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Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

unicorn A faster connection (740 comments)

I remember several years back, someone was working on running a new fiber cable between Chi and NY, that was a literal straight line. Or as straight as absolutely possible, in order to shave milliseconds off of communication times between the cities.


I'm sure the race to shave times hasn't slowed, since 2010.

about a year ago

Brooklyn Yogurt Shop Sting Snares Fake Reviewers For NY Attorney General

unicorn I've got no faith in Yelp at all anyhow (168 comments)

A year or two back I posted a review of a food truck that was positive about the product, but negative about some of the business practices of the truck. The vendor complained to Yelp, and they pulled the review because it wasn't just about the product itself. Business practices matter as well, at least they should. And the ease that the vendor had in getting a negative review turfed tells me that nothing on Yelp is to be trusted at all.

about a year ago

Apple Offers Refund To Stiffed Breaking Bad Season Pass Customers

unicorn Re:Season 5 versus Series 5. (215 comments)

A season is a 1/4 trip around the sun. He got all the episodes available in that season. What he thought he was buying was Series 5 not season 5. Like how the british TV is named.

When they started "season 5" they said it was going to be in 2 halves, they've always referred to the last 8 episodes as being part of Season 5. So if someone bought a "season pass" for 5, they should have expected to get ALL of season 5.

At least people that bought the DVD/BluRay from Amazon could see exactly what they were getting, when they ordered the "season 5" disc. It clearly didn't have the second half of season 5 included.

about a year ago

Trent Reznor Says "Steal My Music"

unicorn Somewhat disingenuous for him to be saying this (637 comments)

I saw NIN in concert last summer at Shoreline in Mountain View, CA. And about 20min into the set, security came, and escorted me to the coat check area, and made me surrender my digital camera till the end of the show. It was the ONLY show I went to all summer at that venue that no cameras was the policy. The venue itself doesn't have a policy at all. But the artists can have that as a restriction for their tour.

more than 7 years ago


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