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Consumers Unlikely To Pay $500 for iPhone

udderly surveys (412 comments)

Not that I disagree with the assessment that nobody wants a $500 phone, but does anyone else really doubt how accurate these online marketing surveys are? To qualify (and get paid) you usually have to answer a question like the following one from a survey to gather information about enterprise class printers:

How many people work in your company worldwide?

  • 1
  • 2-5
  • 6-15
  • 16-100
  • 101-10000
Well, you know that if you don't answer with the last one, you don't get to participate or get paid. You know that people lie their asses off.

more than 7 years ago



udderly udderly writes  |  about 8 years ago

udderly (890305) writes "CNet News is reporting that the Senate approved an amendment to the S1 bill removing a controversial section (Slashdot, 1/17/07) that required certain paid bloggers to register as lobbyists or face fines and/or jail time. The vote broke down mostly along party lines, with all 48 Republicans and 7 Democrats approving the amendment.

While the vote was mostly partisan, opposition to the provision cut across the political spectrum, including the bill's sponsor. FTA: "...a politically diverse set of advocacy groups, ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to Gun Owners of America, argued that the proposal could actually sweep up a potentially broad swath of bloggers and nonprofit groups. Requiring them to register as lobbyists would violate core freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, they said.""

udderly udderly writes  |  more than 8 years ago

udderly (890305) writes "Microsoft is offering a free download of a very convincing "Blue Screen of Death" screensaver. From the BSOD download site: "Bluescreen cycles between different Blue Screens and simulated boots every 15 seconds or so. Virtually all the information shown on Bluescreen's BSOD and system start screen is obtained from your system configuration — its accuracy will fool even advanced NT developers. For example, the NT build number, processor revision, loaded drivers and addresses, disk drive characteristics, and memory size are all taken from the system Bluescreen is running on. Use Bluescreen to amaze your friends and scare your enemies!"

And you didn't think that Microsoft had a sense of humor!"

udderly udderly writes  |  more than 8 years ago

udderly (890305) writes " Fox News is reporting that Los Angeles Area Boy Scouts can now earn a "Respecting Copyrights" activity badge. The patch — which displays the international copyright symbol, an optical disk and a film reel — can be earned by learning "the basics of copyright law and learn how to identify five types of copyrighted works and three ways copyrighted materials may be stolen." In additional, "scouts also must choose one activity from a list that includes visiting a movie studio to see how many people can be harmed by film piracy. They also can create public service announcements urging others not to steal movies or music.""


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