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America's second-largest employer is a temp agency

valenti Temp workers actually only 2.2%, not 10% (1 comments)

Someone is confused about "now make up a tenth of the jobs". If you follow to the original Propublica article they say it is actually 2.2% of private sector workers.

about a year and a half ago

FCC Dodges Pointed Questions On US Broadband Plan

valenti Re:The US is not "too big" (276 comments)

fullback, I have a little research project, please contact me at my ID at MSU.edu
(the project is just to satisfy my curiosity about how fast these high speed connections in Japan, etc are once you get out of that country)

more than 4 years ago

Blurring Lines — Dual Core Atom To Lift Netbooks

valenti Re:Dual core Atoms came out in Sept 2008 (204 comments)

I heard that one of the nice advances of the D510 Atom is that it is both dual core and hyperthreaded. So it shows up as 4 cores. Also Intel tried to cripple the previous version with a max of 2GB RAM, now that is up to 4GB.

more than 4 years ago

Nvidia's GF100 Turns Into GeForce GTX 480 and 470

valenti Re:good card for playing with GPGPU? (132 comments)

If you are interested in playing, any card 8xxx series or above works. (Nvidia) For instance, this Macbook has 9400M and I was able to download the CUDA stuff and run the sample programs with no trouble. RE the double precision and # of shaders (or performance), it really depends on what your code uses and how fast you need/want it. Easiest to get something running and then see where the bottleneck is, and how much it costs to fix.

Mostly my GPU usage is for folding (folding.stanford.edu), I like the new boards because they run cooler. Just ordered a Gt240 for about $65 after rebate. An advantage is that the 240 doesn't need the extra power cable. I think it will fold proteins as fast as about ten Core2 2Ghz CPUs. The best card I have so far is a 250, it equals about 20 of those Core2's. Last summer I picked up some 9600gso cards for about $35, those have similar performance to the 240, but require the extra power plug.

I would like to do something like atlasfolding.com , but with much less $$. It looks like this new 480 is about 4X's the 295 performance for ~same cost. Sounds good to me.

PS - if you get some good GPGPU code running and need more performance, try to hook up with a .edu HPCC. Most of them are getting into CUDA and might have spare cycles. You might have to switch to linux.

more than 4 years ago

Sony Announces PS3 Slim, Price Cut, Improvements To Home

valenti Power consumption? (427 comments)

Any news on how much juice the Slim sucks? I heard it would be less.

And I assume that Stanford's Folding client still runs on them?

more than 5 years ago

Internet Hardware For White-Space Spectrum?

valenti Wait & hope. Maybe 3650 wimax? (36 comments)

Knowledgeable people in the wireless ISP industry say whitespaces gear won't be available for at least another year. If it works out as expected, you would just buy it and use it, similar to today's wifi gear. It would require an Internet connection, to lookup the available channels database (daily) in your location.

As an alternative available today, you might consider the WISP 3650Mhz spectrum. The license for that costs $210. A brand I have looked at is Tranzeo, they sell Wimax gear in that frequency. (about $2000 for the AP, $250 for client radios). There are some exclusion zones that you aren't allowed to use 3650 within, so do a little research first.

And there is, of course, the usual wifi based gear. For example, see StarOS/Lucaya (my choice), or Mikrotik. And Motorola Canopy seems to work well at 900MHz.

Congratulations on being in the desert! You have a big advantage there with the lack of trees.

more than 5 years ago

How to Deal With an Aging Brain?

valenti Re:Or.. [off topic - re your sig] (684 comments)

theaveng - please contact me, I was curious about your signature. email me at userid at msu dot edu

P.S. - channels 3 & 4 are off limits for white spaces devices; also 52 and above.

more than 6 years ago



I want a radio station

valenti valenti writes  |  more than 6 years ago

valenti (58141) writes "Sick of nationwide corporate networks of FM radio that play the same 20 songs over and over? Agitate for more local, community based FM radio!

April 7th is the deadline for FCC comments on opening up more spectrum for low power FM radio stations. The good folks at the Prometheus Radio Project have more information and an easy to use submission form at http://prometheusradio.org/take_action/fcc_comments/i_wanna_station.html"


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