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The Mere Promise of Google Fiber Sends Rivals Scrambling

uvsc_wolverine Yep (258 comments)

I live just outside of Provo, UT and I had Comcrap install my internet service about a week after Google announced their fiber service was coming here (I had just moved). I'm not in the service area (dammit) but I asked the Comcast tech about how his office is feeling about it. Basically he said the bosses at the local Comcast office are scared to death. In Provo Comcast started offering cut-rate prices about 2 months after the Google Fiber announcement. My grandparents took their offer of $75/month for 30 Mbps internet, cable TV, and home phone service.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?

uvsc_wolverine Stay in education (451 comments)

I'm not saying that you shouldn't change careers - but look at the business end of IT in the education market. I work for a large university and I just switched roles from a SysAdmin to a Business Analyst for our Office of IT and I'm 33 years old. I moved from the front-facing tech side of things to where I am basically the interface between the engineers/technicians and the "customers" (deans, departments, students to a much lesser extent). I get the project requirements from the customers and work with the engineers to provide what the customers need. I'm still in IT, but I'm in a position where I'm having a large impact on the infrastructure and our service quality (we have 32k students). Being already in education you'd be at least basically familiar with some of the unique things that occur with licensing, purchasing, etc. We tend to get better/cheaper terms than corporations and individuals. It's a challenge, but it can be a fun challenge. You don't sound like an engineer, but you DO sound like you can at least be conversant with them. Being that translation layer between engineer/normal person can be a lot of fun.

about 5 months ago

Why Your Phone Gets OTA Updates But Your Car Doesn't

uvsc_wolverine I'm sure it would be cheap too... (305 comments)

My father-in-law has a very nice Lexus he bought 3 years ago that has a built-in GPS. Unfortunately his GPS has gotten out of date, so he took it to the dealership to ask about getting it updated with new maps. The dealership wanted $800, half of that was labor. Turns out there is NO WAY to update the GPS in his car. They have to open up the dash board and replace the stupid computer. They're not smart enough to have a mechanism to update a built-in GPS - you think they'd do something as logical as OTA updates? Hah!

about 5 months ago

Magician & Investigator James Randi Talks Directly to You (Video)

uvsc_wolverine Re:Damn, I missed it (259 comments)

Oh my gosh...I typed a huge long reply to this and then the comment system ate it.

I have had this happen to me a lot. Enough so that my cousins and some of my friends refer to it as my super power. We saw two different types of lights (same day, different times of day) turn off in a movie theater parking lot as I walked past them, or parked under them.

My original reply was much longer and more detailed than this, but I don't want to retype it.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Is a Reasonable Way To Deter Piracy?

uvsc_wolverine Re:life-long updates (687 comments)

Apple has an app store for Mac OS as well. It uses the same sign-in as the iTunes app store.

about a year ago

The Coming Wave of In-Dash Auto System Obsolescence

uvsc_wolverine Sucks to stay up to date (445 comments)

My father-in-law has a 2009 Lexus RX 350 hybrid and the in-dash system is already showing signs of obsolescence. The most glaring thing is actually the built-in GPS. It doesn't take long for those maps to get out of date and guess what Toyota's solution is to upgrade the maps? Replace the computer. It would cost nearly $2000 to get updated maps loaded into his car. Toyota didn't think to have some simple way of upgrading the mapping data via USB or anything. They have to take the dashboard apart and install a new computer to upgrade the maps. That's just stupid.

about a year and a half ago

Foxconn Begins To Assemble Its Robot Army

uvsc_wolverine Wow (303 comments)

Is anyone else amazed by the sheer scale of an operation like that? Not just Foxconn itself (which I know is huge) but the effort and cost of installing 40,000 robots.

about a year and a half ago

New Hobbit Trailer Debuts

uvsc_wolverine Distorted square shape (130 comments)

Any idea what the small distorted square shape is on the left 1/3 of the screen at 38 seconds? Looks like some unfinished effects work. It moves along with one of the dwarves (dwarfs?).

about 2 years ago

Blackboard Buys Moodlerooms and Netspot

uvsc_wolverine Interesting "solution" (95 comments)

The university I work for has developed our own home-grown learning management system. The beta is and we're supposed to drop-kick Blackboard in 2 months and go wholesale with our own LMS. As a tech I'm somewhat concerned.

more than 2 years ago

Who Goes To CES?

uvsc_wolverine Re:Duh. (78 comments)

Yep. I got my CES badge at the airport 2 years ago. It was really convenient. They had a table setup by the baggage claim. The line stayed short since they generally only had people come up when a plane landed so it kind of went in surges that were mitigated by the time it took to get off the plane. Worked really well.

more than 2 years ago

US Senator Proposes Bill To Eliminate Overtime For IT Workers

uvsc_wolverine Meh (1167 comments)

I work IT in education. The general attitude at the institutions I've worked for has been that if you end up putting in extra time for some reason you can make it up by pulling half days or leaving early without taking vacation time. Education may not pay the best but the benefits sure are nice. On top of liberal policies, free tuition, and excellent health insurance, I also get 6 weeks vacation time, and 2 weeks sick time each year (and they roll over!).

more than 2 years ago

With regard to software licensing ...

uvsc_wolverine Meh (215 comments)

Personally I don't care. I have to care at work - half of my job is ensuring license compliance with some extremely expensive engineering software.

more than 3 years ago

I prefer to listen to recorded media via ...

uvsc_wolverine Vibration (344 comments)

I prefer to listen to air molecules vibrating. Sometimes they sound AWESOME!

more than 3 years ago

Does 3D Make Your Head Happy Or Ache?

uvsc_wolverine Excedrin FTW! (281 comments)

I'm one of the people that 3D is absolutely painful for (take THAT grammar nazis!). I'm already prone to migraines and the 3D just makes it worse. When I went to see Avatar in 3D I preemptively popped 2 Excedrin and still ended up with a mild headache by the end.

more than 3 years ago

FBI Wants You To Solve Encrypted Notes From Murder

uvsc_wolverine Magic Answer! (466 comments)

Just give it to Angela on "Bones." She'll just happen to have recently finished writing some program that will figure it out in under an hour based on a grainy picture of the note.

more than 3 years ago

Glen Beck Warns Viewers Not To Use Google

uvsc_wolverine Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (1276 comments)

Woah - I had no idea. I always thought the hindu gods were all different (like ancient Greek, Roman, or Egyptian gods). You have taught me something today good sir.

more than 3 years ago

Glen Beck Warns Viewers Not To Use Google

uvsc_wolverine Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (1276 comments)

I'm a Mormon and that is the most awesome explanation for the theistic beliefs of different religions I've ever heard.

Although I think the Mormon view would be more like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit each have their own accounts, but they all play alliance holy paladins on the same server in the same guild.

more than 3 years ago

Maximum Items You've Powered From a Single Outlet

uvsc_wolverine 2 Squids (497 comments)

Dish Network DVR, HDTV, Wii, PS3, Wii controller charger, wireless access point, Mac Mini, 2 external hard drives.

more than 3 years ago

Deferred IT Maintenance Is a Ticking Time Bomb

uvsc_wolverine Water still wet (186 comments)

This is just a "status quo" article. There are occasional spending upticks centered around events (like Y2K) but we typically get our marching orders from the C-level people and are expected to just get it done.

I work for a large university (32k students) and we've got roughly 30 people taking care of about 4,000 computers, 10 important web servers (there are a whole bunch more that no one cares about), Active Directory and Novell Netware (we're in the process of dumping Novell), Groupwise, Magic Service Desk, VMWare, network file storage, multiple POS systems, and a whole bunch of backend stuff that makes all of these systems talk to each other for authentication purposes. That 30 people includes all of our support personnel, network admins, AD admin, programmers, DBA guys, and our email admin. We're also moving from Netware to AD, and from Groupwise to Exchange. If you look at just our desktop support personnel we've got 13 full-time technicians to do desktop level support for 2,000 employees and 32,000 students. We're all looking at this as an opportunity to get good experience to put on the resume and then jump ship for decent money.

Part of that need for maintenance is a need to have good people to do that maintenance. We finally got the school to cough up funding for IT personnel training (we were paying for our own training/certifications), now we just want to get paid more than the high school dropouts working for facilities.

more than 3 years ago


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