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Flat Panel Linux Box for $99?

twingo_gtx Circuit City (480 comments)

I just went to Circuit City and the salesperson said i did NOT have to sign up when buying the machine. Meaning of course that it is not required and I can do whatever i want with the thing. Excelent =)

more than 14 years ago



New technology to convert regular car to hybrid!

twingo_gtx twingo_gtx writes  |  about 6 years ago

twingo_gtx (161891) writes "New technology announced by small american company that would allow people to convert their current vehicles to a hybrid electric very quickly. No idea the cost at this point or when it would be available, but it could be just the technology america needs to cut emissions and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Peter W. DeVecchis, Jr., President of Solomon said: "Once the technology encompassed in our patent is fully implemented, it will be possible for a consumer to drive into an automotive service center with a gas-powered car, have it converted and drive away with a PEV or HEV within hours. This concept makes former Intel CEO Andrew Grove's challenge to convert 10 million PSVs (Pickups, SUVs and Vans) by 2012 a real possibility with a tremendous, positive environmental impact.""
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