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Man Behind Hacks of Bush Family and Other Celebs Indicted In the US

u-235-sentinel Re:Ain't that a bitch? (65 comments)

So should OUR private info receive similar handling by unauthorized people, would the justice system give the same consideration or is this just for high ranking figures such as the Bushs.

Yeah I know the answer. But asking the question as I believe we would have minimal justice for the same crime against everyday people if we were lucky.

about 2 months ago

The Energy Saved By Ditching DVDs Could Power 200,000 Homes

u-235-sentinel Sure why not (339 comments)

Now if only companies such as Concast would allow people to experience that "rich multimedia Internet" I keep reading about rather than terminate people's internet because "they used it too much" then we could go down this road without being hassled for using the service we purchased.

But then again, when you are a monopoly (or near monopoly) why would you care?

Pft. I buy DVD's and blu ray disks more than ever now. Streaming from Amazon Prime and Netflix over a provider who's up front with the terms of the contract rather than hiding it. I know how much I can use and I track all traffic through my firewall using vnstat.

If we were to stream all content we receive it would easily blow through the monthly limits these guys have imposed. Not hard to do especially these days.

about 3 months ago

Connecticut Groups Cancels Plan to Destroy Violent Games

u-235-sentinel Violent video games? You're kidding me! (350 comments)

If violent video games are the reason this stuff is happening then those around me would have cause to worry.

I've been playing games of that type since I was in Jr. High School over 30 years ago. When I play those games yes it's entertaining and fun however in real life I know the difference between defending my life and those around me and taking lives like these crazed shooters we've been reading about in the news.

That said, I guess it boils down to the comments made by Rep. Jason Chaffetz where the real problem isn't with those who are responsible with guns (such as myself). The problem is with those who are mentally unstable having access to guns. Looking at the last few articles about these shooters I have the feeling they definitely have issues which need addressing still. I agree with Rep Chaffetz that to reduce these issues we need to address how these people are handled.

BTW, I am a gun owner and have a CCP and have additional training in the use of my guns. As a private citizen I felt it was irresponsible for me NOT to have a gun especially since in my lifetime my family has had two incidents where they were in mortal danger and the police were not just around the corner. And since SCOTUS said it isn't the responsibility of the police to safeguard my family but to be a deterrent and clean up the mess that it's my responsibility and only mine to protect my family.

So now we have guns, bullets and training. It's the only way to protect us from becoming the next victim on FOX news.

about a year and a half ago

Want a Security Pro? Get Politically Incorrect and Learn Geek Culture

u-235-sentinel Re:Right (314 comments)

"[citation needed]"

right now I know you're just a troll.
nice little political bit too.

it's so offensive to compare the army screwing up over a massive fuckup/abuse then shitlisting the guy who tried to follow the proper chain.

he ignores the chain of command and sent letters to every congressman, who with only a few exceptions ignored it too until they couldn't any more.

human rights abuses happen in the army. if you try to follow the proper chain your career is over because you're then known as the guy who fucked over his workmates and CO's.

show me someone in the army who followed the proper procedure over a major human rights abuse who's career didn't end shortly afterwards.

Stop feeding the troll dude. He/She/It banters the word "reasonable" then goes for the ad homenium response. Reading through his posts I'm already where I'm ignoring AC now.

I start with the definition of the word reasonable -

Reasonable people don't just follow the chain of command. Illegal instructions ARE supposed to be disobeyed.
Reasonable people don't just follow orders. They should first think about what they are being instructed to do before doing whatever it is.
Reasonable people ASK questions especially if it doesn't feel right.

Reasonable people. I don't see anything reasonable about belittling people (I call it what it is. Being a bully).

And the AC's comment about Congress. Reasonable people believe Congress is a joke considering their historic low approval rating. And the UN? Don't get me started :-)

about 2 years ago

Chinese Rare Earths Producer Suspends Output

u-235-sentinel Re:not with a bang, but a little heard whimper. (265 comments)

It is not about mining. That is not their monopoly, their monopoly is on the production of the minerals to usable components. This unfortunately is not easily solved. A full scale production facility takes about a decade to build and about 1 Billion dollars. There was a private investor who was discussing this issue about 5 years ago and was trying to get investors to go in on building a new facility but was unable to get the needed amount of capital.

Already started the process

BTW it was my understanding America used to be the major provider over a decade ago and we simply stopped. Shows this was a bad idea. At least now competition is coming back. China may want to rethink their position.

about 2 years ago

US Supreme Court Says Wiretapping Immunity Will Stand

u-235-sentinel Re:SCOTUS (203 comments)

funny how it's all good when protestors break the law, but all bad when the government breaks the law.

If you don't believe in holding the government to the highest standards, PLEASE do not vote.

I've been saying I will not vote for either Obama or Romney. I didn't vote for Obama or McCain in the last Presidential election. I have voted however for third party candidates which I believe are needed for real change to happen in this country. Why? Because voting for the same parties that got us into this mess isn't going to solve the problem IMO. But that's what I think.

So I've been told by several friends (and yes they are still friends) that if I wanted to get rid of Obama I needed to vote for Romney and that "your children will forgive you for it". I'm sorry but what?

If I'm to vote for the lesser of two evils and vote for what I perceive as evil, my kids will forgive me for it? Really? What if I don't? I've had many tell me I'm wasting my vote then.

Again really?

It's stunning to me that we keep voting for the same clowns and expect different results. Faces may change but the party goes on. Just not for the other 99% of American's of course. I also understand that the majority of Americans are unaffiliated with either party. (I'm looking for a citation btw). If that's true then Democrats or Republicans can loose control of the government really quick if we Unite.

I don't disagree with you. But it's a crazy government we're running here. Only the clown in charge changes wigs every 4 or 8 years.

about 2 years ago

Would You Pay an Internet Broadband Tax?

u-235-sentinel Didn't we already PAY for faster internet? (601 comments)

I've been hearing about this for years but I was under the impression we already paid for 45 Meg up/down under the clinton presidency and while the telco's have been taking tax money for this, they still haven't built out the infrastructure we should have had several years ago.

Anyone know more about this?

It was also my understanding that the National Information Infrastructure was a result of the High Performance computing act of 1991 under Clinton and Gore.

So I have to ask. Why pay for more when we've been paying for it since 1991? I'm curious if other's can help me understand if I've misread what the act is supposed to do.

about 2 years ago

Radio Royalty Legislation Described As 'RIAA Bailout'

u-235-sentinel Re:Don't Understand (272 comments)

Actually, I'd say it is closer to...the RIAA would rather destroy the entire recording industry than modify their business model from that which made them all filthy rich until the last decade or so.

They've fucking lost it. They have absolutly no comprehension or understanding that they don't mean shit anymore. Nobody NEEDS the RIAA or the major labels anymore. Anyone with a few thousand can create a damned good recording studio, cut an album, release it online independently (and to streaming sites), thereby cutting the RIAA entirely out of the equation.

But at the heart, you are correct...the RIAA says a song has a value of x. The world says the same song has a value of x/50. THe RIAA has decided that if they can't get x, they don't want anything.

Works for me. I've been spending more and more on indie's. If the RIAA wants to go bankrupt I'm sure they will get that bailout that politicians seem to enjoy pushing these days.

Seems pretty damn insane to me.

about 2 years ago

Ubisoft Uplay DRM Found To Include a Rootkit

u-235-sentinel Re:Not really surprising. (473 comments)

It's reasons like this that I refuse to buy anything from Ubisoft.

Agreed. The last time I purchased one of their games it ended up installing their DRM and screwed up my windows environment. I ended up reinstalling windows from scratch and throwing their game in the trash after I determined it was their software which compromised my machine (after weeks of troubleshooting).

It's not worth the trouble.

about 2 years ago

Executive Order Grants US Gov't New Powers Over Communication Systems

u-235-sentinel Re:Extremely misleading (513 comments)

Perhaps I misread section 5.2e when they were talking about the use of private communications. They can claim it's needed and just grab it. It's not like we don't have other examples of that happening with Eminent domain (for example)

"(e) satisfy priority communications requirements through the use of commercial, Government, and privately owned communications resources, when appropriate;"

It seems I'm not the only one who's reading this into the order

As has been pointed out several times, use != seizure. But you're right. This whole thing is a power grab. God forbid we should have our favorite TV show interrupted to have the evil government tell us that a tornado has touched down near our houses or that some wacko has released sarin into the subway system. No that just won't do. Power hungry scum! who the hell do they think they are?

So you are suggesting the government is all rainbows and bubbles when it comes to doing the right thing for our safety and interests. Thank goodness. I had it all wrong ;-)

So EPIC had it wrong too. Glad to hear it. I guess next you're going to tell us you trust your politicians and the government would never do anything inappropriate.

Got it. Thanks for the clarify :-)

more than 2 years ago

Executive Order Grants US Gov't New Powers Over Communication Systems

u-235-sentinel Re:Extremely misleading (513 comments)

Which part exactly is that? I read the order *three* times and couldn't find what you claim is there. Are you lying or just reading the lie in TFS?

Perhaps I misread section 5.2e when they were talking about the use of private communications. They can claim it's needed and just grab it. It's not like we don't have other examples of that happening with Eminent domain (for example)

"(e) satisfy priority communications requirements through the use of commercial, Government, and privately owned communications resources, when appropriate;"

It seems I'm not the only one who's reading this into the order

more than 2 years ago

Executive Order Grants US Gov't New Powers Over Communication Systems

u-235-sentinel Re:Extremely misleading (513 comments)

> You forgot to quote the part where they are empowered to seize civilian facilities.

The summary is a gross lie.

Go read the actual executive order. There is no such place where empowerment to seize civilian facilities is described. In fact the order is just a directive to establish an emergency communications plan.

Slashdot can be really bad at times. This was one of the worst examples I've seen.

Perhaps a better understanding of what they were saying in Section 5.2e would help?

(e) satisfy priority communications requirements through the use of commercial, Government, and privately owned communications resources, when appropriate;

I'm not the only one who read this as well

I'm willing to learn how else we can interpret this.


more than 2 years ago

Executive Order Grants US Gov't New Powers Over Communication Systems

u-235-sentinel Re:Extremely misleading (513 comments)

Read the Exec, Order. This is not about monitoring specific communication, it's about maintaining the integrity of the communication network so that in the event of an emergency communication doesn't go down.

For those of us in NYC, we should remember core telephone, pager, and cellular infrastructure going down back on 9/11...circuit congestion was through the fucking roof, and someone is turning a "must make communications possible" into "BB is watching you."

The spin is disgusting, and the brainless will never actually read the executive order and understand it anyway. Da govment gona take my phone! Dey do this in E-jupt and Ly-bia. Fucking retards, the lot of you.

You forgot to quote the part where they are empowered to seize civilian facilities. I'm guessing that was just an oversight or you didn't want to mention it. Whatever the reason. That sent a chill in the air. Sounds a lot LIKE other countries during THEIR instances of 'maintaining the integrity of the communication network' doesn't it.

more than 2 years ago

Google Launches International Campaign For Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage

u-235-sentinel Re:Polygamy (804 comments)

This is my only holdup with polygamy. Maybe I'm being selfish not to support it but it's not as clearly harmless as most "alternative" forms of marriage.

How so?

There are people practicing polygamy who are breaking laws that are already established in most countries (underage marriages and so on). However these are not issues that are only found in polygamy. They are found in many other alternative forms of marriage as well. And since it seems people are willing to allow alternative forms of marriage, then polygamy isn't something that shouldn't be legalized as long as everyone is of age and consenting to it.

Beyond that the arguments against polygamy are rather weak IMO.

more than 2 years ago

Google Launches International Campaign For Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage

u-235-sentinel Re:Polygamy (804 comments)

Thats a good question. There are arguments for and against both polygamy and polyandry. The biggest problem with legalizing polygamy is that it is associated with certain religious cults that like to forcibly marry underage girls.


That's easy enough to fix. it's already illegal to forcibly marry anyone and underage marriages are also illegal. So I'd say since that's the case I'm curious what other issues people have with the practice of polygamy itself.

I hear people say it's immoral but by who's standard? If it's adults and everyone wants it then I don't see the issue.

Just saying...

more than 2 years ago

Canonical Pulls Kubuntu Personnel Funding

u-235-sentinel Re:Good (356 comments)

Personally I'm not interested in Unity. Gnome 3 has issues and KDE was my only option for Ubuntu. If dropping it makes sense for the company then I'm looking at switching to Mint. Too bad too. I rather enjoyed running Kubuntu and my family did also. I could build it but then I'm doing something i wanted to get away from in the first place. Sticking with Debian Linux distro's so Mint here we go!

more than 2 years ago

New Study Confirms Safety of GM Crops

u-235-sentinel GM foods safe? (571 comments)

I seem to recall reading a number of products approved by the FDA which were 'unlikely to post a health risk" to people. At least until after people starting dying or were harmed beyond help. Diet drugs and other items approved for human consumption. We were told they were safe after many studies. Until we've had a LOT more research how does anyone really know?

And yes I've read their reports. I'm not a scientist or play one on TV however I believe their conclusions are premature...

more than 2 years ago

TSA Facing Death By a Thousand Cuts

u-235-sentinel Re:Heh (493 comments)

I misread that as "Death By A Thousand Cats".

Which would be a lot more fun to watch.

Also thought it was a Babylon 5 reference

Interesting you mention Babylon 5. Seems DHS and the TSA must have been avid fans of B5 and paid a great deal of attention to seasons 3-5 where similar government groups were discussed in the show. At least it feels like that to me :-)

more than 2 years ago

New US Government Project To Monitor Electronic Communication

u-235-sentinel Is Government snooping without a warrant ok?? (164 comments)

"From the article: 'Cherie Anderson runs a travel company in southern California, and she's convinced the federal government is reading her emails. But she's all right with that. "I assume it's part of the Patriot Act and I really don't mind," she says. "I figure I'm probably boring them to death."'

I recall reading something like this in the beginning of a book I recently finished reading. It was called "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"

Very insightful book I must add.

This is a very slippery path we're walking down. There is a reason we have the fourth Amendment.

more than 2 years ago

Ubisoft Blames Piracy For Non-Release of PC Game

u-235-sentinel Re:My interpretation... (424 comments)

"Ubisoft has gotten itself into such a complete knicker-twist over the PC games market via its groteseque DRM efforts that it wishes to give up on the whole affair as a bad job. But, like the classic stroppy teenager, it wishes to make clear to all and sundry that it's not being sent home in disgrace, it's making its own decision, for its own reasons, to take its ball and go home."

and that's the reason I don't purchase Ubisoft games. Period.

Their DRM has more than once caused my computer to freak out and force me to reinstall everything over again. I did purchase one years ago and I traced it back to their DRM solution. I gave up and today won't purchase any of their games. If one is a gift I go back to the store and with an unopened product replace it with something else (or just get the refund or credit).

Too much of a pain and not worth my time troubleshooting their crap.

more than 2 years ago


u-235-sentinel hasn't submitted any stories.



Comcast gets tough on HighSpeed Internet Customers.

u-235-sentinel u-235-sentinel writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I've been a Comcast customer nearly 4 years and have had a pleasant experience with them until recently. We received a phone call in December from someone claiming they were a Comcast rep to warn us of excessive bandwidth usage. After multiple calls to Comcast Customer Service that same day, we were told to ignore the call since their records said our account showed no issues.

Even the reference number provided in the call wasn't found in their databases. They mentioned it was probably someone trying to scam us. Now we've been disconnected. No follow up call or letter of concern and no internet service for 12 months. You get a single call then you're gone.

It seems other companies such as Verizon are having similar problems with the word unlimited. At this point I'm back to dial up as Comcast has no competition in my area. I've created a blog to help spread the word and warn people. Everyone in my neighborhood still thinks they have an unlimited residential account. I've educated them recently with articles such as this.

This has become such a problem that dslreports now has dozens of articles discussing this situation. Personally I'm ok with whatever the limits are. What's frustrating is Comcast reps are "not allowed to divulge data transfer limits" and cite a fuzzy AUP/TOS link which is helpful only to lawyers (no offense those who are lawyers).

While apologetic, Comcast Abuse department originally suggested we upgrade to a business account. Now we're told we should upgrade to a commercial account. The connection fee alone is $1700 and $1000 monthly for the line! Seems Comcast hasn't passed the word to their customer service either. I called them asking what the limits were, they will still tell you they have none. shows the Comcast advertisement we received when we signed up

Personally I'm hoping Utopianet will become available in my area. After this experience, I'd love to get rid of Comcast permanently. I'm also hoping to encourage broadband competition so companies (such as Comcast) will feel the pinch financially when they become this arrogant.

A word of warning. Make sure you are fully aware of what your provider offers. If it's unclear then get it in writing or find another provider if possible.

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