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Hybrid Car Owners Not Likely To Buy Another Hybrid

ubergamer1337 Re:Diesel: The Way Forward (998 comments)

Well, I have a hybrid (Honda CR-Z), it has 136HP, 138lb/ft torque in a smaller package, so similar driving experience to your Golf. It also has handling modeled on a BMW M6 (the lead designer's personal ride), with sport sized tires, tuned suspension, etc. My average over 26,000 miles is 43mpg.

It was $19,000, also nicely equipped. The only large difference is the CR-Z lacks a second row, but my Fiancee arn't planning any kids in the near future, and her car's a 5 seater, so its no big deal for me.

The amusing thing is we both have fun-to-drive, reliable, economical cars, but they're unpopular because of myths and long-held-beliefs about their powertrains and small cars in general.

more than 2 years ago

IT Calls of Shame

ubergamer1337 Re:Obligatory (256 comments)

No, no he didn't. Lemme go get your sword :-)

more than 2 years ago

Chevy Volt To Resume Production One Week Early Following Record Sales

ubergamer1337 Re:sure it is (443 comments)

"$10k-$18K more than a Prius or Civic Hybrid, or similar gas vehicle?"

Except that the difference isn't nearly that large. My brand-new hybrid (Honda CR-Z) was $19,300. An insight will run you 2k more, which makes it only 10k more expensive then a Nissan Versa Base, which doesn't have A/C, Power anything, ABS, etc. A more fair comparison is something like a Nissan Sentra, which similarly equipped is about $16,000, or only $5k different. Also, you don't plug in most hybrids, like the Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid, so there's no cost for electricity.

But continue to pull numbers and facts out of thin air, while I save money in the long term with my Hybrid.

more than 2 years ago

Rearview Car Cameras Likely Mandated By 2014

ubergamer1337 Re:My phone has a camera (652 comments)

I don't have a blind spot. I have two 2" convex mirrors, one on each side view mirror. I can without turning my head see the entirety of the area around my car, thanks to each mirror overlapping with the others.

I for the life of me don't know why these aren't mandated - they don't cost more than a few bucks to manufacture, and they work great.

more than 2 years ago

Shuttle Atlantis Docks With International Space Station For the Last Time

ubergamer1337 Re:Here's an idea... (91 comments)

I'm not an expert, but I don't think the shuttle was designed for staying in space for more than about a month or so at a time. For one thing, it leaks oxygen. I don't think the space station is capable of supplying enough power right now to keep it operational when the power cells on the shuttle run dry.

about 3 years ago

Shuttle Atlantis Docks With International Space Station For the Last Time

ubergamer1337 Re:Taking stock of the decades of the shuttle prog (91 comments)

If you're looking for tangibles, you can try this:

But in reality, the entire benefit of the space shuttle program isn't just in "stuff". Lots of the benefits can't be boiled down into metrics, like inspiring children, boosting national pride, etc. I'm not going to claim that with these benefits the shuttles were worth their cost, but you're missing a lot of the point if you only look at the tangibles.

about 3 years ago

Facebook Taking On Apple?

ubergamer1337 Re:Eh? (127 comments)

You're comparing apples and oranges. the original "apps" for iOS were just supposed to be HTML5 websites. WebOS uses html, css and javascript as part of the native apps that run on the device, and you can also write WebOS apps in C or C++ (through this wasn't true for the first six months the device was out). I don't know about Windows Phone 7, but im pretty sure that those apps are on the phone, not just special websites.

more than 3 years ago

US Funding Stealth Internets to Circumvent Repressive Regimes

ubergamer1337 Re:propaganda (289 comments)

Now you're changing your requirements to fit my evidence. You asked me to find any full English transcripts for 2006 onwards. I was able to find full English transcripts from Osama's broadcasts in 2011 in about 20 seconds, thereby disproving your assertion that "it's not possible". Since you then threw in the "mid 90's", I would suggest:

It's a very nice guide to Osama's writing from the mid 90's up to 2004, I used it in a class on modern Islam.

If you're worried about the accuracy, we're back to "learn it yourself" or consider finding someone you trust who already knows the language to verify the translation. This is back to trust, which you frankly seem to be trying to avoid. You could even use a site like mechanical turk - get several different disconnected strangers to translate it, and if they agree then you can probably trust the results (or there's a very large conspiracy, at which point there's no good advice I can give you.)

As to your issue with learning Arabic: "Do you seriously suggest that citizens of a supposedly free country must learn Arabic instead of insisting that their democracy actually functions?"

what? A functioning democracy isn't usually described as having free translation services for citizens too lazy to do the work themselves. Ignoring that, if you're really concerned about the lack of quality translation, you don't need to learn all those languages. Just find some people who share your distrust in everyone else and split up the work. I took first year arabic as part of my Middle Eastern studies minor - its a complete bitch, but it's not impossible. When I was in Morocco there were many shop owners who could speak passable French, Arabic, English, Spanish and Dutch. If you really wanted to learn these languages so you could study the world outside the english enclave you could, but I think you prefer to shout about how the man is oppressing you by not providing timely translations instead.

Finally, I think you have the sleeping part backwards. I went out of my way to learn about the Middle East, assimilate in Morocco and learn some Arabic. You just whine about the government not doing this for you. You're just in a nightmare of your own making.

more than 3 years ago

US Funding Stealth Internets to Circumvent Repressive Regimes

ubergamer1337 Re:propaganda (289 comments)

Ok so why don't you just learn Arabic? You can take classes at lots of State U's. UNH has two years of it, and 50 kids a year enroll in the elementary Arabic class.

more than 3 years ago

Hackers Attack Nintendo, But Company Claims Data Safe

ubergamer1337 sure you did. (159 comments)

"We just got a config file and made it clear that we didn't mean any harm" - AKA they were unable to get to any meaty stuff, and now claim altruism rather than failure.

more than 3 years ago

The last time I switched my usual GUI:

ubergamer1337 Re:Unity (249 comments)

I use it with two displays - a 22" and a 24", using the proprietary Nvidia drivers. While that's my "home" machine, at work I use Win 7 and Mac OS X frequently, so I'm sort of used to dealing with several different desktop "paradigms". I like that Unity is simple, attractive, and leaves me lots of space. If you're already using ubuntu, there's really no harm from trying it, since you can go back to whatever else you were using easily.

more than 3 years ago

The last time I switched my usual GUI:

ubergamer1337 Unity (249 comments)

I switched to Unity last month. It's popular to bash Unity on Slashdot these days, but I really like it. Everyone else can keep using gnome, kde, whatever.

more than 3 years ago

The Petition to Classify Wikipedia a "World Wonder"

ubergamer1337 Re:Latest is the best??? (311 comments)

Actually the pyramids of giza are located on the border of El Giza, Egypt, plus the whole complex is called the "Giza Necropolis", so while they are usually referred to as the "Pyramids of Giza", it's not really incorrect to call them the Pyramids at Giza, since they are after all in Giza.

more than 3 years ago

Ford Building Cars That Talk To Other Cars

ubergamer1337 Re:Forget about talking to cars -Talk2 traffic lig (239 comments)

Most of Southern NH has this - along with the sensors at the edge of each road where it meets the intersection, there is usually another a couple hundred meters back, so the intersection knows you are a few seconds from arriving. If you're coming from the non-dominant road at night, and there is no other traffic, it will turn your light green before you reach the intersection (you do end up slowing down a little, but its better than nothing...)

more than 3 years ago

What Happens In Vegas Happens In Afghanistan

ubergamer1337 Re:Latency? (522 comments)

Most if the time they are not "directly" flying - they spend more time giving autopilot commands, so a bit of lag is just fine.

more than 4 years ago

Iran Suspends Google's Email Service

ubergamer1337 Re:Well of course (436 comments)

Those "Uncivilized Savages" happened to give us:
The Scientific Method, Fountain Pen, Windmills, irrigation, the first eye surgeries, mathematical proofs, numerous advances in algebra, calculus, geometry; they practically invented chemistry... It goes on and on.

Their current oppressive regime problems happen to date back to the 1870's to 1950's (and on until now) thanks to intervention by "Civilized nations" like France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Ottoman empire, while by today's standards not exactly enlightened, had an extremely effective method of dealing with diverse populations and religions within it own borders - Jews moved there to flee from Christian persecution in Spain, for example.

Get out in the world and learn a bit about the Middle East - Its an intensely fascinating place that has been the center of so many things and events in our world, and deserves better then "Uncivilized Savages".

IAAMEH (I am a Middle Eastern Historian)

more than 4 years ago



Internet communications while at sea?

ubergamer1337 ubergamer1337 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ubergamer1337 writes "Next semester I will be participating in a college study abroad program known as Semester at Sea. The gist of it is that over four months 600ish students sail around the world on a converted cruise ship, visiting diverse port cities while taking classes when we are between ports. Debates about its educational merit aside, my internet options while I will be at sea will be severely limited. We get just 100 minutes of internet access for the entire voyage, and once thats gone the only internet access we have is a university email address, which is limited to messages under a megabyte with no attachments. I have been pondering different ways to staying in contact with friends and family back at home without running to an internet cafe in every port, and I have already decided that I want to set up a blog that can be updated by email, but I wanted to ask the collective wisdom of Slashdot if anyone knows of any other ways to transmit more then just your standard message through email. Some things I would be particularity interested in being able to figure out would be a way to send photos (encode them as text?), and a way to get wikipedia pages etc. emailed to me."

Woman's advocacy group supressing black vote?

ubergamer1337 ubergamer1337 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ubergamer1337 writes "Wired has an article dealing with complaints to the Raleigh News and Observer in North Carolina that mysterious calls are being received in predominantly black districts telling voters they have yet to register, despite the fact that many of the recipients already have. From the article:
"The Institute for Southern Studies, a Durham, North Carolina nonprofit, investigated the mysterious calls and traced them to Women's Voices, Women's Vote, a nonpartisan group dedicated to "improving unmarried women's participation in the electorate and policy process," according to the group's website. The organization has not endorsed a candidate.

"The Institute for Southern Studies notes that North Carolina isn't the only state in which Women's Voices, Women's Vote has caused a ruckus among voters and election officials, and that many of its officials have connections with Hillary Clinton, either by having worked in President Bill Clinton's administration or through campaign donations.""

ubergamer1337 ubergamer1337 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ubergamer1337 (912210) writes "EMI, the third largest recording company in the world, will be offering higher fidelity tracks unencumbered by DRM. The catch, however, is that they will cost 30 cents more. From the article: "Today, EMI is taking the next big step forward in the digital music revolution," said Mr. Jobs, whose online music store has more than 70 percent of the market for downloaded music. "This is something that will become very popular." Analysts largely agreed. "This move will send shockwaves through the music industry," said Mark Mulligan, a London analyst at the research firm Jupiter."


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