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Nissan Gives Electric Cars 'Blade Runner' Audio Effect

vigilology Re:But... (553 comments)

Speaking of whooshes...

more than 5 years ago

Firefox 3.5RC2 Performance In Windows Vs. Linux

vigilology Re:A Good Test would be Slashdot (240 comments)

For me it was the div on the left hand side that contains some weird counts of posts that I never managed to figure out. It's only in the new dynamic comment system they're using (IIRC). I got rid of it by using a stylesheet just for Slashdot:

#d2out {
        display: none;

more than 5 years ago

Midnight Commander Development Revived

vigilology Re:window maker ??? (304 comments)

From the homepage:

We are currently working on reimplementing the site in a more modern, safe fashion, while at the same time restoring all services required for development and communication. With that said, we are working very hard to revitalize Window Maker's presence on X Window (and perhaps beyond) desktops. With this new focus, we can now truly assert that Window Maker will be resuming active development very soon.

That was seven months ago.

about 6 years ago

Linux Gets Kernel-Based Modesetting

vigilology Linked Videos (81 comments)

Why is there a motherboard obscuring half the screen in those videos? Did he just put the camera down without even looking to see what it was looking at? Be a little more professional, for goodness sake.

more than 6 years ago


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