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Satellite Swarm Spots North Pole Drift

usacoder With the poles moving... (80 comments)

the last one in Poland please turn the lights off.

about 7 months ago

Satellite Swarm Spots North Pole Drift

usacoder I just know... (80 comments)

this will bring out the global warming deniers.

about 7 months ago

Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

usacoder Only 22% (377 comments)

of hybrid owners would buy a second. Maybe that's why it's peaking.

about 7 months ago

Trillions of Plastic Pieces May Be Trapped In Arctic Ice

usacoder With global warming... (136 comments)

the plastic won't be trapped for long.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Can an Old Programmer Learn New Tricks?

usacoder Shoelaces were a bitch (306 comments)

But I finally got them to work.

about 10 months ago

Police Say No Foul Play In Death of Bitcoin Exchange CEO Autumn Radtke

usacoder Suicide #11 (126 comments)

She's the eleventh person in the financial industry to commit suicide this year.

about a year ago

US Secretary of State Calls Climate Change 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

usacoder He's Illogical (401 comments)

His botox injections have crept into the neocortex.

about a year ago

Obama's Climate Plans Face Long Fight

usacoder Politics on a Tech Board (229 comments)

And that's what all of this is about... politics.

about a year and a half ago

Acorns Disappear Across the Country

usacoder need some? (474 comments)

ya want acorns. come down to raleigh, i raked 4 trash cans worth from just 3 trees.

more than 6 years ago



Oak Ridge Closes Biomass Steam Plant

usacoder usacoder writes  |  about 5 months ago

usacoder (816957) writes "The AP and a Tennessee newspaper report that the Oak Ridge Laboratory has closed its $60 million power generation system that uses a biomass heat source. The 20-year plan for the plant called for long term savings nearing a quarter billion dollars."
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Buckyball Dude Still Fighting Big Gov't. Guess Who's Winning?

usacoder usacoder writes  |  about a year ago

usacoder (816957) writes "It's one thing not to bite the hand that feeds you, but it's another to bite the hand that takes away too. Or is it just a case of someone who thinks their in charge with our lives not understanding good sarcasm when it's used. Whatever the case we will never see Buckyballs on store shelves ever again."
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An Emission-Free Recycling Machine

usacoder usacoder writes  |  more than 7 years ago

usacoder (816957) writes "New Scientist Magazine has a story about a company that has developed a process to convert automobile and truck tires into diesel quality fuel and other byproducts. Global Resources process basically uses a microwave oven, a vacuum chamber and condenser to break down the tires into their original manufactured components.

So what's next turning methane back into cows?"


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