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Opting Out of the Google Books Settlement, Pro & Con

violet16 Lawrence Lessig (125 comments)

According to Lawrence Lessig (6 min 30 in), some 75% of all books are orphaned. It's legally impossible to do anything with those works, because the copyright holder can't be reached for permission.

I think you're suggesting that that should be no problem, because if the copyright owner can't be found, who's going to sue you for using their work? The problem is that you don't know they're not going to suddenly appear and sue you afterward, and for this reason no right-minded company will publish/broadcast/produce your work unless you have secured all related rights.

So, to answer your question, these works are an issue because otherwise some 75% of creative works are just lost: out of print and inaccessible.

more than 5 years ago

Adblock Plus Maker Proposes Change To Help Sites

violet16 Re:We need a tag for this? (615 comments)

How nice to be so binary, but for many of us the situation is not so clear-cut. I do not want to be shown animated ads at all: their usefulness to me is outweighed by their intrusiveness. But I'm perfectly happy for a site to include text links, because they may be relevant, and will help keep this website, which I have found useful enough to visit, operational.

Currently there is no way for me to express this preference. I have to block everything or nothing.

more than 5 years ago

Last.fm To Start Charging International Users

violet16 Re:Economics, not discrimination (329 comments)

Except it's not. Posts from Last.fm staff in the comments make it clear that this is about revenue maximization, not licensing problems:

[The US, UK, and Germany] are the countries in which we have the most resources to support an ad sales organization, which is how we earn money to pay artists and labels for their music. We are focused on the US, UK, and Germany as key markets, with the help of the CBS Interactive salesforce and our own sales team here in London. ... And so we've made the decision to focus on these markets for free streaming radio.

more than 5 years ago

ISS To Become Second Brightest-Object In the Sky

violet16 Re:2nd brightest? not quite. (243 comments)

No, either way, it's wrong. The heading says, "Second Brightest-Object In the Sky," which is incorrect, because the Sun is the brightest object in the sky and the second-brightest is the Moon.

The summary says, "the brightest object in the night sky," which is incorrect, because that would be the Moon.

I know you're joking, but this is Slashdot, and I expect the jokes to be funny AND measurably correct.

more than 5 years ago

US-CERT Says Microsoft's Advice On Downadup Worm Bogus

violet16 Re:What DRM is that? (290 comments)

> Now you could disable it on the system, I suppose, but that'd gain you nothing. The software would just refuse to play.

I suppose the objection is that DRM such as HDCP only proliferates if players support it. The content manufacturers come up with a scheme, and all the little software & hardware players must come on board, because if they don't their products won't be able to play the content.

Microsoft, by virtue of its near-monopoly on the desktop, could kill a DRM scheme for the desktop simply by refusing to support it. But they choose not to. Which is a reasonable business decision, but still rankles.

That's my guess, anyway.

about 6 years ago

Australian Judge Rules Simpsons Cartoon Rip-off Is Child Porn

violet16 Re:Insane (612 comments)

[citation needed]

more than 6 years ago

Discuss the US Presidential Election

violet16 The endless campaign (1912 comments)

Politicians never really stop campaigning, of course, but I think it's exacerbated by two things in the US:

1. Fixed election day. Which is useful in its own right, but encourages campaigning to start early. Where I live (Australia), the government can call an election any time within a certain window, which prevents parties from entering full-scale campaign mode until then.

2. Term limits. When an incumbent runs, their governing--what they're doing in office--is a major part of their campaign. The challenger's campaign is forced to focus on what the incumbent has done wrong and what they'd do differently. Without an incumbent, it's much more hot air and promises, the kind of campaigning that gets tiresome. The US has very low term limits, relatively speaking, which creates many incumbent-free elections.

more than 6 years ago

Alternatives to Daylight Saving Time?

violet16 The Sun is not a bulb (755 comments)

Not to stereotype Slashdot readers or anything, but I notice nobody sees any difference between sunlight and electric light. If you go outdoors during the day, you may be surprised to find daylight has many ambient properties not provided by your basement's fluorescent bulb (warmth, happy feelings, etc).

more than 6 years ago



violet16 violet16 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

violet16 (700870) writes "Some Australians with LG-brand digital TVs have found their sets locking up when trying to watch shows on the nation's most popular free-to-air network, Channel Nine. Given Nine's history of aggressive opposition to PVRs, and that the problem apparently goes away if macrovision copy protection is stripped from the signal, some suspect that DRM is yet again to blame. Meanwhile LG is advising consumers of this helpful temporary workaround: unplug your television and wait 30 minutes before turning it back on."


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