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Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+

vanyel Welcome to Reality (238 comments)

People were using them anyhow, regardless of the policy. Welcome to the real world...

about two weeks ago

New Class of Stars Are Totally Metal, Says Astrophysicist

vanyel Heavy (119 comments)

Now that's heavy metal I could actually get into...

about three weeks ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

vanyel Surprised? (579 comments)

When I first saw them appearing, the "unintended consequence" of drivers using them was immediately obvious and appreciated ;-) Such use is no excuse for an accident though - only an idiot doesn't make sure some other idiot isn't on a collision course before going into an intersection. It's as bad as the people suing the state of Oregon because an expansion joint on a curved overpass in the Portland area is a little uneven - cars hop a little going over it, but if you're not going way over the speed limit, it's not a problem and thousands of cars handle it every day. But a few idiots couldn't and now that it's made the news, here they come out of the woodwork.

about three weeks ago

Astronomers Discover Earth-Sized Diamond

vanyel Units (112 comments)

I wonder how many carats that is...

about 1 month ago

Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

vanyel User Interface (427 comments)

Phones are barely big enough to be usable for apps as it is - while I would like to move to a smartwatch to avoid hauling a phone or tablet around, it needs a way to have a large display on demand and simple user interface that isn't audible (for privacy and security reasons). Until we get a neural or perhaps google glass style interface, I don't think it's possible to solve that problem. And all that with a 24hr battery life.

about 1 month ago

Trivial Bypass of PayPal Two-Factor Authentication On Mobile Devices

vanyel Main website too (47 comments)

If you have a very little bit of information, it's pretty easy to get around it on the regular website too, but I suppose it's better than nothing...

about 1 month ago

I prefer to settle down at night with a good..

vanyel Depends on mood (139 comments)

...sometimes tv, sometimes a book

about a month ago

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the LA Clippers For $2 Billion

vanyel Re:What a punishment (270 comments)

Exactly the reasons I thought this was going to happen...

about 2 months ago

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the LA Clippers For $2 Billion

vanyel Re:What a punishment (270 comments)

This is actually the sort of thing I was afraid was going to happen, sending a message that it's very profitable to be a bigot.

about 2 months ago

The Energy Saved By Ditching DVDs Could Power 200,000 Homes

vanyel Re:False comparison (339 comments)

Exactly. Streaming is renting. When I can download unencumbered media, then I'll buy it.

about 2 months ago

I Want a Kindle Killer

vanyel Re:The Nook is/was excellent (321 comments)

I love the nook hardware; the software is the problem and rooting never worked well enough so that I could get another ereader installed. The builtin reader often silently refuses to open books - it just ignores touches and does nothing. The kindle I had worked great, but I ditched it for the nook to get away from the proprietary format and move to the epub standard. Instead, I'm having to read on the Nexus, which is ok inside, but useless outside in the sun. A nook with functional open software would be great...

about 2 months ago

The Lithuanian Mob Was Smuggling Cigarettes Into Russia With a Drone

vanyel Re:That we know of (81 comments)

Indeed, I would change the subject to "is" rather than "was"...

about 2 months ago

Airbus E-Fan Electric Aircraft Makes First Flight

vanyel Re:NOT zero-emissions! (160 comments)

The vehicle itself is zero emission. The cost, environmentally and otherwise, of fuel and production, while important, are separate issues that need to be addressed separately.

If you try to solve a large, complex, problem in toto, you will likely fail. Breaking it up into manageable pieces is much more likely to succeed, such as starting with the end user product where you get the most bang for the buck and then work up the chain. Transportation is the biggest problem which will take the longest time to effect a transition, so getting started on it is important.

Once you have the transition to electric vehicles underway, then you can work on the dirtiest of the electric supplies and every time you make the supply cleaner, you automatically make everything powered by that supply cleaner, magnifying the effect of that effort.

Trying to claim a zero emission vehicle isn't zero emission is just trying to confuse issues and holds back progress.

about 2 months ago

Future of Cars: Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Or Electric?

vanyel Re:Economics (659 comments)

The idea that electric vehicles aren't taking off is nonsense - they're being adopted at rate comparable to if not exceeding that of hybrids when they were introduced. The only sense of "failure" is in comparison to the ridiculously optimistic projections issued when the Leaf was introduced. There are a number of technologies in the pipe to take care of the range issue for cross country driving (which, while the issue everyone focuses on, is not an issue at all for a multi-car household, as most are), and I'll bet on those coming to market before affordable fuel cells do.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Computer Science Freshman, Too Soon To Job Hunt?

vanyel Why work for someone else? (309 comments)

The web developers I know have more work than they can handle. If you're good at building websites, make a portfolio and start marketing yourself. That gives you a flexible schedule to work around your studies, pays better, if less reliably, and gives you independence.

about 2 months ago

Routing and DNS Security Ignored By ISPs

vanyel Not yet (101 comments)

"too few ISPs bother with it" [RPKI] because "Cisco Systems is committed[4] to offering this functionality in Cisco IOS. Juniper Networks is working on an implementation[5] for Junos as well", i.e. it doesn't exist yet. DNSSEC exists, but is very challenging to implement and is fragile, though recent BIND implementations have improved that situation considerably. DANE will build on top of that, so there *is* hope for the future, but it is still the future.

about 4 months ago

Time sucked into Netflix or similar, weekly:

vanyel DVRs are evil (146 comments)

I watch 3-4x as much TV since I got a DVR and could actually watch things on my schedule intead of theirs. Online video in various forms just ads to it. For once, I'm really glad of Sturgeon's Revelation - even 10% is too much!

about 5 months ago

Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

vanyel Double edged (226 comments)

Could Google glass be used in a HUD capacity to actually improve driving safety?

about 5 months ago



Ask Slashdot: What is the best way to mentor online?

vanyel vanyel writes  |  about 4 months ago

vanyel (28049) writes "Having grown up in a rural setting with few resources and recently chatting with a CS student overseas in a less than ideal setting made me think about mentoring options. I'd thought that perhaps mentoring.<stackexchangesite> might be a good option, but they seem to be rather against the idea and even I admit a Q&A format like they're setup for isn't the best. I think mentoring would be a valuable service though, so I ask What *should* online mentoring look like?"

vanyel vanyel writes  |  more than 7 years ago

vanyel (28049) writes "As the new daylight savings time change date nears, we're having to go around and make sure all our computers and routers are updated with the new changes. It seems to me to be a lot of work for no good reason, and I'm wondering just how much our Posturing Leaders are costing us?"

vanyel vanyel writes  |  more than 7 years ago

vanyel writes "MSNBC is reporting: "Two aerospace teams headed by SpaceX and Rocketplane Kistler will share almost half a billion dollars set aside for demonstrations of new spaceships capable of transporting cargo and crew between Earth and the international space station, NASA announced Friday.""



Wow, I have a fan!

vanyel vanyel writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I mostly ignore this stuff, but just checked and wow! I have a fan! Never expected that...


Taking up space

vanyel vanyel writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I suppose this is what's called "blogging". The question is, does anyone read this or is it just taking up space? If I'm just taking up space, I'd rather do it on Serenity.

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