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Samsung SSD 840 EVO MSATA Tested

uofitorn Just saying.. (76 comments)

Shouldn't this submission feature an orange "Ad" image similar to Google's paid results instead of the "Hardware" image?

about 6 months ago

Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing

uofitorn Re:800MM seems impossibly low (88 comments)

Not when you're the plaintiffs. Do you think they have the public interest in mind or their wallets?

about 6 months ago

Apple Files Patent For New Proprietary Port

uofitorn Re:Prior art (282 comments)

It's not just Lenovo. My MSI laptop has the same port.

about a year ago

Google Gets Into Politics With Civic Info API

uofitorn Another ephemeral product from Google (58 comments)

Don't get too attached to this new API, it will probably go the way of the Dodo in a couple years, judging by Google's track record.

about 2 years ago

Fed Gave Banks Eye-Popping Emergency Loans, Without Telling Congress

uofitorn Re:Gee...The Daily Show? Wrong? Why I never! (629 comments)

People who depend primarily on the Daily Show are better than people who depend primarily on Fox News, but not a lot.


more than 2 years ago

Mitsubishi Hack Stole Nuclear, Defense Data

uofitorn Re:You mispelled nucular (78 comments)

Right. After all, this is the week when the Treehouse of Horror episodes are usually shown on TV every day. And in my area we have The Simpsons on three times per day so that's a lot of Treehouse of Horror episodes! Best week ever!

more than 2 years ago

Sprint Details Shift To LTE

uofitorn Questions about existing WiMAX coverage improving (183 comments)

Commenters here say that existing WiMAX areas will continue to be supported long enough for existing users, but does this mean that Sprint will not continue to upgrade and expand their coverage area for WiMAX? I just bought a Sprint 4G phone a few weeks ago (coming from AT&T), and the 4G coverage/speed in the Chicago city limits isn't as great as the marketing had led me to believe, but I hoped that it would only get better in time. Now that Sprint is moving to LTE, can I expect that the device will still be supported but that, unfortunately, coverage and speeds won't improve at all for my Motorola Photon 4G?

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Cookies Track Users Even After Logging Out

uofitorn The only solution? (352 comments)

What about NoScript? I frequently see the option to allow et al when browsing sites (it's even on the list right now on /.). Doesn't this prevent my info from being sent to FB provided the scripts are not allowed to run?

more than 2 years ago

Famous Wildlife Photographer Busted For Using Stock Images

uofitorn Re:Yeah. (182 comments)

...Helleso, who is famous not only for his art, but also for being a strong advocate of keeping digital photography real and speaking out against manipulation or theft of material...

Ha ha is right..

about 3 years ago

Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Resigns From Slashdot

uofitorn A huge thanks (1521 comments)

I'm a man who is challenged by verbosity. Thank you for the great site you started.

about 3 years ago

PS Vita Specs Announced

uofitorn Re:In other [future] news (259 comments)

As the others have already replied to your post, gaming stinks on the Android and iPhone platforms. Without physical controls it's not very much fun to game on a touchscreen unless all you do is play sudoku.

more than 3 years ago

Mozilla's Nightingale: Why Firefox Still Matters

uofitorn Firefox will matter to me again... (260 comments)

..when it gets rid of all the bloat. If the Mozilla foundation isn't willing to streamline the Firefox codebase they should release a stripped-down no frills version. They can call it something like Phoenix or Firebird to distinguish it from Firefox.

more than 3 years ago

Android Market Upgraded, Buy eBooks and Rent Movies

uofitorn Re:Or they can continue... (157 comments)

I bought a nook and put cyanogen mod on it. It has really performed well below my expectations. So much so that I haven't even bothered charging it in the last 2 weeks. Given the choice again, I probably would have spent a little more for something like the new Dell Android tablet that was reviewed on el reg today.

more than 3 years ago

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 Released

uofitorn Re:torrent plz? (158 comments)

With that kind of salary you'll never afford proper treatment for your subluxation. A proper chiropractor should have self-diagnosed you on the street long time ago.

more than 3 years ago



uofitorn uofitorn writes  |  more than 7 years ago

uofitorn (804157) writes "It seems absurd, but seen on the Department of Homeland Stupidity blog, New Hampshire State Representative Delmar Burridge (D-Keene) had the following to say in reply to an email encouraging him to pass a bill submitted this year that would decriminalize marijuana in the state: "I am copying two members of the Keene Police Department in case you want to change your ways and act legal and save your friends. You are very passionate in your beliefs and would make a great snitch. It is thrilling to dime on your so called friends." Check out the full response here."


uofitorn has no journal entries.

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