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Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

uolamer Virtualization (210 comments)

I hope they call me one day so I can play dumb and let them into one of my worthless virtual machines..

about two weeks ago

Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?

uolamer Grades vs IQ (391 comments)

I have have a 163 IQ. I was capable of making straight A's in high school, but was bored I just acted out and got in trouble. What they called Advanced classes was the top 25-30 students out of a class of 100 people (small school), which was a joke. I was the person who made an A on the test but didn't do a few daily grades here or there and things of that nature. In college I have a 4.0 but it was mind numbing to keep that grade. College for the most part was pure memorization and doing the daily work..

The point of this is that grades do not reflect IQ.

about a month and a half ago

How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

uolamer Re:so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (391 comments)

I start at the processor.. Then find a mother board that supports that processor, enough ram slots, etc to meet my needs. Then I pick out my ram, video card, etc. all the while keeping in mind my budget..

This time 14 months ago I settled on:
Intel Core i5-4670 Haswell Quad-Core 3.4GHz LGA 1150 84W Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX80646I54670 (The K version doesn't support some virtualization options, and quite frankly im not going to bother to overclock anyway.

ASRock Z87 Extreme6 LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard - for various reasons, but mainly price, rather had had an ASUS, but this has been nice.

So the processor works in that board, now I need ram.. Just a matter of picking out the right ram. Reading the MB specs will typically tell you what you need to know on that end..

Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Low Profile Desktop Memory Model BLS8G3D1609ES2LX0

From there.. I used my old case and replaced my PSU with this

CORSAIR HX Series HX750 750W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 SLI CrossFire 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply New 4th Gen CPU Certified Haswell Ready

Used my old Video card, etc etc.

Added this to replace my old SSD

SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD128BW 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

I plan to replace my video card at some point... Still haven't.

But today I would get something totally different.

about a month and a half ago

What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?

uolamer What keeps me using Windows (1215 comments)

I have been using computers since the Commodore 64. First PC was 386 33mhz etc with DOS and Windows 3.1. The windows 3.1 rarely got used until I needed a web browser for the "new" thing called the internet that normal people were just starting to use (1995ish). Early on I was introduced to Linux (slackware and debian), I have ran many flavors of it over the years. I ran it as my desktop for about a year back around 1999. I ran 95,98,ME (very briefly), 2k and I was a very long time XP user and besides the general lack of 64bit support I find it a great OS (better than 7 for me personally). Most of 7's "features" were things I disabled right after installing the OS. Superfect was one thing i was looking forward to, but I also ended up disabling since it really offers no benefit if you have a fast SSD. I ran servers for years at my home, mainly for popular websites.

As of today if I go to setup a server I will be installing some flavor of linux/bsd/linux without question. I have tried Windows Server OS versions many times and every time, they were unstable, used more resources than linux, etc. I'll admit I haven't tried a Windows Server OS in the last 6 years and I hope not to for at least another 6.

Desktop? I'll install Windows 7. I am not a big gamer, but there is no comparison game wise between any other OS. I also have a lot of apps I am just used to using. Yes most might work in Wine or whatever and I have made most work it just isn't worth all the effort, at least in my eyes. To me setting up Linux as a desktop and getting it to where I would want it for my taste is a lot of work and headache. I have done it a few times on a dual boot and at some point I end up booting back up Windows and that partition with Linux just sits there eating up space on my SSD.

Windows 8 metro UI whatever, as everyone here already knows is designed for tablets and touchscreen. Windows 8 + (one of the many start menu replacements) really isn't bad, but I'll stick with 7 which I really do not think is really any better than XP.

Linux is fast, stable and just amazing in many aspects.. I think if we ever see the "Linux Desktop" it will be in the form of Android or something Similar.

about a year ago

Electronic Arts Up For Sale?

uolamer my 2 cents.. (196 comments)

Companies, stock holders, CEOs etc just squeeze any company to the point of death demanding more profit then move on to the next company, EA is just another company in the list.

Yeah EA is a terrible company for many reasons, they have bought several companies I loved and ruined the games. Maybe I am wrong and a good company will buy them up and restore some of the titles to their former glory....

more than 2 years ago

BSA Claims Half of PC Users Are Pirates

uolamer Re:misleading statistics (585 comments)

People in a situation/country where things are that bad, the last then they should care about is the legality of their software. I think its funny the Microsoft employee didn't know it was like that before he got there it is common knowledge to IT people.

more than 2 years ago

The 30 Best Features of Windows

uolamer Re:My long awaiting features (470 comments)

#1, delete opened files.

It is so annoying everytime if I just want to look at a file or to open it in different editor, or delete I file I need first to search the app that opened it. In Linux you just open the file with whatever you want, move it, delete it, etc. no problems.

Unlocker 1.9.1 shell extension works great for that. (google it)

more than 2 years ago

The 30 Best Features of Windows

uolamer Re:Lets break it down (470 comments)

I am still an XP user atm...

1. Interactive tiles
This might be useful once I get used to it.
2. Task Manager
Eh. It better yes... Still will require 3rd party tools myself here or there
3. Run ISOs and VHDs natively
I been doing this ages with 3rd party programs.. Eh. If it does it good enough maybe I won't need the 3rd party program.. I suspect I still will though.
4. No new hardware requirements
Ok.. Don't see why the OS really would over 7.
5. Airplane mode
Ok.. Why not... I won't use it but a good idea..
6. SkyDrive integration
Not seeing myself use this but sure...
7. Windows Store
Humm.. No thanks?
8. Interactive lock screen
Yeah I'll disable this..
9. Split-screen apps
Ugg.. no please?
10. Split touch keyboard
Umm.. No use for me atm.. I would dislike that on tablet too..
11. App contracts
Umm.. Its like they are turning their OS into a phone OS.
12. Fewer surprise restarts
About fu$@$*% time..
13. Cross-device synchronisation
Eh.. They sure are trying to get 8 on everyones phones and tablets.
14. Improved 3G support
15. Built-in antivirus
Eh.. Depending on how annoying it is, i'll disable it.
16. Picture passwords
17. Instant search
Um.. Well the search in XP is worthless I have to use a 3rd party program. I'll try it.
18. Windows To Go
Cool I guess.. I got no use for it but others..
19. Secure Boot
Ugg. I am sure this will cause problems... I hope to disable this..
20. Revamped Explorer
I dislike most every explorer change. I have to do about 20 registry hacks to make it usable as it is..
21. Restore PC
Ok..... I doubt I will use that..
22. Thumbnail previews
23. Metro groups
24. Kinect for Windows
ehh.. Rather use a controller.
25. AppLocker
Ok.. not for end users..
26. Reset PC
Lol.. I like the idea.. That will fun though for peoples kids to do to their parents PC.
27. File copy revamp
humm ok... Better I guess
28. Faster boot times
Okay.. cool..
29. Native USB 3 support
30. Panoramic background images

more than 2 years ago

McAfee Claims Successful Insulin Pump Attack

uolamer so.. (196 comments)

So McAfee is trying to find ways to kill my grandmaw?

more than 2 years ago

WikiLeaks Publishes Cable Archive In Full

uolamer Re:But is is (296 comments)

From page 148 of the book 'WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy' by David Leigh (Author), Luke Harding (Author)

    “ACollectionOfDiplomaticHistorySince_ 1966_ ToThe_PresentDay#”
                                                ASSANGE’S 58-CARACTER PASSWORD

about 3 years ago

Netflix Compares ISP Streaming Performance

uolamer Re:Reverse the tables (209 comments)

Exactly. for me it is either Time Warner or DSL. A few blocks south or east the only option is Time Warner. A few miles in some direction there is no DSL or Cable, people have to use Dial up, Satellite, or 3G. While I do I have pretty good service, I would have much faster, better and possibly cheaper if there was competition.

more than 3 years ago

Netflix Compares ISP Streaming Performance

uolamer Re:Wrong. (209 comments)

I agree.. Time Warner in my area, their lowest package I think will go above 300KB/s. I have their 2nd lowest package and I get at the very least 1.5MB/s, usually it is 1.7-1.8MB/s

more than 3 years ago

Firefox 4 Beta 9 Out, Now With IndexedDB and Tabs On Titlebar

uolamer Re:... in lots of official mirrors (537 comments)

Some (not all) direct Links

North America

Europe Mirrors


Japan Mirrors

Mid East Mirrors

South America


more than 3 years ago

'No Refusal' DUI Checkpoints Coming To Florida?

uolamer Re:Whats next? (1219 comments)

Yes, your exactly right legally from my understanding. I was simply speaking from a personal moral view point responding to AC's made up scenario.

Your response was much better on the legal aspects, ty.

more than 3 years ago

Passwords Are the Weakest Link In Online Security

uolamer Re:Selection bias. (277 comments)

Yes you might be right on many levels. I get quite frustrated at my job, but I really do give good customer service, even those people. Assuming they do not see the micro expressions come across my face before I gain composure and put on that fake smile.

On some levels I think some of my point stands. I worked in the higher end web/tech industry for 15 years I did not have to deal with very many every day people. I would bet 'some' people that read this site also do not deal with the "general public" all that much. I mean I knew on paper "14% of people in my county lacked basic prose literacy skills"[1], which is about 1 in every 7, but without dealing with this in person, it was just some number on paper. "25% of people in the USA's IQ are below 90"[2], while not a perfect measure of intelligence, still says something. Beyond that people in the USA seem to lack in logic related skills (math), compared to the rest of the first even second world. We are the stupidest nation dollar for dollar[3] there is. I just find it sad and frustrating. I doubt you can solve people using bad passwords without addressing some of those facts first.

But as you started I am talking about the left of the tail not the middle and you are very right on that end.


more than 3 years ago

'No Refusal' DUI Checkpoints Coming To Florida?

uolamer Re:Whats next? (1219 comments)

Most of the people (not here on slashdot, the rednecks I meet in my state of Texas) who think he should be strung up and hung have no idea what he actually released and assume from the news reports he is a rapist. So the 80% figure includes a ton of people who do actually know the facts

That's democracy for you. Aren't you glad we live in a republic that put limits on mob rule?

My only point was the people that make up the statistic being quoted do not generally do not even the facts of the subject the pollster questioned them about, particularly in this case in my area.

I do not necessarily think it was 'an attack' on the US, even if it was, the information he released was truth, nothing more. I do not believe they can stop the 'site' at this point, if somehow they did, there is several now to take their place. I think it is a good thing.

Whether it's the truth or not doesn't really matter. Most of what is being release was said or written in strict confidence between sets of people who understood only a limited amount of people would know about it. Think about it this way, suppose the cops wiretapped your phone suspecting you were dealing drugs with known terrorists. All they get is you talking about how your partner looked fat in the outfit they wore last night, and how you think one of your best friends have a drinking problem and he's becoming an ass. Nothing terribly bad, and all true from your perspective. Now lets say that a cop knew he was going to get fired for whatever outside reason and dumped all these tapes of you talking privately to certain people in confidence along side the road on his way to an interview for a new job. Now suppose I found them and posted them all on the interweb. Does the fact that they are all true make that right? Does it make it permissive? I mean ignore the fact that the cop acted illegally, I came buy them legally, and haven't broken a law (actually I have but pretend I haven't) and posted them for everyone, including your partner and friend with the drinking problem to hear and see. Are we good now? Well, what makes the difference if we are not? You might say "well, those were your communications, not the government", but it's the government who kept recorded them and kept them, shouldn't I be able to disseminate government information even when the communications help were regarded as confidential at the time?

We are not talking about private citizens, we talking Federal employees who are being paid and acting on our behalf, that directly effects every person in this country and many more around the world. The data here wasn't unknowingly tapped, they knew records were kept and many government officials (at least higher end ones) could read it.

The scenario you create here involves private citizens whos actions, have no effect on the rest of the world, nor are they paid or acting on the public's interest, who have an expatiation of privacy, etc. These are two total separate issues.

If this same cop in your scenario found out.. I was drinking on the job, in which peoples lives were actually in danger and he 'anonymously' reported it to my work, I think it would be the morally right thing to do. If I found out the cops did that, I hope I would have enough reason in myself to understand why he did it and accept it was the right thing to do.

Nationalism is not usually a good thing. Being mad that a group exposed all the secret evils of your government is not the right response, consider asking the government why they were doing these evils in the first place.

Would you be mad at me if I posted all your confidential communications on the interweb? Seriously, I mean if you knew all your conversations were being recorded and eventually made available to anyone- anywhere, would you phrase things differently, perhaps more tactfully then you have in the past? The problem here is that it went beyond exposing just the evils of the government. It went into the territory of anything to damage them. Completely benign yet untactful communications were made public with no other reason then to degrade relationship the US holds in some form. Almost everyone would consider that an attack and if it happened in your personal life, you would stop being around people who acted like that to you. Wouldn't you? Maybe it's not all nationalism but being able to relate to it personally. I don't like people like that, I don't like Assange, I knew who he was before this, I didn't really care before this.

My response to this is more or less the same as above. We are not talking celebrity gossip magazine type stuff here. We are talking countries bombing and killing other people on behalf, paid by us. Spying and and hurting our relationships with the world. I understand the need for real national security, I do. But when the government stamps every single document no matter how trivial secret going back 50+ years, with no transparency, uses the media as an attempt to keep support for a war or two or three, lying about facts, then you have Wikileaks post the Iraq & Afgan warlogs. I am all for wikileaks here man.

Is it not more moral to ask your government 'why you do these terrible things, classify them and cover them up'? Than it is to blame the person for exposing them?

Why can't it be both? I mean seriously, in all the arguments I see in support for wikileaks, they all act like it's a binary problem of either or but not both. There were perfectly legitimate ways of dealing with this that would have resulted in completely different outcomes. Manning had many viable resources to express what he thought was injustice without ever committing a crime including notifying members of congress. What makes people distinguish news sources from Wikileaks is that a legitimate news source doesn't do around reporting that your neighbor called you an arrogant ass, unless that act leads into something news worthy like you assaulting them or something. The bulk of the diplomat cables and battlefield reports amount to little more then that. They show little to now evil by the government and are more or less people expressing rude or off collar opinions about others in high places. The battle field reports are even worse because a patter of operational strategy can be derived from them which would clearly give an enemy a better understanding of our tactics and perspective.

And even if no one can show how anyone was directly or indirectly harmed but the releases, you can show how you wouldn't keep people like that in your circle of friends. In fact, almost every workplace environment I have been in had at least one person who couldn't keep their mouth shut about things and often their blabbering bites someone in the ass who did no direct harm to anyone or anything. In my experience, we simply don't deal with them outside of direct need of work. I'm betting a lot of people have seen this and don't like it either.

Assuming it was Manning, yes he broke several laws and oaths he gave. You keep equating little private citizen things with this and they are not nearly the same thing. He saw video footage of people in helicopters killing every day citizens illegally with no regard for human life. He already saw multiple cover ups and lies from the government fed to the media. What do you expect at a certain point? This guy lived in it, dealt with it every day and saw everything. I do not know his reasons, obviously I can only make educated guesses. Yes a large part of the cables are useless and really do not need to be published, period. There are chucks of them however that should be known.

I wouldn't put my faith in any friends to be covering up things of the caliber that Wikileaks has released, nor would I ever commit them in the first place. Actually you keep talking about workplace environments, we have entire laws to protect people who do come out against these companies "whistleblower protection act" for one. No this isn't going to protect you from spreading every gossip garbage, but if the company is clearly breaking many laws and going against their stock holders, it will protect them. I might not have the balls to do it, you might be the one blindly following the company, sticking with your friends breaking the laws. Someone will though.


more than 3 years ago

'No Refusal' DUI Checkpoints Coming To Florida?

uolamer Re:Whats next? (1219 comments)

The preacher at my church says they are.

more than 3 years ago



Sweden launches criminal probe of Pirate Bay sale

uolamer uolamer writes  |  more than 5 years ago

uolamer (957159) writes "Sweden's Economic Crimes Bureau has begun an investigation into some of the events surrounding the planned acquisition of The Pirate Bay by Global Gaming Factor X.

The Swedish newspaper, SvD reported Saturday that authorities are looking for possible insider trading after Global Gaming's jumped a week before Global Gaming announced plans to acquire The Pirate Bay. Trading of Global Gaming shares was halted by AktieTorget, a Swedish exchange, on Friday after officials there requested proof that Global Gaming had enough money to complete the sale. Global Gaming has yet to produce the required documentation Until officials get the proof they need, they said they won't allow the stock to be traded again"

Link to Original Source

uolamer uolamer writes  |  more than 7 years ago

uolamer writes "Last year, an attorney representing a woman sued by the Recording Industry Association of America claimed his client is innocent and asked a federal judge to levy sanctions against the association's lawyers.

Instead, in an unexpected legal twist, U.S. District Judge Terry Means ruled on May 16 that it was entirely likely that the woman was violating copyright law via the Kazaa file-sharing program — and ordered that her attorney be sanctioned for wasting the court's time with "frivolous" arguments.

CNET Story"

Link to Original Source


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