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Symbian, the Biggest Mobile OS No One Talks About

vanza Re:Name one Symbian phone sold in America... (423 comments)

No trying to detract from your greater point, which I agree with, but...

T-Mobile sells the Nokia Nuron, which runs Symbian S60 and has 3G, subsidized.

You can also get phones directly from Nokia (or from non-carrier stores - even Fry's has them) that work on AT&T's 3G, and a couple that even work on T-Mobile's 3G.

None of them are advertised as "Symbian phones", though, just as "smartphones".

more than 4 years ago

Freedb.org Returns to Life

vanza Re:MusicBrainz is superior to FreeDB (49 comments)

While I do agree that MusicBrainz is superior, it's still lacking a single field in the track information: whether the track is an audio track or a data track. I don't think adding a boolean field to their database would have been that difficult. :-)

(And no, this doesn't count. And I know CDDB doesn't have that info either.)

more than 8 years ago


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