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Researchers Develop DNA GPS Tool To Accurately Trace Geographical Ancestry

typing ape Not so fast... (69 comments)

Wow, this sounds like a really great idea. Except that 50 generations ago, there were theoretically 2^49 possible contributors to my DNA. Of course that number, 562,949,953,421,312, is far greater than the total number of humans who have ever lived, which implies that most of my ancestors must be "repeats". To put that another way, we are ALL inbred in the grand scheme of things. A familial relationship can be established between any given pair of living humans by going back less than 50 generations. That's right, Malcolm X and the Grand Wizard of the KKK are cousins. You knew that already -- it's not like there's anywhere else for humans to come from than other humans. The implication for this purported study, I think, is that it is nonsense. Pick any living human, and any 1000-year-old town. Yes, that person "came from" that town.

about 8 months ago

Winning Algorithms For Rock, Paper, Scissors

typing ape Wait. What? (65 comments)

OK, so two people play this game, each has about the same chance of winning, and that chance is 1 in 3? BTW, nowhere in the original article does it state that.

about 8 months ago


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