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Lenovo To Shun Linux

unixwin Lenovo - IBM transition (462 comments)

My 2c as a Thinkpad owner (T43:IBM & now a T60:Lenovo)
Hardware: T60 sucks. Latch is loose when it came, "extended" battery doesn't fit snugly into the slot.
Its not defective.. its just like how the Dell's and others used to be a few years ago.
Their quality has gone up and the Lenovo has sunk to new depths. Note its not cheap. Its 2-300 above a similar Dell/Toshiba. Summary: They lost all my future business.

Linux (Fedora,RHEL,Suse,Gentoo),Solaris on intel,FreeBSD: T43 no sweat

Havn't bothered with Lin/Sol/BSD on the T60 as yet. Have thought a couple of times about just returning this.

more than 8 years ago


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