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Can You Tell the Difference? 4K Galaxy Note 3 vs. Canon 5D Mark III Video

unique_parrot The best camera... (201 comments) the one you have with you, when you need it.

about 4 months ago

Adobe Adds 3D Printer Support To Photoshop

unique_parrot OT: But does anybody know... (73 comments) the software-subscription/lending business model is working out for adobe?

about 8 months ago

Windows 9 Already? Apparently, Yes.

unique_parrot Not holding my breath... (1009 comments)

...since Microsoft want's a new "APPS" business model and consumers like me just want a fast, reliable operating system. These two don't get along very well (IMHO).

about 8 months ago

How a MacBook Camera Can Spy Without Lighting Up

unique_parrot Re:Two words. (371 comments)

...let's see if he has a facebook account?! no, now, that's very interesting, let's have a look at his expenses...

about 9 months ago

How a MacBook Camera Can Spy Without Lighting Up

unique_parrot Re:It's pretty simple (371 comments) are suspect aswell, let's have a quick look at your expenses...

about 9 months ago

Google Nabs Bing Maps Architect

unique_parrot Very nice demo videos... (94 comments)

...I am waiting for for a free programm and an adapter, where you snap an android phone to the new kinect, connect it to a battery pack and record really impressive 3d scenes (hopefully it get's exported as an usable 3d format)!

about 9 months ago

CBS 60 Minutes: NSA Speaks Out On Snowden, Spying

unique_parrot Yeah right... (504 comments)

..." steal a copy of that document, the 'crown jewels' of the intelligence world.".
Like the nsa would be a noble org. that has 'crown jewels'. He just copied a part of an evil masterplan, which belong so some people you won't want to mess with.

about 9 months ago

Factory-In-a-Day Project Aims To Deploy Work-Ready Robots Within 24 Hours

unique_parrot Haha... (157 comments)

...I can imagine the sales speach: "Yes Sir, no problem sir. You can have your robot on the first day after we programm our assemly robots, so that's in two weeks. If no unforseen problems occur..." :)

about 9 months ago

Barcelona Will Be a Big Test For HotSpot 2.0 Wi-Fi Connections

unique_parrot I love it, Wifi 2 (18 comments)

is so coo^br^br^hu

about 9 months ago

How To Hijack a Drone For $400 In Less Than an Hour

unique_parrot Re:Warflying (161 comments)

I've sold my parrotAR2 because it is just a toy.
Limited range (even with router-wifi extender).
Even a walkera ladybug with fpv will give you more fun.

about 9 months ago

Winamp Shutting Down On December 20

unique_parrot Re:WinAMP still rocks (400 comments)

Yes, I liked it too, in fact I still like it!
When I had surround sound I loved the dfx plugin, which really was impressive...
So my question is: What now???
The music library database will be hard to replace :(

about 10 months ago

Valve To Demo Prototype VR Headset, "Steam to Support and Promote VR Games"

unique_parrot OT: I want to use Android Phone as a VR device... (55 comments)

...would be cool for testing!

Pictures should be streamed via WLAN, including sound for headphones output.

Could be an incredible immerse experience on a shoestring for everybody (with a smartphone).

about 10 months ago


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