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Spooked By His Sci Fi, FBI Looked Into Asimov As Possible Communist Tipster

ultraexactzz Tipstes are notoriously Unamerican. (190 comments)

I mean, some of them might be alright, but.....

about a year ago

Ale To the Chief: White House Releases Beer Recipe

ultraexactzz Tax dollars? Not so much (340 comments)

According to the blog post, Pres. Obama bought the equipment himself, and the staff works on it in their spare time. Now, the video and the blog are taxpayer funded, so there's that. But after seeing that recipe - totally worth it.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Single-Handed Keyboard Options For Coding?

ultraexactzz Re:Nostromo or Frogpad (147 comments)

+1 - I've used the Nostromo for just this purpose, and it was easy. The one I have has three different toggled layouts, so you can shift functions easily. The D-pad also maps to eight different functions, if you need it. And it has a built-in mousewheel, which is all sorts of useful.

more than 2 years ago

Mitt Romney To Announce VP Decision Via Smartphone App

ultraexactzz Well Played Romney (461 comments)

On the one hand, I disagree very strongly with pretty much every policy proposed by Governor Romney. On the other hand, I like to hear things first and lord the knowledge over my colleagues. I also don't mind large political operations tracking my movements.

...Well Played, Romney.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Add New Tech To Old Van?

ultraexactzz What a van... (212 comments)

...and whoever tagged this article with "Krieger" knows his stuff. Good work.

more than 2 years ago

U. Chicago's Epic Scavenger Hunt Is Back For 2012

ultraexactzz Rule number 7 (56 comments)

From the rules: "7. A Good Time. For a good time call (202) 762-1401." ...Did we just Slashdot the Navy?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Can You Do About SOPA and PIPA?

ultraexactzz Re:The problem with SOPA in 10 words or less (1002 comments)

No. SOPA and PIPA authorize the Department of Justice to issue court orders. There is no hearing until after the orders have been executed, and no recourse until the entire website is already removed from the internet. The process is entirely administrative - the first notice a site owner receives is the letter they get after their site is gone.

So, unless you're lucky, you're now fighting a big media company in Federal Court with your source of funds (your website) shut down. This isn't tenable for the vast majority of site owners.

about 3 years ago

DigiNotar Goes Bankrupt After Hack

ultraexactzz Re:Bankrupt? (136 comments)

You sell one product, properly validated certificates, and now you can't sell that product. No income = bankruptcy.

more than 3 years ago

Russia Close To Findings On Soyuz and Proton

ultraexactzz Re:Does Nasa have any plan to have 1 more shuttle (62 comments)

Even if it could fly, all the shuttle could do would be to swap the 6 people up there for 6 different people. The issue is that the soyuz spacecraft already at the station have to come back to earth in October and November, as they cannot stay in orbit for more than 6 months without failing. Without new soyuz to replace the old, there would be no way for astronauts to escape back to earth - and, therefore, no astronauts.

more than 3 years ago

1 in 8 Take Fake Phone Calls to Avoid Talking to Others

ultraexactzz I've absolutely done this. (160 comments)

Speed dial #2 on my cell goes to my office phone - makes checking voicemail easy. And when the guy in the next office comes over to tell me about some damn facebook game he's playing now, I can fidget with my phone, hold down the number 2, and boom - my phone rings. "Oh sorry man, I need to get that."

Of course, if he ever notices that it's always the same number...

And as a bonus, I change the name from "Work" to "Santa" during christmastime. Scares the hell out of a kid throwing a tantrum when I threaten them with a long distance call to the North Pole.

more than 3 years ago

77 Million Accounts Stolen From Playstation Network

ultraexactzz Re:passwords? (645 comments)

2. The game companies that allow you to tie your forum account to your PSN account are irrelevant. None of them require you to give them your PSN password.

True - except that many of those 77 million people likely used the same password here as they did for those forums or for other sites. And that's where the real headache will be - and one of the best arguments in recent memory for proper password discipline.

more than 3 years ago

NASA Announces Final Homes of Shuttle Fleet

ultraexactzz Dayton got screwed. (195 comments)

The Air Force deserved to get one of the shuttles, even if it was the Enterprise. We still have the Apollo 15 CM, though - and that's something.

more than 3 years ago

High Performance Gaming Mice Don't Perform

ultraexactzz Maybe, maybe not. (283 comments)

From a technical standpoint, looking at benchmarks and the like? It probably doesn't matter so much. The extra buttons certainly help, if the mouse is well-designed. But I'll tell you this - if I feel more confident because the mouse I'm using cost $80 instead of $20, then I'm going to play better. And that might be worth it.

more than 3 years ago

Senators To Apple: Pull iPhone DUI-Check Alerts

ultraexactzz Missing the point... (348 comments)

The entire point of DUI checkpoints is not to actually arrest the drunk drivers dumb enough to pull up. The point is to show that, if you do drive drunk, big angry men with guns will arrest you. This is why they announce the checkpoints beforehand - check your paper or local news website, you'll find an article announcing checkpoints a day or two before they go up. It's not investigative, it's (supposed to be) a deterrent.

Hell, Indiana had a series of billboards - nothing but the image of an orange traffic sign that said "Drunk Driving Checkpoint Ahead". Of course, the billboards were everywhere, and there was no actual checkpoint - but again, it's (supposed to be) a deterrent.

If police forces do not want people knowing about the checkpoints, they should not announce them publicly. If it's a matter of the public record, then they can't fault an app for aggregating that public record.

more than 3 years ago

How many microprocessors are in your home, total?

ultraexactzz Re:more than 20 is too many? (559 comments)

I humbly submit you can never have too many.

Nonsense. 640 should be enough for anyone.

about 4 years ago

Famous British Autism Study an 'Elaborate Fraud'

ultraexactzz Re:Isn't this already well-known? (813 comments)

Seems to me that not taking a mercury-based substance is a good outcome, regardless of the other shenanigans.

about 4 years ago

China Makes World's Fastest Supercomputer

ultraexactzz This may be a net positive... (222 comments)

I mean, who ever expected that Skynet would speak Chinese?

more than 4 years ago

Meg Whitman Campaign Shows How Not To Use Twitter

ultraexactzz The political implications are intresting... (147 comments)

I'd love to see if her opponent pulls the trigger on an ad making light of this. "Jerry Brown is ready to make the tough choices. He's ready to fix the broken state government. His opponent, on the other hand... (cue tutu guitar man)"

more than 4 years ago



Glitch causes Regional Dispatch Center to shut dow

ultraexactzz ultraexactzz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ultraexactzz (546422) writes "Dayton, Ohio, and many of its surrounding suburbs, switched over to a Regional Dispatch Center on March 26th. The idea was that a single dispatch center would be cheaper and more efficient. Less than one day later, however, officials have shut down the center due to unresolved technical issues. The issue was brought to public attention when a house burned to the ground while dispatchers attempted to figure out which jurisdiction's firefighters to send. From the article, the fire "...burned for nearly 30 minutes before rescue arrived, witnesses said. A total of 14 emergency calls were made, with five of them going unanswered by dispatchers.""
Link to Original Source

Wikipedia duplicated for fun and profit

ultraexactzz ultraexactzz writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Ultraexactzz (546422) writes "Wikipedia's content is licensed under the GDFL, which permits such content to be copied with attribution — and Wikipedia is used to its content being copied and mirrored. However, a new website at http://e-wikipedia.net/ appears to have taken this a step further by mirroring the entire english wikipedia — articles, logos, disclaimers, userpages, and all. Compare Wikipedia's About page with e-wikipedia.net's. The site even adds to Wikipedia's normally ad-free interface by including text ads."



(In)Frequently Asked Questions on Slashdot

ultraexactzz ultraexactzz writes  |  more than 5 years ago I'm going to propose a small project for someone to tackle. It might be me if I get no response, but - quite honestly - I don't have the time to do it proper, and I suspect it would be a much simpler task for 10 or 20 Slashdotters to handle than it would be for one.

The FAQs need some TLC.

In most cases, I'm seeing answers to Frequently Asked Questions that are dated in 2000. No problem, as they're likely still accurate - for all of our progress, not a whole lot has changed as far as the fundamental design philosophy of this site. But there are some items that aren't exactly accurate anymore.

For example:

-- The Editorial FAQ still lists the Submissions Bin as the queue for submissions, when the system now uses the Firehose. There's a Firehose FAQ, and it is up-to-date - but perhaps the two should be cross-linked.

-- The Comments and Moderation FAQ (here) discusses flat, threaded, and nested comments, and includes a helpful example image - which uses the interface from several years ago. The page also notes that "it's pretty tough to post a comment that breaks Netscape."

-- The images for Friends, Foes, and the like are also shown, when I notice that we've moved to a text-based relationship system - that's why I checked the FAQ, I figured I'd missed something.

There are others out there, I'm sure - and I mean this not as a criticism of the site or the FAQ, but merely as a "Hey maybe this is something simple that we can help with" thing. If not, then at least I've noted the problem, and maybe someone will fix it. Either way, the world will continue to spin.

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