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Valve Releases Debian-Based SteamOS Beta

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Debian has ALWAYS been the top distro. (211 comments)

lol, obviously fisted is a buntu fanboy, which is a dumbed down version of debian

"ubuntu" is swahili for "i can't configure debian"

about a year ago

Battlefield Director: Linux Only Needs One 'Killer' Game To Explode

uM0p ap!sdn Re:YOLD! (410 comments)

That was your first mistake, using ubuntu period.

about a year ago

Google Demands Microsoft Pull YouTube App For WP8

uM0p ap!sdn Re: I can't wait to see this battle (716 comments)

Actually, everyone and their/there/hair mother should say "fuck you" to Microsoft

Haven't they fucked enough in the past


about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Developer Explains Why Windows Kernel Development Falls Behind

uM0p ap!sdn Re:NTFS (347 comments)

As said by harryfoot

"hell you can't even update Linux without the wireless or sound being shit all over"

Sounds to me like you run ubuntu ... ouch

5 years lol, been running this server which is debian sid which gets updated 4 times a day for over 10 years

Me thinks your an incompetent moran who knows nothing of of linux

By the way , greed ( we don't care about share, profits, or you) is what you are all about.

How you making out now, asshole

all you care about is linux share, we don't,

about a year and a half ago

On the Heels of Wheezy, Aptosid Releases 2013-01

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Neat, a new updated Aptosid! (79 comments)

aptitude and sid, ouch, your asking for a sysyem meltdown

Kanatix, sidux, aptosid, siduction, all based on sid, all of them don't recommend aptitude, and for good reason

about a year and a half ago

Debian 7.0 ("Wheezy") Released

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Outdated (191 comments)

Friends don't let friends install ubuntu !!

ubuntu is just a frozen snapshot of debian sid, ubuntizied so it's not compatible (binary) with debian anymore.

Ubuntu exists for profit and lazy people who don't want to set up "what they want in a desktop OS"

Pretty funny post IMHO


about a year and a half ago

Linux Fatware: Distros That Need To Slim Down

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Really? (299 comments)

No, ubuntu sucks because it is nothing more than a six month snapshot of debian, ubuntized to make it binary non-compatible with debian goes against debian's DFSG (Debian Free Software Guidelines) http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines

ubuntu is the aol of linux

But, choice is a good thing, I don't use, nor will ever use a watered down debian distro.

Just because ubuntu comes with codec's and *such* don't mean you can't install it in debian proper using apt-get update && apt-get install "whatever", notice no sudo bullshit

about 2 years ago

Opera Confirms It Will Follow Google and Ditch WebKit For Blink

uM0p ap!sdn Re:So webkit != Blink! (135 comments)

Webkit is not GPL. There are pieces in LGPL, and the majority is a BSD license.

That means that changes to the library itself must be open source. However, the program using the library may be proprietary.


about 2 years ago

Steam For Linux: A Respectable Showing

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Wow (372 comments)

Why download a .exe for linux ???????????

It's much easier & faster in linux

apt-get update && apt-get install firmware-linux-free firmware-realtek

takes about a blink of an eye and your done, not a few minutes

about 2 years ago

Steam For Linux: A Respectable Showing

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Wow (372 comments)

As said by Hairy

""How "user friendly" is an OS with such piss poor design that features Windows has for over a decade""

Hmm, perhaps another college educated person ?

It really amazes me

How anyone with any type of a pea sized brain that knows anything about computers (yes, even so called "retail" personal) and yet, has the "balls" to compare windows and linux

Yes, I do consider you a troll, a troll that has no clue why ?

Why ?
Why ?

Intellectual Property

Licensing Terms
Terms of Use

I actually AIN't going to go any further, I barely thought you credible before, but this post was the funniest I have ever seen , especially from a "business person"

You see, the difference between YOUR challenge and My challenge is mine works

Be thankful you have a choice, I choose Linux it works for me

That is my choice and I am happy

It's not your choice and your happy

Over the years here, reading your posts made me wonder .....

This thread was excellent it really shows how ... you really are

In fact, I wouldn't let you touch anything electronic with a billion foot pole.

How you ever got by in so called "retail" "system builder"

I have no clue, I would not go to you even for free, your criteria of measurement does not measure up to me

You my son, yes, I can say son, cause you are young, have lost what little respect I had for you to begin with

You have lost cause of plain old stupidity

plain & simple

I do have to say, you are one of the best trolls I have seen on ./

about 2 years ago

Steam For Linux: A Respectable Showing

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Wow (372 comments)

I have never seen someone as unhappy as you, being a retailer and all, maybe it's time for a new line of work

Ubuntu on the other hand would be my last choice as a linux distro to use/install, it is the AOL/Windows of linux

I for one, don't even count ubuntu as a distro, it is nothing but a frozen snapshot of debian, bastardized and not even debian binary compatible.

Friends don't let friends install ubuntu

Linux developer & system builder and 100 % happy & retire in 9 years & counting
Been M$ free 100% since 1993 and very happy, my workplace is also M$ free

Life is good

about 2 years ago

Steam For Linux: A Respectable Showing

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Linux vs OS-X (372 comments)

""I don't fault the Linux community too much for losing on the desktop. Linux was supposed to beat Microsoft on the desktop.""

I bet your college educated ( in the USA ) or just reaching puberty

"From: torvalds@klaava.Helsinki.FI (Linus Benedict Torvalds)
    Newsgroups: comp.os.minix
    Subject: What would you like to see most in minix?
    Summary: small poll for my new operating system
    Date: 25 Aug 91 20:57:08 GMT
    Organization: University of Helsinki

    Hello everybody out there using minix -

    I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and
    professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones."

Nowhere does Linus say it's supposed to beat M$ on the desktop

Notice the keyword - HOBBY

For me, actually , every year, linux has been the year of the desktop

about 2 years ago

KDE's Aaron Seigo Bashes Ubuntu Phone

uM0p ap!sdn Re:apt-get (92 comments)

su password

apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-forever

apt-get install debian

There, fixed that for you

about 2 years ago

In UK, Twitter, Facebook Rants Land Some In Jail

uM0p ap!sdn Yet another reason NOT to visit the UK (233 comments)

They can keep their warm beer, rotting teeth, bad food and dictatorship.

Rookie, I take it you've never been there, and this is coming from an American errr Obamacan I wouldn't mock the Brits to much, there same Fords, Chevy's, get twice the amount of gas mileage that we get cell phone plans lol, don't even go there the monthly plans we pay for tv,,internet is a freaking joke compared to the tv license you pay once a year and that is cheaper than what I pay per month to watch hundred's of channels of paid advertisement and commercials (adverts) every 4-5 minutes I would say that America is much much more of a dictatorship than the UK I am a born & raised American, and also own a house in the UK Greed, Corruption, Monopoly's, ruined this once great Nation Don't knock a place just because you have never been there

more than 2 years ago

Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft

uM0p ap!sdn Re:Rats. (417 comments)

And, for fuck's sake, change the retarded application naming methods! When you have Guayadeque, a music player using wxWidgets then "abcde" which is a frontend for "cdparanoia" (SERIOUSLY???), Gedit (which works under KDE, so the "G" is stupid), Kate (wtf is this name for a fucking Text Editor?), Kopete (bitch, please!), XCDRoast (because the "X" really MUST be there!), then you can't hope that Joe Sixpack would be happy with that. "The KDE naming convention (KMail, KAIM, KPlayer, etc) tends to be a bit better than average, though they do tend to take the âoeKâ thing a bit too far. Even this, which tends to produce easy to discern names, has problems (k3b, Kaffeine, amaroK, kynaptic, etc) and can get confusing at times." (from here: http://www.geek.com/articles/xyzcomputing/linuxs-difficulty-with-names-20051226/). When you get rid of this hacker-wannabe naming methods ("yeah, um, well, I'm using xkcd-1.3.1-x86-omg-wtf-bbq") then you start to mature and think of customers, rather than just your fellow hacker-wannabe-bros.

Why don't you start making the packages yourself, then you can name them whatever you want

more than 2 years ago

Google's Nexus 4, 7, 10 Strategy: Openness At All Costs

uM0p ap!sdn Re:No LTE, less space than a nomad (359 comments)

ROFLMFAO That my friend, is because the US has shit for internet period, whether it's phone or desktop, corporate greed keeps it that way, only in america, (besides the us, I do own a house in europe also, well, the wife does and we are there frequently. I have watched this place go to hell the last 25 years, I feel sorry for the kids that pay for a very overpriced education. I really feel sorry for my grandkids. 9 years I retire, and I will not be doing that in the US.

more than 2 years ago

Newb-Friendly Linux Flavor For LAMP Server?

uM0p ap!sdn Tell me why oh why ubuntu ouch (382 comments)

Fuck ubuntu. Use the real thing --- DEBIAN. Ubuntu an ancient African word Meaning Debian for tots. Looking at the ubuntu forums and all the problems with ubuntu. Why the fuck would anyone use it ? especially for any type of server.

more than 3 years ago


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