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Steve Jobs And The Oh-So-Cool iMac

vecna_99 too disingenuous to let slide (1170 comments)

ok, there's something janky going on here.

He needs to buy a special PCI card to enable the ability to have two harddrives

how to make sense of this cryptic assertion? several possibilities:

1) the new drive is SCSI, and iGawyn's friend is trying to install it in a G3 tower that only has IDE support. hmmm. guess he really shouldn't be surprised at having to buy a "special PCI card" then. oh, those horrible, un-upgradeable Apples.

2) the new drive is IDE, but the ribbon cables included with the system only have one plug apiece. hmmmm. guess that's good news for the local Micro Center, who managed to sell a PCI IDE card instead of a ribbon cable, and bad news for iGawyn's friend.

3) the new drive is SCSI, and the G3 tower has a PCI SCSI card already, but it's already packed full of its maximum complement of devices. i don't think this is likely.

4) iGawyn's friend is just an idiot. not because he doesn't know much about upgrading his computer, but because he doesn't know how to check the Web or call Apple to find out what he doesn't know. personally, i'm leaning towards this one as the best explanation.

exactly what model of Mac does your friend have, iGawyn? hmmmmm? fucking troll.


more than 12 years ago


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