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Discovery Brings Us One Step Closer To "Milking" Pigeons

twoDigitIq Pigeons spread diseases . . . (190 comments)

and mess up the place. You've seen that! Yeah!

more than 3 years ago

1928 Time Traveler Caught On Film?

twoDigitIq Am I the only one who immediately realized . . . (685 comments)

that this guy George Clarke is describing this world changing, totally internet-worthy discovery while STANDING IN FRONT OF A MOVIE POSTER FOR HIS OWN LOW BUDGET FILM?

about 4 years ago

Software (and Appropriate Input Device) For a Toddler?

twoDigitIq Another kid . . . (417 comments)

The "toy" my toddler loves the most is another toddler. Socialize the heck out of them as early and often as possible so they don't end up like me (and probably like you.)

That said, my kid has all the physical toys she wants and she plays with them all of the time. But she also loves her iPod touch. Not kidding. The little touch screen is perfect for her. She only plays with it about 10 minutes a day or so, but it fascinates her to no end for those minutes. I'm amazed at how well she can navigate the menus and whatnot (13 mos old.) She'll play with one app for a few minutes then go to the home screen and start another one up. Peekaboo Barn is her favorite.

And this is coming from a die hard apple hater. I tried to find some good toddler apps for my android phone but there just weren't many good ones out there.

But like everyone else is saying, the tech should be reserved for the times when she's sick of playing with you and with other kids and her physical toys. Don't promote the gadget addiction just because you think it's cute.

more than 4 years ago

Study Claims Cellphones Implicated In Bee Loss

twoDigitIq Re:Independent studies warranted (542 comments)

But the guy that sold me my phone promised me it would keep tigers away, and so far it's worked like a charm. I think there must bee something to this bee research as well.

more than 4 years ago

Convert a SIM To a MicroSIM, With a Meat Cleaver

twoDigitIq Re:That's certainly... (302 comments)

You didn't PAY for yahoo or hotmail.

more than 4 years ago

HotelChatter's Annual Hotel Wi-Fi Report 2010

twoDigitIq Wi-fi is still a luxury item (157 comments)

If you're staying in a hotel once or twice a year, and you absolutely have to stay connected to your twitter and porn then $10-15 is what you pay. You can do without it, seriously.

If you're constantly staying in hotels and need internet access then you should have a card or a phone tethering option (you're paying for wireless internet access already, right?)

Eventually the prices will drop, assuming some other technology doesn't come along and make hotel wi-fi as obsolete as hotel land lines.

I stayed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and my employer paid $15 per 24 hrs so I could stay connected. I have no complaints and neither does my employer. I was able to download a 2.5 GB work-related file in about 35 minutes on their wire. In addition, my twitter and porn experienced no unnecessary delays en route to my drunk eyeballs.

more than 4 years ago

Government Approves First US Offshore Wind Farm

twoDigitIq Re:Flashback! (432 comments)

Thank you. You saved me from having to post this: Great! We can finally start replacing all of our inefficient foreign oil burning power plants! Wait, what?

more than 4 years ago

The 4G iPhone's Finder Reportedly Located

twoDigitIq Re:Sad (404 comments)

You are probably very young and naive. Or Libertarian. Or both.

38, not too naive. Quite cynical, jaded and grumpy for my age in fact. Libertarian maybe, but with a lowercase "l." And to me the car analogy you made is tenuous. I would agree there is a fuzzy gray line between an item "lost" and an item "parked" but a difference exists.

more than 4 years ago

Firefox Arrives On Android

twoDigitIq Re:Well, I tried to post from Firefox on Droid (164 comments)

I tried as well from my stock 2.1 Droid and found it almost unusable. It looked nice, but didn't work. When I clicked the address bar to type the url, it did not bring up the onscreen keyboard. (Using the default android soft keyboard.) Hard keyboard to the rescue, made it to slashdot.org, clicked the Reply link. When I typed a character in the subject line the page scrolled away from what I was typing. Scrolled back, typed another character and it did the same thing.

That was enough pre-alpha testing for me. Went to the home screen and the phone had become sluggish. Opened Astro to view the process memory usage and Fennec was not listed. It had either crashed or Android killed it for me (probably because it was hogging memory.) Went back to the home screen and everything was back to normal. Uninstalled. If they get to beta I'll definitely give it another try. The interface looked promising.

more than 4 years ago

The 4G iPhone's Finder Reportedly Located

twoDigitIq Sad (404 comments)

Reading this story (and all the others) makes me realize that Apple is the type of company that I will never bother doing business with again. Reading all the replies and noting the moderations makes me feel ashamed for registering at slashdot. Forget about California law for a second. What if you personally lost some precious possession? Would you think for a moment that somehow the finder is legally obligated to correct your mistake? YOU are the one that made the mistake. Legislating the "right thing to do" is not the answer. Personal responsibility should trump in this case. If I lost anything due to my own negligence then I would consider it lost. If by benevolence of another it was returned then that other is doing me a favor. We should not require by law that everyone do favors for others.

more than 4 years ago

Verizon CEO Says "We Will Hunt Heavy Users Down"

twoDigitIq Re:Oh No, you're using the service you paid for! (738 comments)

FIOS in my area is ("up to") 35/35 and is nowhere near $140 / mo. The bundle I have (HDTV with movie channels, 35/35 internet and a basic dial-tone land line) runs about $150 a month. I'm not sure what chunk of that is specifically for internet, but I believe it's $50-60. My download speed is testable at 35 Mbps all the time and upload speed usually ranges between 20-25 Mbps.

more than 4 years ago

Researchers Beam 230Mb/sec Wireless Internet WIth LEDs

twoDigitIq Maybe it's useful in homes? (218 comments)

If you could get the same throughput in your home power circuit, and plug cheap LED devices into wall outlets in every room then you might be able to implement this as a wireless option in homes. Or you might give yourself (and your dog) seizures.

more than 4 years ago

Unboxing the Fake Intel Core i7-920

twoDigitIq Re:The irony here is... (257 comments)

Irregardless of that fact, shouldn't his signature say ""whom cares?"?"

more than 4 years ago

Gas Wants To Kill the Wind

twoDigitIq Someone help me understand please (479 comments)

Do people actually think that if the evil fossil fuel companies would just step out of the way then we'd be instantly blessed with unlimited renewable energy?

I work for an evil utility company that has a lot invested in the future of natural gas and even (eeek) coal. I personally spent a good chunk of time developing systems for gracefully integrating wind farm output into the grid. My evil corporate overlords have a visible slice of their annual revenue pie chart labeled "Wind Generation." Wind power isn't a threat to traditional generation in any way. And some folks throwing around the conspiracy theories haven't fully considered one fact: Those with both knowledge of the energy industry and plenty of extra capital to throw around have invested (and continue to invest) in wind when it makes sense. It's just that wind power can't come close to serving all the load reliably.

As someone whose livelihood depends on the status quo of the US grid, I worry a lot more about Bloom Boxes and their surrounding hype. If what I understand about that tech is true then it's a much bigger threat to my paycheck than wind farms. But if it ends up providing cheap reliable power then I'll be one of the first in line to buy one for my home.

more than 4 years ago

Long-Term Storage of Moderately Large Datasets?

twoDigitIq Can you reduce the size pre-storage? (411 comments)

Let me preface this by saying that I don't know a couple of things:

1. How are you generating this 2-3 TB of data?
2. Are you compressing it to its absolute minimum size?
3. Actually I don't know way more than a couple of things, but I digress.

Now, having spent most of the last year trying to determine the best method for storing huge amounts of data with limited space while retaining every important detail in a complex system that changes every few seconds --(deep breath)-- I can say that in OUR case, we found some very efficient ways to reduce the storage requirement at the front end instead of throwing money at the backend. Before I start rambling I will repeat the disclaimer regarding my total ignorance of your data situation, and your environment in general.

1. When you generate 2-3 TB of data per customer, what creates this data? Is there some type of progression or versioning in play (like a new value for a particular datapoint every millisecond or some such thing?) If so then whatever is creating the data may benefit from some type of delta checking before it saves data. Less data generated means less to compress. If you were to post a sample of what your uncompressed data values look like without revealing any sensitive information you may see replies with meaningful suggestions on how to change the data itself.

2. How exactly are you compressing the data? We've found that doing everything possible in step 1 above results in much less data meaning smaller source size and a smaller need for compression. But if whatever is compressing is dumb then you can turn a 500 GB archive into 1 TB which ends up costing you way more than rethinking step 1.

Again, I may be completely missing your point here and you may have already thought of these things many times over. Or you may be at the mercy of coders that don't care how much data they generate. But I think, lacking the answers to the above questions, no one here could give you the solutions that have the best bang for the buck.

more than 4 years ago

Adobe Download Manager Installing Software Without Consent

twoDigitIq Re:Bonjour (98 comments)

Apple fanboys on Slashdot seem to be pretty reckless with their mod points. I posted a few anti-Apple comments in a Droid thread (and also posted some useful information at the same time) and now I have Bad Karma here. I guess I can post whatever I like now, since no one will end up reading it anyway. Have fun with your dead batteries and your closed app store you collective shits for brains! woohooo! Of course if someone mods THIS post as troll or off topic then it's well deserved. How far into the negative can Karma go anyway?

more than 4 years ago

Droid Touchscreen Less Accurate Than iPhone's

twoDigitIq If I was going to test the screen (198 comments)

I would make a web page with many links placed close together. Have the same user try clicking the links in a certain order on both devices and record the accuracy. Repeat with multiple users.

BTW I am a Droid owner who has also used iPhone. I've made mistakes "clicking" on both devices but admittedly probably more on the droid. But the fact that the display looks so much better on the droid makes up for the occasional misclick.

more than 4 years ago

Android Phone Demand Up 250%, iPhone Down

twoDigitIq Re:250%??? (445 comments)

I've nothing against Android, but I've never ever seen anyone with a phone that uses it. Have, however, seen 100s with iphones.

Where are you doing your phone survey? I know 2 Amish guys who have G1s, a hermit in Bolivia with a HTC Eris, and 3 terrorists in Paris that all have matching Milestones. Seriously.

more than 4 years ago


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