoft support

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  about 2 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "Skype now has the Microsoft experience when trying to get support. My friend opened their Skype account in China. Now they live in the US. When they try to buy credit Skype always sends them to the China skype website, “”. To use a US credit card to buy credit at send you to moneybookers. My Chinese is not that good but just buying credit is not an option on the China Skype web site, want monthly payments or buy a card.
I changed the country to US in the profile, but still it goes to China. I want to write a official “support ticket” but the site goes into recursive H*LL. Almost every third link you need to enter account info again. The FAQ answers questions that have some meaning for problems that are easy but the issue payment to the USA is not possible. The questions I have are:
How do you submit a official support ticket?
How you you change from China to the USA as the base contact location?
Can you have Chinese language Skype and use the USA as home country?
BTW: 64 bit Linux support still sucks."

Link to Original Source

slashdot blocked in china

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  more than 2 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "I woke up this morning, and accessed /. I received a "connection reset". After living in China to a few years, I know what that means. Slashdot is being blocked by "Golden Shield". I am in ShenZhen, anybody else being blocked?
Slashdot is a great place to keep track of the latest technology advances. Google is some times throttled. Many other technical sites are blocked just because they are on a blog site.
Is China cutting it throat learning about new technology?"

lensfree holographic microscope

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  about 3 years ago

tvlinux writes "Now a cost-effective and field-portable assembly we built a lensless reflection mode microscope based on digital off-axis holography where a beam-splitter is used to interfere a tilted reference wave with the reflected light from the object surface, creating an off-axis hologram of the specimens on a CMOS sensor-chip can detect bacteria in the field. This should save lives in poorer areas and allow for better food safety."
Link to Original Source

Antarctica's Ice Flow Fully Mapped For The First T

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  about 3 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "Antarctica is a big continent, so mapping all of its ice flow isn't exactly a piece of cake.

But for the first time scientists have been able to get the complete picture of the southernmost continent's ice flow, from the South Pole to the shoreline."

Link to Original Source

Automated Spam reply with exploit.

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  more than 3 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "I have written a small automated filter that searches spam for return email and sends a email to them. I would like to add a Windows exploit ( PDF, ... ) with the reply. ( Here are my details, open PDF ). Once Windows is under my control, analyse their computer for which spam service they are using, their identity, where they are,.... then do a disk format of the machine. I know the legality of this questionable, But who are they going to complain to?"

Dynamically store binary objects in DOM objects?

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  about 4 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "Why can HTML not store JavaScript object or another HTML element as data in a HTML element? The integration between HTML and JavaScript is a one way street. JavaScript knows about HTML using DOM, but there is now way for HTML to store a JavaScript object or another DOM object. Many times when writing interactive web page, a person would like to save some information about the state of the HTML more than what is stored in the HTML or store a reference to an other DOM object. I know a HTML element can have user defined string data connected to it using "data-NAME" attribute. But a JavaScript object or an other HTML object can not be stored. You can store an HTML id but does not work for anonymous elements.

I nm not talking about sending JavaScript code embedded in the them for the server, but run time data and objects. I am not talking about children objects.

  jQuery is an example of how to get around this problem, it creates one global object and connects the HTML to that object. Another way is to use JSON. To encode and decode every you use it (slow) and that still does not help with DOM objects.

Is it security, or the HTML does not know the JavaScript context? Or a deficiency in the spec or implementation?"

David and Golith, for a Trademark

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  about 5 years ago

mozapps writes "I want to ask the Slashdot community whether they think the Mozilla Foundation not oppose me to Trademark and Register the name "MozApps", or are they going play like Microsoft and try to stifle innovation.

I have created, a company name MozApps, that creates remote XUL applications. That is why I want to Trademark and Register the name Mozapps. The Mozilla Foundation may oppose this. I have supported Mozilla since 1999-2000 when I ported Mozilla , Linux, and X into 32M of flash, using CBD (Compressed Block Device). I 2002 I registered the domains MozApps. I sponsored the Mozilla 1.0 party in Portland Oregon when it was released. I 2003 I filed for a patent that uses XUL as the database front end, that "Mozilla Storage" may infringe upon. I have a company in Oregon, USA named MozApps Ltd.

I hope I have earned the right to follow my dreams and build a community around my dreams."

Link to Original Source

Cheney hid secret CIA plan from congress

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  more than 5 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "Leon Panetta, head of the CIA, has accused former US Vice-President Dick Cheney of concealing an intelligence program from Congress, Senator Dianne Feinstein stated. The program was hidden from congress for 8 years and was discovered June 22 2009."

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  more than 5 years ago

tvlinux writes "25 of the most dangerous coding mistakes. The NSA has compiled a list of coding errors that creates insecure software. SAN Institute stated that just 2 of the errors account for 1.2 million security breaches."

More freedom or Balkanization of the internet

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  more than 6 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "ICANN has voted to allow new top level domains and non English languages for URLs. This give people in non English speaking countries the ability to navigate the internet in their native language. This divides the internet into language areas where there is no common reference. RFC3987 defines Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) that browsers will need to comply with (which browser will be the first to support this)?"

Chinese learning from US ways, tirivial law suits

tvlinux tvlinux writes  |  more than 6 years ago

tvlinux (867035) writes "Chinese women sue CNN for US$1.3 billion. Two law suits, one in Beijing and one in New York claiming the remarks by commentator Jack Cafferty labeling Chinese "goons and thugs" violated the dignity and reputation of the Chinese people and intentionally or recklessly inflicted emotional distress on the plaintiffs. This sounds like a law suit by someone from America would file. The China are becoming more and more like the US while the US is becoming more like China."
Link to Original Source


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