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The First Particle Physics Evidence of Physics Beyond the Standard Model?

vinlud StartsWithABang clickbaiting again? (97 comments)

It's the holy grail of modern pseudo-scientists: getting an angreement with a former major geek site, allowed to directly post articles. Sure, there are unanswered questions in it, ranging from dark matter to the hierarchy problem to the strong-CP problem, but still they swallow the clickbait until they find another method to squeeze the last remaining bit of income from this community. Or is there? Take a look at the evidence from user StartsWithABang, and see what might be the future of Slashdot.

about 4 months ago

Heat Waves In Australia Are Getting More Frequent, and Hotter

vinlud Re:Pshaw... it's just weather! (279 comments)

First halve of january was the warmest ever measured in The Netherlands. Last winter was one the longest though. Stuff gets more extreme

about a year ago

PM Calls Facebook Irresponsible For Allowing Beheading Clips

vinlud Solution (201 comments)

Start posting CGI videos of beheading Mark Zuckerberg, I have a feeling he will change his mind

about a year ago

India Plans Mars Mission in 2013

vinlud Re:India as an advanced country? (171 comments)

Not sure where you are from, but I remember my servers being inaccessible for days by a major state wide power problem in the 3rd world area named California only a few years ago

more than 2 years ago

Russia Threatens Pre-emptive, Destructive Force On US Missile Defense

vinlud Re:Weird (675 comments)

If they just switch off the gas pipes to Western Europe say byebye to the German economy and US cheap gas

more than 2 years ago

Tennessee Passes Bill That Allows "Teaching the Controversy" of Evolution

vinlud 16/18+ (1108 comments)

Religion should be considered to be for adults only. We don't allow children to be involved with drugs, alcohol, voting, sex and so on legally before they've grown up to teenagers, why should brainwashing with a single particular religion be any different?

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Reportedly Filing $5 Billion IPO Today

vinlud Re:How do the investors get paid? (268 comments)

Huh, doesn't the US have like 200 million eligable voters x $120 per vote = $ 24 billion spent on the last election according to your numbers?

more than 2 years ago

The Myth of Renewable Energy

vinlud Twitter account (835 comments)

If you want to let Ms. Stover know how you think about her article, she can be found on dawnstover

about 3 years ago

Scientists Develop Super-Slippery Material

vinlud Recycling? (298 comments)

If you spray this material on the inside of cans and bottles, does it allow for cost effective recycling still? I can imagine this might be an issue increasing the cost of packaging more then is being saved by the contents.

more than 3 years ago

US Military Moving Closer To Automated Killing

vinlud Re:War is power. (472 comments)

Well if power is simply equivalent with guns, how do you explain the revolts in South African, India, Egypt and Tunesia?

Ethics plays a role as well, and killing machines without any concept of ethics seem to be an extremely dangerous path to follow

more than 3 years ago

Israel To Join CERN As First Non-European Member

vinlud Re:Military State (351 comments)

Just the systematic purging of Arabs in Jerusalem (by refusing permits to Arabs to modify or build new houses) though is not something you would expect to find in any true developed democracy conscious of it's minorities.

You can wonder if a democracy can operate properly at all if it's main issues are related to security

The fact that most of Israel's neighbours are fucked up countries as well (although Jordan doesn't seem bad imho and we can hopefully see positive things developing in Egypt) doesn't plead in any way that Israel is a democratic country. It'd be like comparing the US to Mexico and conclude that the US doesn't seem to have a lot of gun fights

more than 3 years ago

Wicked Lasers Introduces Handheld One-Watt Green Laser

vinlud Worse then a gun imho (404 comments)

I consider these 'toys' much more dangerous then a machinegun. Why? Because while a nut with a machinegun can actually kill people, you cannot hide the fact that you are doing it. With a laser gun like this it is easy to blind people for life without anybody knowing who did it.

more than 3 years ago

World Population Expected To Hit 7 Billion In Late October

vinlud The Right Question (522 comments)

Often people wonder whether we will be able to support a population of 7 or 10 or whatever billion people. I don't find that interesting, I'm sure we can have many billions more on just this planet alone. The real question is what will be left of nature with 10 billion western style living people? Will we as a species be able to preserve any significant amount of wildlife, ecosystems and natural beauty for our children?

more than 3 years ago

Space Station To Be Deorbited After 2020

vinlud Re:Why? (572 comments)

The Space Station is in a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and will fall to the Earth without its regular altitude boosts

Getting the Space Station in a Geo synchronous orbit, let alone deep space (that means outside of the solar system), is a totally different league in terms of needed energy to overcome the gravity well called Earth and mainly the Sun. I can't be bothered to do the calculations but the amount of energy needed for a massive object as the ISS will be staggering.

Also question is for what? Most of the ISS is build for local gravity experiments maintained by manned personel. It has communications optimized for a LEO, etcetera. It won't be able to do much which can't be done by much cheaper ways with a new space probe.

It's like saying you can reach your local California supermarket with your bike, so hey you should be able to go to Hawaii with it as well!

more than 3 years ago

Skype Execs Purged On Eve of MS Takeover

vinlud Fired? (300 comments)

They probably got a good pile of money in their pockets anyway

Also, from the same site: http://www.itworld.com/unified-communications/166637/5-skype-alternatives-linux-users

While many people use Skype for its free voice over IP (VoIP) services, Linux users have a love/hate relationship with it. Yes, Skype will run on some versions of Linux, but it doesn't run on all of them, and the Linux version (2.2-beta) lags far behind the Windows version (Skype 5.3). That's three major generations behind. Need I say more?

Seriously I can't take that site too serious now

more than 3 years ago



The Programmer Dress Code?

vinlud vinlud writes  |  about 7 years ago

vinlud (230623) writes "Justin Etheredge made a nice collection of our heroes of the computer industry: "I really want to know what it is about programming, or computers in general, that makes people want to grow a beard, have long hair, and dress like a slob. So there you have it, my totally incomplete list of bearded, long haired, casually dressed visionaries. Got any other great pictures of any computer scientists/software engineers? Let us know in the comments!""
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