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Fixing China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions For Them

uslurper US industry will NOT pick up! (322 comments)

Companies will just find a different oppressive country in which to manufacture their goods.
Adding carbon tarriffs does not change the fact that it is expensive to manufacture in the US.

about a month and a half ago

Professors: US "In Denial" Over Poor Maths Standards

uslurper Americans have a social stigma to math (688 comments)

If you look at the american culture vs. academics, you will see that for decades academics have had a social stigma attached to them. Especially mathematics which appears to be the most "nerdy" of them all.

Just look at how movie and tv culture ridicules the smart kids and idolizes the athletic, attractive, charismatics. Many stories are about the 'maverik' who doesnt follow the rules and goes by the 'gut' feeling overcomes the odds and wins the day. Even the science fiction buys into this! Examples: Captain Kirk sleeps around, cheats on his tests, has other people do his science and engineering. Spock has a great intellect, but is really a comic character and only wins when he goes with his 'human' side. The android Data really just wants to be human and have feelings.. doesnt care about making scientific breakthroughs even though he has the intellect for it. Luke uses the "force" -a mysterious power that is a metaphor for having a lot of "heart".

None of the stories talk about years of study, winning because you are better prepared, succeeding by hard work, etc.

about 2 months ago

Interviews: Ask Former Director of JPL Edward Stone About Space Exploration

uslurper What was you biggest game-changer moment? (58 comments)

Being involved in these amazing projects must have provided many moments of exitement when discoveries are made.

What was your biggest "this changes everything" moment and how did it make you feel?

about 2 months ago

Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps

uslurper police cannot do anything (664 comments)

Police cannot do anything.
They need a warrant to enter a home and they cannot get one.

about 3 months ago

Astronomers Determine the Length of Day of an Exoplanet

uslurper How does the rotation speed affect gravity? (34 comments)

How does the rotation affect the gravity of a planet?
If the planet is rotating fast enough, does that reduce the force of gravity, or does the gravity still 'squash' you since it is actually affecting the space around it.

For example, if there was a planet with twice the mass of Earth, but spinning twice as fast, what would it be like to stand on the surface?

Do black holes spin? -or are they 'locked in' because the mass would be impossible to move.

about 3 months ago

Stop Listening and Start Watching If You Want To Understand User Needs

uslurper Re:False premise - usually devs DONT want to (161 comments)


And add to that the mid-managers who promise the execs something will be done in time for christmas, tell the devs to stop everything and work on an emergency audit, then go bat-shit crazy when project A isnt done on time.

about 9 months ago

Would-Be Tesla Owners Jump Through Hoops To Skirt Wacky Texas Rules

uslurper RULES ARE THERE FOR A REASON! (470 comments)

Often times, the regulations are there for good causes.

In the case of a regulation stating that cars must be sold by an independent dealership.
Perhaps this was meant to prevent manufacturers from directly selling to buyers. If they were to sell directly, they could undercut the local dealerships and put them out of business. Many people would think that sounds reasonable.

A similar law was passed which prevented Kodak from developing its own film.

Those kinds of regulations are not limited to Texas. In California there are laws stating that any new dealership must be approved by a panel of existing dealers. (hmm going from memory, may be confusing with schools) This was intended to keep an area from being over-saturated with dealerships. I do remember a story about someone trying to setup an online car dealership that was smothered by local dealership regulations.

Problems with seemingly good regulations occur when the governing bodies are controlled by the companies they regulate. Large corporations dont just payoff government. They also plant representatives on comitties, board members, and trade organizations. These different powers separately are easy enough to bypass. But when organized into a single weapon can effectively block innovation.

about 9 months ago

Finnish Doctors Are Prescribing Video Games For ADHD

uslurper Are there any available for free? (76 comments)

Are there any of these games available as an app or free download?

about 10 months ago

What Developers Can Learn From

uslurper I'm just a Bill (267 comments)

Congress does not get to soley decide how money is spent. They just start the process.
Any bill needs to be agreed upon by the congresss, senate, and president.
Didn't you watch schoolhouse rock?

Otherwise, whats to stop them from not paying for anything they dont like? Revoking the salaries for judges that dont agree with them? Or not paying for fuel for Air Force 1?

Congress needs to pass a budget that will pass senate and not get veto'd. Knowingly passing a budget that will not complete is purely political. Its normal and accepted for most things, but for the budget it is downright evil.

about 10 months ago

In Praise of Micromanagement

uslurper Involvment yes, micromanagement no. (1 comments)

I think the strong point for these CEO's is their enthusiasm, involvment, and empowerment. Executives, managers, and workers all benefit from these traits. I have seen most CEO's to far removed from the reality of their company and too insulated from their problems to be effective. Managers tent to be too powerless to control anything around them just give up and shrug.

The term micromanagement has a different connotation for me though. I have seen the downsides of it firsthand. Executives who read all the self-help books and throw around buzzwords without listening to their employees or being open to others ideas.

about 10 months ago

Science Magazine "Sting Operation" Catches Predatory Journals In the Act

uslurper Re:Controls? (194 comments)

Maybe the cost is not so rediculously high if you consider that serious journals pay for the staff and resources to actuially read what is being submitted.

about 10 months ago

U.S. Government: Sorry, We're Closed

uslurper Re: Fucking idiots (1532 comments)

Actually we had a budget surplus during the Clinton years and then Bush ruined us. Also remembe that Bush signed the bailout, $700 billion TARP program, while Obama signed the Ecenomic Stimulous act (equally expensive).

about 10 months ago

U.S. Government: Sorry, We're Closed

uslurper Re: Fucking idiots (1532 comments)

damnit, theres a really good chart of federal spending and deficit that XKCD put out.. I cannot find it.. help please?

about 10 months ago

U.S. Government: Sorry, We're Closed

uslurper Re:Fucking idiots (1532 comments)

"Unbelievable. I really can't understand this reasoning. You ADMIT that the government is incompetent in how they spend the public's money ('while not providing any healthcare") while wanting to take a well working health care system and dismantle it and give it to the government to control! This is just insane thinking."

-I think some people view the individual mandate of the ACA as a half-ass solution. The real solution being national healthcare plan. Actually we already have this, medicare and medicaid are well managed and well priced for consumers. They already cover a good chunk of the population.

"There were far simpler and cheaper solutions than this monster. Pre-existing conditions? Maybe move them to Medicare coverage for JUST those conditions."

-That would make it all too easy for health insurers to drop anyone with a cronic condition. The list of "pre-existing" conditions is decided by each insurer, and is pretty vast. I was denied insurance because my migraines qualified as a pre-existing condition. So anyone the insurers think would loose money on, they would just kick over to the government. That would leave the taxpayers paying for all the expensive patients, and the insurers making money on all the cheap ones. How is that better than the ACA?

about 10 months ago

Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

uslurper Re:Uh...NO! (740 comments)

Your flame is pointed in the wrong direction! 1. Who the hell cares if some high-power bokerage shaved a few cents off the cost of a big transaction. Is that going to affect the unemployemnt rate or anything that you ranted on about? NO! If anything, some of those transactions actually made some money for some auto-workers retirement funds. Great! 2. Regarding your rant. How does someone making large amounts of money equate to kicking the poor? There is no mandate that rich people who use their wealth, political power, and intellegence to make more money are evil. In fact there are many who try to do good for their community. Of course their are some that abuse that power as well. The modern age has made educated people much more able to reap the benefits of that education. 3. Re: great empires fall. It's not just the elite that dont give a fuck about the poor. The poor dont give a fuck either. Just look at the voter regestration percentages. Only 57% of voters regestered in 2012 in the USA. Almost half of americans dont even care enough to decide their own fate. "Whateva" should be their motto. Reading the propositions and the candidate bios is just too much work! Its easier to just collect my unemployment check. Further proof: after 2008 financial crisis, what luxury did americans give up last? Their cable TV. Comcast shares went down, but their customer base just kept going up. Hey americans want their MTV. And that shit is expensive! Some plans rival a new car payment. -Walmart is another good example. Walmart did not brainwash people into buying their products. People flocked there because all people care about is me me me and the biggest TV they can afford on their credit limit. They didnt care if the as-seen-on-tv products really work, only bthat they saved $10!. They dont care if their imported vegetables were grown according to EPA standards cause they are only 99cents a pound!. 4. So yeah, the USA is in a downward trend, but thats to be expected, normal, and is even good in some respects. We made a ton of money by innovating, engineering factories and having a cheap labor force. We amassed a huge amount of money and have the luxury of buying many imported goods that no one else has access too. Now our currency is trading high so it makes it imposible to compete on manufactured goods. That is a great opportunity for other countries. Yeah some trade tarriffs wouyld have been nice to slow the decline but hey people want their cheap toaster, so everyone welcomed the 'free trade agreements'. yay. But things will normallize eventually as other countries become wealthy and start buying some of our stuff. Yeah it will suck for amny people but there is still a ton of opportunity in the US. It is still one of the best for human rights, infrastructure, environmental protection, and healthcare. I love this country and we should try to help each other personally, financially, or politically. Many ways to do each that accomplish more than raging about the rich.

about 10 months ago

Auction Houses To Be Removed From Diablo III

uslurper Re:The LOOT sucked, not the auction house. (219 comments)

One more thing.. after the initial release of Diablo iii, I expected the economy to collapse and the good gear would get reasonably priced. Instead, just the opposite happened. The gold got cheaper.. about 30 million for $10.. But the gear just inflated even more! -So say a wand that cost about 1 million gold during the first few months now costs 100 million.

Again, where are the economics teachers??

about 10 months ago

Auction Houses To Be Removed From Diablo III

uslurper The LOOT sucked, not the auction house. (219 comments)

In Diablo, the real problem was the loot itself. They were all random drops, and even the named epic drops had random stats.

To put it in perspective, there were about 30 different random attributes. All builds require 4-5 of these attibutes.
All resist
str/dex/int depending on class
crit damage
If you dont have ALL of these abilities on most of your gear, you simply cannot complete end-game content.
Well what are the chances of finding an item with all these abilities? I estimate about 1 in 150,000 drops have all 5.
But also consider that each of these stats will havev a randomly generated value. So you may have All Resist +10 when you need +70. Consider about 1/10 of any needed stat has good values, and that is 1/10000 of 1/1500,000 drops will have usable equipment for the highest level play.

That is a shitload of grinding. It is much better to spend about 50$ and buy enough gold for the AH to buy your gear. Also, the top-end gear is hugely inflated! all farmers need to do is kep on the lookout for any end-level gear, buy it and then turn around and sell it for 100 times what they paid for it. There is not enough of the top-end gear to go around, so the market is crazy inflated. It is a great example of how a hyper-competitive market is bad for the consumer. Snipers with multiple accounts and bots leverage their strength to price things up to astronomical amounts. Some of these things cost billions of gold when my grinding yeilds a few thousand per drop. Economic teachers should use it as a case study.

I mean really, after you grind away or spend your hard-earned cash to fully equip your character, what is your reward?

about 10 months ago

How Car Dealership Lobbyists Successfully Banned Tesla Motors From Texas

uslurper Re:Free market, LOL! (688 comments)

/Agree.. I think Obamacare did not go far enough. The truth of the matter is that healthcare is balloning and eventually it will burst, with or without obamacare, but everyone will blame it on obamacare anyway. Also.. how is insurance different than taxes? I pay money out of my hard earned salary to pay for the cancer, heart disease, and diabetes of others. My employer even pays for some of it.. sounds like a tax eh? Free market? LOL i get whoever my employer has contracted with. Get my own insurance? -dont get the subsidy from my employer, the plans are confusing and hard to compare, and i got denied anyway because of previous conditions (migrains).

about a year ago

What's Causing the Rise In Obesity? Everything.

uslurper Re:Sugar is subsidised (926 comments)

Actually sugar would be cheaper than corn syrup if it was no longer subsidised. You can read about the gory details here. Maybe we should stop subsidising the local farmers for our own health?

about a year ago

Tesla Motors May Be Having an iPhone Moment

uslurper HOLY FUCK YOUR MATH IS SHITTY! (452 comments)


"The truck burning 14.28 gallons of diesel generates about 145 grams of CO2. [1]"
-that's 145 Kilograms you fuck! And you have not included the return trip of the tanker as has been discussed already, making it 290 Kilograms of CO2!.

"The energy losses for the transmission line (considering it comes from coal) generates about 7 tonnes of CO2. [2]"
-Where the fuck do you get that from?? And it doesn't even make sense with your later comparisons!

"A BMW 5 Series 520i would be able to drive about 915.294 miles with that gasoline. [4] Driving these miles, it would release about 91 metric tonnes of CO2 (in the streets)."
-With 10,000 gallons of gasoline..
10000 * 3.78541 liters per gallon = 37854.1 liters * 7km per liter = 264,978.70 km *163 grams CO2 per km / 1000000 = 43,190 kg of CO2

43,190 kg + 290 kg = 43,480 kg or 43.480 metric tonnes of CO2
You have also forgotten that gasoline/petrol is refined from oil, and that the refining process uses some percentage of energy and releases CO2 and sulfur. I cannot find any info on the refining cost.

So how does that compare with the Tesla?
Lets make it easy by comparing the grams of CO2 produced for each km according to the BMW literature.. 163 grams/km.
From your own citations, the Tesla has a 60kW or 85 kW battery. -I know nothing about charging of batteries, but they are rated at 370km for the 60 and 480km for the 85. The 60kW is less efficient so I will use that.
60/370 = 0.162162 kW per km.
Accounting for transmission loss and charging loss, .162162 / .8 /.9925 = 0.204234461 kW per km if produced at a plant and transmitted (see previous discussions and citations)

So how much CO2 produced? 2.08 lbs per kW according to your source.
2.08 * 0.204234461 = 0.424807679 lbs CO2 per km
BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! lets convert the pounds to kg
0.424807679 lbs * 0.453592 kg per pound = 0.192689365 kg CO2 per km.

OUCH! According to this (which is highly subjective) A Tesla running on coal-powered electricity produces 19% more CO2 than the BMW.
-But to compare apples to apples.. an oil fired plant about matches the BMW.
And of course a Natural Gas fired plant allows the Tesla to net 30% less Co2 emissions.
We wont even get into carbon-free power sources like solar, wind, water, etc!

1 year,8 days



Fox News call Mainstream Media Biased. - In other news: The Pot Calls the Kettle

uslurper uslurper writes  |  about a year and a half ago

uslurper (459546) writes "This starts out as piece about the medias role in the 2012 race. But then turns into accusations that other 'mainstream' news agencies are biased in favor of Obama. I didnt really get what they were trying to accuse 60 minutes of. But I really laughed at then end when asked who is it they thought was in the tank with Obama and the reply was: "NFM: Non-Fox Media".

After all this, I am still left curious about the effect of media on the 2012 race. I can easily tell what news stations or editorials people listen to based on what they say about the candidates. What do you fellow slashdotters think?"

Link to Original Source

What number taken to the root of itself yields the highest value?

uslurper uslurper writes  |  about 2 years ago

uslurper (459546) writes "I should probably be working, but for some reason my mind was wandering about square roots and roots. Then cube roots, then 4th roots. I tried plugging in the equations to Excel but apparently it doesn't do radians. Googling "4th root of 4" gave me results. And I found that the cube root of 3 was the integer that gave me the highest number. However I found that "2.9th root of 2.9" was higher. So.. What Real number to the root of itself yields the highest number?"
Link to Original Source

Best for teen drawing: PC and touchpad or tabletPC?

uslurper uslurper writes  |  more than 2 years ago

uslurper (459546) writes "My kid does some great things on the Nintendo DSI using a sketching program and flip-book like animation tool called flipnote. See the link to source for a tutorial.

OK so I would like my kid to advance beyond the basic tools of the Nintento DSI. But at only 13, advanced tools like photoshop are too hard, and too expensive if it turns out to be only a flight of fancy. Also, going from a pen to a mouse is proving too difficult for him.

So I was thinking about buying a drawing tablet to connect to the PC.. something like the Bamboo. But I am still worried that since you are not actually looking at what you are drawing on, it may be too difficult for him and he will loose interest. The budget for the tablet and software looks to be around $200.

My other option was to get a tabletPC like the Kindle Fire. Thats about the same price as above. It seems that a tablet PC would make a great drawing tool. Are their any good drawing tools for android that surpass the Nintendo's flipbook application? Can you use a stylus on a tabletPC and draw directly onto the picture? Or should I just push my kid toward standard PC software?"

Link to Original Source

Is there a way to GPL ideas instead of patent?

uslurper uslurper writes  |  more than 4 years ago

uslurper (459546) writes "Is there a way to GPL ideas instead of patent?

Lets say I were to invent something (besides software) for the benefit of society. And I wanted to share my idea freely with the world so that everyone can benefit from it.
Patents are expensive me being a poor Joe, and just wanting to share my idea, I'm not going to patent something just to give it away for free.
If I just told everyone I knew, what would stop them from taking that idea and patenting it and thus 'owning' the idea?

Is there a way to freely publish an idea in such a way that it will not be patentable? -similar to say the GPL software licence but with allowance for the 3rd party to profit? (since they are actually selling goods)"

Link to Original Source

Request for a better File Transfer Protocol

uslurper uslurper writes  |  more than 4 years ago

uslurper (459546) writes "Request for a better File Transfer Protocol

  I work for a financial company that acts as a 'middleman'. We have always been involved with securely transferring data, but we will be increasing our use of data transfer substantially.
However I am having a difficult time managing and automating the data transfers among various clients and vendors.
I have some programming skill so I can create or customize as i see fit, but the fact that i have to customize each and every connection wastes my time.
There does not seem to be one widely accepted solution.

Here is what I need:
1. Send and receive files.
2. Data must be secured using a HIPAA accepted method.
3. Transfers must be automated.

Here are my best options, but each has its own drawbacks.

FTP would work great except it is very hard to work around firewalls. This is due to the way it handles "active" and "passive" modes.
Many network admins do not understand its peculiarities.
Also, the various encryption methods used means it is not a common setup.

B. SSL web page.
HTTPS is well known and reliable, but its a pain to automate.

C. Email
Email can be automated, but it requires the files to be encrypted before transfer using PGP or other methods. PGP is being used less and less, and frankly it can be a pain sometimes.

So, is there a better solution available?"

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