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NASA Considers Putting an Asteroid Into Orbit Around the Moon

vell0cet Re:What could possibly go wrong? (171 comments)

Arguably... things in orbit ARE falling towards the "gravity well". They're just missing the ground.

about a year and a half ago

NASA On Full Court Press To Deflate Doomsday Prophecies

vell0cet I'm gonna start calling Dec 31st.... (286 comments)

If people are going to call Dec 21 the "Mayan Apocalypse," I'm going to start calling Dec 31 the "Gregorian Apocalypse" ... every year.

about 2 years ago

Congressional Committee Casts a Harsh Eye On Vaccination Science

vell0cet Re:Broken System (858 comments)

Could you imagine the amount of money they'd make treating people with the diseases? Or lifelong treatment of people with complications of the disease?

Wheelchair makers would make billions on polio victim alone!

about 2 years ago

DOE Wants 5X Improvement In Batteries In 5 Years

vell0cet Re:Making babies (305 comments)

"A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at."

    -- Bruce Lee

about 2 years ago

DOE Wants 5X Improvement In Batteries In 5 Years

vell0cet Don't forget... (305 comments)

"overcoming current manufacturing limitations through innovation to reduce complexity and cost"

Don't forget overcoming the patents own by big oil and reducing legal fees.

about 2 years ago

UK Government Mandates the Teaching of Evolution As Scientific Fact

vell0cet Re:good (783 comments)

This is a fantastic point. I studied biology (specializing in genetics and evolution). But it really is no more important than chemistry, physic, algebra, etc.

It is simply because it's political that it's been dragged into the spotlight. But it was only given special attention because it is under attack. I'm sure that scientists and well reasoned people would defend physics if people were trying to pass laws requiring science teachers to teach the controversy of flying elves making things fall vs the "theory of gravity"

about 2 years ago

UK Government Mandates the Teaching of Evolution As Scientific Fact

vell0cet Re:What if.... (783 comments)

Why not last thursday? ;)

about 2 years ago

UK Government Mandates the Teaching of Evolution As Scientific Fact

vell0cet Re:You shouldn't have to mandate this (783 comments)

The whole point of teaching science is to hope that people will find that things are wrong with it and improve on it.

But without a solid understanding on the scientific method, what we observe now, how we interpret that evidence and why the current body of knowledge is accepted, people cannot possibly understand WHY the science is wrong (when it's wrong) and how to fix it.

about 2 years ago

Star Citizen Takes the Crowdfunding Crown, Raising More Than $4M

vell0cet Re:Is there really need for "rebooting" (123 comments)

EVE is not really a space sim. To me, space sim means real time flying and dog fighting... specifically things like having to lead your target.

I've always found that the X series wasn't very accessible. The controls seem really complicated (instead of complex yet simple).

But the biggest thing I miss from the old space sim days is the story. In Wing Commander, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, etc. you really felt like you were a pilot who's accomplishments on missions really made a difference in the larger picture. Something sorely missing from either of the titles that you mentioned.

about 2 years ago

Star Citizen Takes the Crowdfunding Crown, Raising More Than $4M

vell0cet A letter and a word... (123 comments)

X - Wing

about 2 years ago

Android Hits 73% of Global Smartphone Market

vell0cet iOS First (601 comments)

As a developer, I have to say that I develop for iOS first. There are many reasons for this (I actually like Android better for personal use).

The fragmentation of the Android platform is ridiculous. Not only do you have to worry about processors, screen ratio, resolution and anything else hardware related... you also have to worry about fragmentation of the operating system. Some people might have gingerbread and haven't upgraded to ice cream sandwich yet. And perhaps their phone can't handle the newest version. On top of that users may not have enough technical knowledge to fix it.

This results in consumers blaming your product. It doesn't work on their phone, this app sucks, the company sucks, etc.

However, releasing on iOS... you only have to worry about a couple of configurations of phone (you can even stipulate that your app only works on 3GS or 4 and above or whatever) and a few different screen ratios/resolutions. It's even okay to force the user to upgrade to the latest version of iOS. Which is simple to do.

This results in people (hopefully) enjoying your app and getting your company and products a fan base. Then when you port it to Android... if the app doesn't work on their phone and they do a search they'll find good reviews, testimonials, etc and blame their phone instead of the developer.

about 2 years ago

Re: the recent U.S. party conventions ...

vell0cet Re:Possible? (342 comments)

I actually think there was another reason that news outlets couldn't report...

Having Obama in the open air with a stadium of 45k people. Security would have been impossible. With the Giffords shooting and a number of other "2nd amendment solution" seekers being revealed all the time (the 4 ex-military guys) it would make sense to move it to an enclosed venue where security could be more tightly monitored.

"Obama moves speech indoors due to weather" is a much better headline than "Obama moves speech inside amid assassination fears"

about 2 years ago

To get me to switch jobs, it'd take ...

vell0cet Needs another option... (374 comments)

Needs another option that says "Doesn't matter the pay, it matters the job"

more than 2 years ago

Steve Ballmer: We Won't Be Out-Innovated By Apple Anymore

vell0cet Courier? (610 comments)

The problem with Microsoft (and other companies) that Apple didn't have is that they are slaves to market research. Apple did what they thought the consumer wanted, instead of researching the consumer and then making the same crap that they were already buying.

This is the thinking that lead to the cancellation of the Courier (google it, it was awesome).

By chasing trends, you will never be leading. I think this quote is quite apt:
"There go my people. I must find out where they are going so I can lead them."
                          - Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin

more than 2 years ago

Apple Yanks Mac Virus Immunity Claims From Website

vell0cet Re:The first crack in the shell! (327 comments)

You joke... but this is actually the kind of thing that was lost with Steve Jobs. Not that OSX is impevious, but the almost religious belief in whatever Apple says.

Jobs would have kept saying it. Mac user would parrot it. You won't believe how often I hear Mac users (although I am one) delude themselves into thinking how great their platform is. The marketing speak of "Macs are immune to viruses" doesn't have to be true, the consumers just have to believe it is.

It's sort of like how Howard Camping said the world was going to end in May last year and then it didn't, and then people STILL believed him when he said it was going to end in October.

more than 2 years ago

SOPA Protests 'Poisoned the Well,' Says Congressional Staffer

vell0cet This is the worst argument ever (330 comments)

"... the people who were calling us did not understand the bill any better than we did"

I can't believe she used this as an argument. If they don't understand the bill, and their constituents didn't understand the bill, there can only be two reasons for trying to pass it:

1) Passing legislation for legislation's sake (Stupid)
2) Passing legislation because you are compelled to by another party that only holds it's own interests (Evil)

So they are either stupid or evil (or both)

more than 2 years ago

History Will Revere Bill Gates and Forget Steve Jobs, Says Author

vell0cet I think that we can all agree... (679 comments)

I think that we can all agree that the person most likely to be forgotten in this article is Malcolm Gladwell.

more than 2 years ago

Diablo III Released

vell0cet Re:Hate to put a damper on the celebration (594 comments)

I don't really care about 10 or 15 years from now. I would however, like to play it now. Unfortunately, I can't because the authentication servers are down.

They were down last night. I got to play a little before I left for work. But that's it.

more than 2 years ago


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