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Clean Needles for Hackers

vinay Re:What??? (373 comments)

But then you're saying the government shouldn't get involved in cases such as libel or slander, right (for instance)?

Does that mean that I can start telling egregious lies about you, and there's no repercussion? What if I post an article in the local newspaper saying that your store is a front for the mafia, and I make up tons of proof about it.

Sure, you might be able to disprove it, but only after considerable damage is done to your business. I haven't gone anywhere near your property. How will you respond?

And, even we accept that government has the limited role of securing our property rights, how will they do it? They need money, correct? And how else does the government get money but by levying taxes? How do they levy taxes? Right. By passing laws.

Your idea of a government is one that has no ability to do anything. You would prefer that we all live on our own little plots of land and never interact.

more than 11 years ago


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