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Tech Looks To Obama To Save Them From 'Just Sort of OK' US Workers

umghhh Re:Read that statement as follows: (247 comments)

Hmmm - that is normal. Some companies grow to the size where this actually is not only possible but also cheap to move jobs, facilities, taxable income and losses around the world at will and only thing you actually need to do that is to press few keys and then enter. This is especially true of IT jobs but others are the same. It does not usually work for small companies or ones that base their business model on quality of goods and services. As soon as thanx to company size you can generate profit in virtual way by moving income or merger or spinoff etc - you have leverage over your work force and over authorities. The benefit of having such corporation at one given location is sometimes negative as communities have to cater for a behemoth which brings more costs than revenue that is 'taxed' elsewhere. Customers are also not served better by such massive corporations unless huge economies of scale are actually used to win them. Volkswagen and Toyota are trying but I am not sure if an average US based corporation is at all interested in providing good service. A company that has customers in all parts of t he world does not care if John Doe is very satisified - it can leverage a monopoly out of its mountain of cash that is gathered in other areas. No comparison, no competition no pressure on price and quality. This as said is not always working this way but often enough it is. OC I say so only because I am a commie.....

2 hours ago

Would Scottish Independence Mean the End of UK's Nuclear Arsenal?

umghhh Re:Does it really matter ? (303 comments)

So it is good to have them - I agree, I also have this warm fuzzy feeling when I think about all these nukes stationed nearby.

However it seems to me that you did not understand the question - which was : what to do with deterrent if there is nobody to deter?

5 hours ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

umghhh Re:What are they complaining about? (340 comments)

I am not sure how that works for German residents that German gov forced to pick up private health insurance like me. From what I understand there have been court cases where jobless idiots could not cover their insurance because their private one was too expensive while if they had been insured by the state this would all be covered. There are some other cases where illness in old age where change of insurance is legally and practically impossible that chronic illness made people sell their houses. This is not a common situation as private insurance is not very popular in Germany (ever wondered why?) but it still happens.

3 days ago

WikiLeaks' Assange Hopes To Exit London Embassy "Soon"

umghhh Re:How many years could he be charged with? (297 comments)

I thought shooting people without even an intention to ask questions is a specialty of the land of the free?

3 days ago

Soccer Talent Scouting Application Teams Up With Video Game Publisher

umghhh Re:Sad state of affairs (39 comments)

I thought the same for a long time and still do to some extent. But the last World Cup changed my view slightly. Consistent performance of Germany in recent tournaments show that not only the trainer was good and his strategy was OK but also that basics like team work, good local players that is not easy to get if most of your stars are from abroad as seems to be the case in England top league. If the main clubs have so much money then they buy their players in the whole world as that is easier than taking care of local players. So yes some of them are overpaid but success is not always in the budget or at least not only there.

Other than that they can dope, go to hookers and drive under influence for what I care - they are not my people. You can also see that in football countries there is sometimes a trend to lower leagues where football match is what it used to be - a game between two teams of which one is local in a very good sense i.e. people know these guys and by supporting them often meet their neighbours. That is 'slightly' different from premier league. Maybe it is a coincidence but in the world cup 2014 you could see how teams built from stars fail and how teams built on team spirit win. Or so I would like to see it maybe.

about a week ago

The Benefits of Inequality

umghhh Re:Intellectually dishonest (254 comments)

People talk about capitalism as if there were one. If there is one principal system you can call capitalism it is a very simple and not very realistic one. In all our societies some market and some ownership of property exist. These are basic for capitalism or rather for capitalist society yet private property and market exist even in communist countries like Cuba, Soviet Union or NK. All complementing features for such systems may differ slightly and thus a person in some states may have more customer rights in another it may have to sue instead, in some there is a safety net in another it is just a concrete floor somewhere. In some places markets have more rules than in others. In reality an absolutely free market does not even exist. Leave capitalism alone - it is just a tool or a basic way the economy operates - all other things that make this economy and society in which it is embedded function are adds on and those adds-on make a difference between the systems. We call some type of such systems communists albeit this has more to do with political freedom and oppression from the state and some others capitalist albeit there is a huge difference between Denmark, Germany, UK, Canada and US for instance. These countries are based on capitalist principles but their function is very different in few quite important aspects. So Capitalist as an description of a society is just insufficient. You have to be a bit more specific.

about a week ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

umghhh Re:Traitors to the American Dream (393 comments)

I suppose that is an aspect of the societal development that the grounding fathers tried hard to prevent from occurring and failed miserably. You know all these scumbags kings and nobles from old Europe that did whatever they pleased to complete their murky plans on the costs of the society on which these parasites fed. Now you have your own 'nobles' and funny thing is - most of them most of you never know that they exist - they are that far from the rest of the society.

about two weeks ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

umghhh Re:Not So Fast... (393 comments)

that is only partially true. If these things fail (which they may) this most likely destroys the payload which even if insured i.e. does not bring too much damage financially, still costs time to rebuild, even if 3d printer can do it all. so safety standards do matter unless there are replacement parts for payload objects that you can buy in walmart. I am not saying this is going to happen or that spaceX uses substandard safety standards or not at all but that is a valid concern that matters for spaceX and its customers.

the golden 3 are most likely corrupt till bone mark or maybe just silly not sure which one is more damaging - I guess this works best if combined!

about two weeks ago

Patents That Kill

umghhh independently? (239 comments)

who cares if that was independent or not - UK, US and others have to pay royalties on this great invention of patents to if I understand correctly - an italian city of Venice.

about two weeks ago

The Fiercest Rivalry In Tech: Uber vs. Lyft

umghhh Re:In London, Lyft/Uber are intelligence tests. (125 comments)

I think British public services are a perfect example of privatization that went wrong. I wonder if some good examples also could be provided for services like public transport, health care, water etc. It works well in Gemany where communities own water companies, gas and energy companies and even housing estates. The later was a hot thing to sell few years back and some communities want to buy them back because private ownership proved inefficient. As per a documentary I saw on telly some time ago this seems also to be the reason why lobbyists want so much to outlaw such buybacks by public in free trade agreement between US and EU entities - which is another story of course.

about two weeks ago

Experimental Drug Compound Found To Reverse Effects of Alzheimer's In Mice

umghhh Re:As has been said before (105 comments)

I am sure there is an US army sponsored private enterprise that knows an answer to this problem. There always is these days, it seems.

about two weeks ago

How Facebook Is Saving Power By 10-15% Through Better Load Balancing

umghhh Re:We all could save energy... (54 comments)

Indeed but I still save power but not going out and not using FB.

Besides I tried the world outside and after all the years I realized that it was not worth it.

about two weeks ago

Can We Call Pluto and Charon a 'Binary Planet' Yet?

umghhh miles? (115 comments)

what is that? Why not furlongs or Manhattans?

about two weeks ago

Russia Cracks Down On Public Wi-Fi; Oracle Blocks Java Downloads In Russia

umghhh Re:what Snowden has done is like... (254 comments)

Ever since Putin shot down this plane over Ukraine we do not have any doubts anymore about anything US does: free trade agreement that is so good that it has to be kept secret from the people it concerns, spying everybody, supporting evil regimes )hey they are our bastards), extrajudicial killings, extended interrogation techniques etc. all this forgotten because of Putin. We even got humanitarian bombing in Iraq which if the place was not messed up by US few years back would be the first ethical thing in years that US military actually did.

Come to think of it Putin is the best thing that happened to US for quite some time. And the best thing is that the French and Germans cannot do new business with Ruskis. I still do not understand why this all is happening - is this a PR stunt by NSA or some other deepshits or what exactly that is done for?

about two weeks ago

Russia Cracks Down On Public Wi-Fi; Oracle Blocks Java Downloads In Russia

umghhh Re:The problem with American Embargos (254 comments)

it is? You must get different news feeds that I do.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum?

umghhh Re:Not this again. (637 comments)

Memory management is different in different programming environments and one has to do different things for different application types. Thus saying learn programming X is just silly especially as there is not many jobs that require assembler. I would say that using brain and having open mind with some basic skills would go a long way. But hey - go and teach people assembler for all the fame of finding code badly generated by gcc or 'knowing' how bare metal works. I learned quite early that coding is only quite small part of my job as a software engineer. I thought that recent times changed that but after overcoming the assault of many gurus I came to a conclusion that common sense, communication skills and some sense of humour bring me further than any magic bullet that gurus sell.

about two weeks ago

Putin Government Moves To Take Control of Russia's largest space company Energia

umghhh Re:minutes to midnight (252 comments)

Yea I remember that too - I just came back from shop where I bought my lunch and I had to stand in the line too - terrible!

Other than that - there is more media than back then but there is no more freedom of press now than it used to be - there is no state censorship but corporate one instead. Modern media are abused more than they server democracy and human rights.

What else - ah torture and extrajudicial killings by 'Securitate' - I recall the guys in the freedom movements were seriously pissed off by that - guess what - we still have that - progress has been made as people do not die accidentally during water boarding anymore, I have to give you that.

Och and overwhelming surveillance - yea communists did not do it right, did they? Incompetent idiots!

I can sue the government this much is true and I did and I won. Still when I went to a lawyer to get back the house that communists took from my grandpa he (the lawyer) said - I want your money but your case has no chance as your grandpa was of wrong nationality - so this much about rule of law and all this other shit in EU. It is still more than we had before. Elections albeit not rigged now can be seen for what they are - exercise in futility as govs do what they want anyway.

The real progress and there is no 'but' this time is in pr0n - I can watch as much as I want to albeit it is admittedly of bad quality. Still where we had to run a bit embarrassed to get video now we can just watch it directly.

about three weeks ago

US Army To Transport American Ebola Victim To Atlanta Hospital From Liberia

umghhh Re:Vaccine is coming (409 comments)

This epidemic problem is mostly one of education and capabilities. People in affected regions of Africa do not trust doctors and hospitals (for a good reason I think) and have traditions that help the virus spread like touching dead friends and family members to say good bye or eating the animals that tend to have the virus - these are exactly the wrong things to do. Belief in healers and lack of trust in helpers from the West makes things double problematic. The good thing that the virus is less lethal is problematic too as now instead of being killing almost directly ill people wander around and spread the virus. Lack of sanitation and basic medical supplies but also basic stuff like washing hands, means that virus is spread further and further. This all is tragic because the virus is very fragile and its transmission is easy to deal with by washing hands already. One may think that unless US army does not want to make experiments with it, then the transportation of this poor person back home is actually a good thing for this person and does not change anything for the rest of us. The reason for this are as listed already. If a scenario like from Dustin Hoffman movie, as unlikely as it may be, were to happen that this one transport makes no difference - we would all die as nobody can stop pandemic with a bomb like in the movie etc. If instead people see that we take good care of those that took great risks to help others than there is bigger chance of containing the disease where it is now. In other words - this is actually a good way to decrease chance of having ill people traveling to US or Europe. Me thinks.

about three weeks ago

Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers

umghhh Re:Applies oversea or applies to local access? (502 comments)

I think, US authorities by coming to MS to get data from servers in Ireland, demand data not from individuals who own them (alleged criminals), but from organisation that owns the servers on which it is stored. The very reason why the bloody serves are in Ireland is to avoid such warrantless (in context of EU law) search yet that is exactly what US authorities demand. It may even be that because the legal system in US is so broken as to execute random people in extremely cruel and lengthy manner or put people in prison for life w/o parole for smoking a joint 3 times and this in prisons that are known for their violence and inhumane treatment of some prisoners, for all these reason it may be that courts in EU would be reluctant to let any data go. I am not saying that this would be the case of course - NSA may have enough on judges and politicians to make it happen anyway but it would be a cumbersome process that would let the world think that US authorities respect legal systems of other countries. This of course is not going to happen as US authorities do not have all too much respect for own legal system, for justice and some such abstract concepts so why they should show respect for legal systems or perception of justice in other countries? We know that US lawmakers and authorities think they have jurisdiction over all of the word (FATCA is one good example) and where that is not the case a silent drone can do the job too.

Quite frankly I am really surprised that MS is fighting it. It seems to me that either they are afraid of the financial consequences of bending over or EU for all its incompetence, overreaching and bureaucracy has some uses after all. Or as far reaching speculation that may be, MS is not all evil. I guess I stick with first two arguments as they are good enough.

about three weeks ago

Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms That Built 'Iron Dome' Missile Defense

umghhh Re:5% efficacy, steal away (184 comments)

it may just be that the only purpose F35 serves is to cause other gullible nations into arms race trying to build stuff that has no practical value but is expensive like hell. Sort of the way Reagan's star wars were for Russkis.

about three weeks ago



Does piracy actually hurt music industry?

umghhh umghhh writes  |  more than 3 years ago

umghhh (965931) writes "Well if you believe the article (and why would we not?) the figures on sales of CDs are really bad of late but the music industry in general makes a splash.
The question then may be: what are new sources of revenue and new business models (besides legal action against young and elderly) — well read the linked article if you want to know!
I suppose RIAA and other parasites do not realize their time is coming."

Link to Original Source


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