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Snowden Documents: CSE Tracks Millions of Downloads Daily

v3xt0r Thank you, Capt. Obvious. (103 comments)

The only thing that these 'revelations' have 'revealed', is that there are actually people who work in the government, that do their job.


2 days ago

U.S. Gas Stations Vulnerable To Internet Attacks

v3xt0r What is more concerning is physical tank-access (100 comments)

I'm more concerned that all it takes to access thousands of gallons of gas stored in the underground tanks of virtually every gas station in the US, is a crowbar. Most gas stations do not 'lock' those tanks.

about a week ago

Smoking Mothers May Alter the DNA of Their Children

v3xt0r Re:Odds of birth problems may not be that high... (155 comments)

Hell, I'm convinced that by my mom smoking, she inadvertantly immunized me from smoking-related cancer. That's an awesome DNA mod. Thanks, Mom! =p

about 6 months ago

Perl Is Undead

v3xt0r "Undead"? Exactly. (283 comments)

Most of the scripts/programs that I still use that are written in perl, truly are 'zombie processes', waiting to be put out of their misery.

about 7 months ago

Which desktop environment do you like the best?

v3xt0r Re:WindowMaker (611 comments)

Rockin it old school. Simple, elegant, unobtrusive.

Anything else would be uncivilized.

It's also very nice to be able to sync your menus with items dynamically driven from a database. Although that takes a bit of work to get it going, it is nice being able to. I'm sure that can be done w/ other WMs as well, but who wants to use those crappy desktop interfaces? =p

about 8 months ago

OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

v3xt0r Well, that explains... (1482 comments)

...why my OKcupid profile gets more visits from gay dudes than attractive straight women. I'll take that as a complement, I guess.

Most of the straight women on there are either BBWs, or neurotic vegans/vegetarians. There are a few hotties, but why bother if they're just attention-validation seeking narcissists.

I'd rather take my chances w/ the hoodrats on Plenty of Fish.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees?

v3xt0r sslstrip/ssldump (572 comments)

Building a transparent linux-based proxy/firewall/gateway with sslstrip/ssldump is sexy.

about a year ago

Intelligence Officials Fear Snowden's 'Doomsday' Cache

v3xt0r Re:So.... (381 comments)

err, a trainstop. Oh fuck off. =p

about a year ago

Intelligence Officials Fear Snowden's 'Doomsday' Cache

v3xt0r So.... (381 comments)

...does that mean we should expect 2 more years of pointless news stories like this one?

In other news, water is wet. The sky is blue, and a train is where a train stops.

about a year ago

Oracle Attacks Open Source; Says Community-Developed Code Is Inferior

v3xt0r Well played, Larry. Well played. (394 comments)

[to the Senate] In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society which I assure you will last for ten thousand years.

[Senate fills with enormous applause]

about a year ago

Snowden Spoofed Top Officials' Identity To Mine NSA Secrets

v3xt0r Non-Secured Agency (743 comments)

This 'brilliant' official should not be affiliated with any community that includes the word 'Intelligence'.

about a year and a half ago

Reddit Cofounder Says Site Was Built By a Horde of Fake Accounts

v3xt0r Uhh... why is this news? (192 comments)

In the course of developing a large, scalable, social networking application, one aspect of this is 'Stress Testing', in which, common sense dictates that you need to set-up a staging environment with fake users, and scripts (aka: bots) that act as users interacting with the system.

The fact that they used this practice in production to get attention or mislead and entice real people to use their system, is not that surprising, or un-common. The real news here is that the majority of reddit users are, and have always been, complete morons.

more than 2 years ago

Why Desktop Linux Hasn't Taken Off

v3xt0r ...and in the real-world... (1264 comments)

I work in a Software Engineering department for a major company (>3k staff), with over 150 Linux desktop users, and a team of only 3 linux desktop admins.

These guys have things down to a science here, and are far less authoritarian than the Windows Desktop IT team, who won't even let us change our screen saver settings without forcing us to open a ticket, which all stems from security issues and lame IT policies.

Everyone here is an educated and skilled engineer, and is expected to know how to *at least* perform normal day-to-day operations using a linux desktop. The defacto here is Fedora Linux, for many obvious reasons.

All of our engineers have the freedom of sudo to install/configure their system accordingly, within the realm of support. If they decide that they are better-off administrating their machine on their own, then they have free reign to change the root password, and the linux desktop staff no longer has to support their needs. They are then on their own and considered skilled enough to support themselves.

Our Windows Desktop infrastructure is an entirely different story. There is an entire team of ITSEC engineers who are constantly watching the network traffic, and often remotely snooping on users desktops.

Linux is here for those who are educated, skilled, or curious enough to figure it out and use it to their heart's content. Linux is not here to replace Windows or Mac as a desktop, unless you yourself (as I) have chosen to do so.

It's ironic that MS pays Gartner and PC World and all these other 'sponsored' media outlets to spread PR/FUD against Linux-based systems. They'd be better off fixing the bugs in Windows, with those funds, rather than misleading the short-sighted Managerial types who continue to make bias decisions and ruin companies thanks to these lame efforts to secure a market share.

more than 2 years ago

If You Resell Your Used Games, the Terrorists Win

v3xt0r Suicide by Cop-out (423 comments)

Let's face it, this is nothing more than a lame argument to secure the idea of a new, much more oppressive distribution and consumption model, and has nothing to do w/ losing money, and everything to do w/ losing customers.

If the game that you developed *sucks*, and people only buy a used copy, and/or the majority of people resell their $60 copy for $10-$15, who is really losing money here? *The consumer!*

You can't blame the consumer for your game sucking, and you can't blame the consumer for not wanting to spend $60 on a new copy, if they know the majority of people think it sucks.

There are, of course, the cheapskates who would far rather spend their money on a used copy 3 months after the release. News flash: They aren't going to submit to being forced into buying $60 games due to DRM. These are the types who will instead ditch their console and just download cracked PC versions. Either way, you'd never see their money to begin with.

more than 2 years ago

Teachers Resist High-tech Push In Idaho Schools

v3xt0r Teachers Resist becoming the next Tower Records... (311 comments)

It is my opinion that the public education system is, and has always been, pretty much a joke, and this really won't solve that problem, but will at least allow the poor students who are subjected to teacher's who themselves are stuck in 20th century workforce mentality, in the 21st century, and ultimately preparing students for jobs that no longer exist in this country.

The struggle to maintain validity and their own job security has been trumping the capabilities of students for at least the last 2 decades, and this is only going to become more of a reality in the next 10-20 years, as quite a few University-level courses are slowly replaced by courseware. Sure, Doctors and perhaps, Lawyers may still need to attend class, but do english majors really need to sit in a class? Sure, there will always be an argument in favor of interaction with awesome teachers, but this is no reason to *not* embrace evolving methods of learning, not to mention, teaching.

As someone who was constantly ridiculed, demotivated-by, or simply insulted-by comments from teachers growing-up, who eventually dropped-out of HS, and now enjoy a far more stable and well-paying career than said teachers, I welcome this initiative, and hope teachers will wake-up to the realities of the 21st century markets, and workforce requirements. Not that everyone else should follow my footsteps, but the fact is, you can succeed fine in this world, given enough self-discipline, continuous learning, and determination. In that regard, this country still offers more than any other country, and should be noted accordingly.

about 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Are You Streaming-Only For Home Entertainment?

v3xt0r spoonfeeding vs. hunting and gathering (697 comments)

I boycotted cable after my apartment burned down last year. After about 6 months of nothing but youtube and crappy low quality internet streams, I finally caved and got DirecTV. I still hate paying for the service, but it is really nice having the option of not having to 'digg through the crates' in order to find something to watch, when I feel like being spoonfed by the programming networks.

The fact that I had bought a 1080p LED samsung TV, and was subjecting it to nothing but netflix via netbook or xbox, sure was visible once I plugged-in my DTV box and got actual HD video. HUGE difference, I don't care what any stream-only advocate says. The bandwidth and programming simply isn't there just yet.

This is the decade of death for the big broadcast networks and providers though, I can safely say (as I said in 1998 about the record industry).

My point is that media distribution models can co-exist and offer a much better "I'm in control" experience for the user, rather than being subjected to one or the other, or being constantly spoonfed, if you can afford it.

more than 3 years ago

Second Straight Rocket Failure For South Korea

v3xt0r kaputnik 2.0 (143 comments)

"In Soviet Korea..." anyone?

more than 4 years ago



v3xt0r v3xt0r writes  |  more than 7 years ago

v3xt0r (799856) writes "Apparently, MySpace/News Corp. has launched an official 'MySpace China' version of their famed service.

FTA: "Discussion forums on subjects like religion and politics are nowhere to be found on the new Chinese MySpace site, even though these are popular topics on other international MySpace sites. Instead, users are only offered safer topics for conversation, such as humor, sport and movies."

"Users are told to click a button if they spot any 'misconduct' by other users. This 'misconduct' includes actions such as 'endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting the government, undermining national unity, spreading rumors or disturbing the social order' — according to the site's terms and conditions.""


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