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I think next winter will be:

ulzeraj Re: I'm already in winter. (147 comments)

I wouldn't call 33ÂC under a hellish sun winter. God I hate all seasons in this place.

5 days ago

Favorite Star Wars Movie?

ulzeraj Yeah but... (457 comments)

I've already read all the Frank Herbert Dune novels. Why would a want to watch a dumbed down version?

about 4 months ago

An SSD for Your Current Computer May Save the Cost of a New One (Video)

ulzeraj Re:it's true (353 comments)

I'm comfortably living with a MBP equipped with a 250GB Samsung EVO 840 and a home server with FreeBSD and a 4x3TB mirror pool and Netatalk. After installing the SSD I've also encrypted the file system with file vault and since the processor features AES-NI the speed is still leagues ahead of the old spinning rust.

I keep all the work and important documents on the MBP and media, virtual machine images and so on on the home server. Better part is that as soon as I enter my home network Time Machine starts working on the backups and while I don't really need to backup the information on the home server, daily ZFS snapshots are more than enough to correct human mistakes.

I also keep my old spinning rust device as a second time machine device. This allows me to keep 3 encrypted copies of important documents: one on laptop, one on the encrypted disk and the third on the AFP volume which contains an encrypted HFS+ sparse image.

about 6 months ago

Astronomers Make the Science Case For a Mission To Neptune and Uranus

ulzeraj Re:And they've fucked everything (134 comments)

Oh wait. What I was trying to say its not related at all with this guy's theories. I was trying to say that something hit Venus and set it into the retrograde rotation during the same period Mars and Earth were hit by other bodies.

about 7 months ago

Astronomers Make the Science Case For a Mission To Neptune and Uranus

ulzeraj Re:And they've fucked everything (134 comments)

I don't really know who Velikovsky is and sorry about the wrong term. The thing is that a lot of chaotic stuff happened during the same period of the solar system formation.

about 7 months ago

Astronomers Make the Science Case For a Mission To Neptune and Uranus

ulzeraj Re:And they've fucked everything (134 comments)

Makes a lot of sense. But its not just a technological limitation. If you think about how stars and planetary systems are formed within the nebula it is unlikely that large planets like Neptune and Uranus can born so far from the host stars.

about 7 months ago

Astronomers Make the Science Case For a Mission To Neptune and Uranus

ulzeraj And they've fucked everything (134 comments)

I remember reading somewhere that massive as they are they could not had been formed so far from the sun. But when they moved to the distant reaches of the solar system they did a real fucking mess that caused massive collisions that hit Venus, Mars and the Earth. In the Earth case it was the event that created the moon but Mars and Venus were smaller and didn't had the same luck. This could be the reason of Venus' retrograde orbit and the impact that created Mars' Valis Marinelis. Such an event could also have destroyed the convection mechanism of the nucleus that creates the magnetic field and extinguished the water on those planets to evaporate.

The fact that such planets are normally found near extrasolar stars is interesting. It kinda tells us that the solar system as we know has been shaped by their migration. IANAA and I don't have a source for that so feel free to correct me. Its just amazing how everything related to the solar system formation is connected to those 2 big god damn fuckers.

about 7 months ago

4K Is For Programmers

ulzeraj Re:where do I sign? (520 comments)

They cost around 10000 USD in Brazil.

about 8 months ago

GOCE Satellite Burned Up Over Falkland Islands

ulzeraj Re:Patagonian coast, that is, Argentina. (107 comments)

Those discussions are dumb and they seem to ignore the will of the people who live there. They do not want to be argentinians and they also are not that much fans of british interventions. That place is paradise for people who wants to live a simple life.
It sounds even more dumb if you consider the fact that Argentina can't even hold their shit together. They should fix their stuff before bragging about rights to that place.

about 10 months ago

Slackware Linux 14.1 Released

ulzeraj Re:No its not (136 comments)

I could be wrong but booting with network without X11 on Ubuntu requires Grub command line arguments. What the hell man.

about 10 months ago

Irony: iPhone 5S Users Reporting Blue Screen of Death

ulzeraj Now thats bad... (192 comments)

And thats a damn phone OS. I'm quite scared of how Mavericks will turn out. Or the OS X team is still competent as they used to be?

about a year ago

PS Vita TV's Killer App: Remote Play

ulzeraj Re:Confusing summary (134 comments)

I think its fair to mention that the Vita has an unused port on its top right side. AFAIK it is "reserved" for future features. I would not be surprised if thats HDMI capable.

1 year,10 days

Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?

ulzeraj Not favorite but... (627 comments)

SuSE Linux Enterprise because it pays the bills.

For personal usage I prefer FreeBSD.

about a year ago

Apple Sued For Man's Porn Addiction

ulzeraj Proof that Apple is evil right here (509 comments)

How? People are already replacing the devil with Apple in the "The ........ make me do it" sentence.

about a year ago

Happy 20th Birthday, FreeBSD

ulzeraj Re:It just works (220 comments)

My first contact was while working for an online gaming community that served some korean MMOs who ran on top of FreeBSD. Their firewall was handled by OpenBSD. I might say that pf is incredible from the point of view of someone who has to deal with iptables and iproute2 from time to time.

Today I use it as my home server providing ZFS storage management AFP through netatalk and CIFS, Kerberos, DNS and LDAP through SAMBA4. I'm very proud of my FreeBSD box.

about a year ago

ReactOS 0.3.15 Released

ulzeraj Re:Why aren't there more contributors to this proj (252 comments)

YaST works for most of the stuff you would want to do in a desktop operating system. The SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED for short) distribution is the best example I have of a decent no-nonsense Linux desktop.

It works well even for basic server configurations of Postfix, Apache and Bind and it detects (and respects) when you have manually modified config files.

The only instance I had to edit config files on SLED was when I had to configure SSSD to authenticate on kerberos and lookup for user and group information on LDAP.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Is GNU/Linux Malware a Real Threat?

ulzeraj Re:Linux's Biggest Threat is Human Engineering (252 comments)

What about subdirectories? You need executable permission to acess the contents of a subfolder on his home directory.

about a year ago

Windows Blue Is Officially Windows 8.1, Free For Existing Users

ulzeraj Re:Wohoo! Windows blew (491 comments)

Yeah but putty is not a replacement for a unix shell. At least for those like me who work only with Linux and sometimes other comercial Unix operating systems. Besides being a real PITA to setup tunnels and other features you can't pipe things through Putty.

While its possible to implement those on Windows through MSSFU/SUA (afaik not available for Windows 8 uh?) or Cygwin, its just too weird and alien to the underlying operating system.

about a year ago

ZFS Hits an Important Milestone, Version 0.6.1 Released

ulzeraj Re:Attaching a non-rc version number... (99 comments)

Whoa! They've ported beadm to FreeBSD too? I feel stupid for not knowing it.

That tool is awesome. You can actually chose what version of the operating system you want to boot (from ZFS clones and snapshots) from the boot loader.

about a year and a half ago


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