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Does Learning To Code Outweigh a Degree In Computer Science?

vipw Re:No degree = no job (546 comments)

But you really think it's so unlikely that someone picks up this knowledge without a degree? The textbooks used in universities are available to the general public, and there are also resources like Coursera that do provide a semi-traditional learning environment without conferring a diploma.

Unless you're really drowning in candidates, it probably makes more sense to interview for knowledge of CS theory (or use a standardized test) instead of doing a resume-filter.

Your anecdotal evidence is easily countered by other peoples' anecdotal evidence. Mine, for example.

about two weeks ago

Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

vipw Re:Send in the drones! (848 comments)

Are you joking? The Iraqis were being killed, not Americans.

about three weeks ago

HP Recalls 6 Million Power Cables Over Fire Hazard

vipw shipping (137 comments)


Customers should immediately stop using and unplug the recalled power cords and contact Hewlett-Packard to order a free replacement. Consumers can continue to use the computer on battery power.

I must say that I am very impressed by the fast shipping!

about three weeks ago

How Much Data Plan Bandwidth Is Wasted By DRM?

vipw Re:Here's the real waste: (200 comments)

not relevant. DRM infested streaming media is still cacheable. The same data is sent to everyone -- no one uses per session encryption because it's an even more pointless waste of money. Only the decryption keys are delivered by the DRM system.

about 5 months ago

Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

vipw Re:Other HMDs? (535 comments)

AFIACT, that community just went down the shitter. I don't suppose the community was worth $2 billion to Oculus, anyway.

about 6 months ago

Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

vipw Re:Kickstarter is not an investment (535 comments)

milk piles of money

Does that sound as ridiculous to anyone else? Does the money come out of the teats in a pile already, is it extruded as a solid, or is it a liquid form that somehow someone piles?

I don't have anything intelligent to say about your post or the Oculus tragedy; I just wanted to highlight a phrase that makes me want to giggle.

about 6 months ago

Measuring the Xbox One Against PCs With Titanfall

vipw Re:35 GB of uncompressed audio? (377 comments)

That's the claim, but the probable truth is that it's intentional bloat to reduce piracy.

about 6 months ago

University of Cambridge Develops Potentially More Secure Password Storage System

vipw Re:So... this is a cheaper version of a HSM? (70 comments)

Not only cheaper, also it provides no physical security and can leak the master key. Hooray!

about 6 months ago

Genome Pioneer, X Prize Founder Tackle Aging

vipw Re: Why the fuck do you want to live forever? (130 comments)

Three counter points:
1. Human evolution is no longer driven by natural selection.
2. More natural is not the same as better.
3. Even with arbitrarily long human life spans, suicide would be an effective mechanism of death.

about 6 months ago

"451" Error Will Tell Users When Governments Are Blocking Websites

vipw Re:It would be an error code (255 comments)

40X errors can still return an entity. The HTTP spec even says that the server SHOULD return an entity explaining the error. I'm afraid you're the one being a moron.

about a year ago

How European Startups Are Battling Labor Laws For Developers and Programmers

vipw Re:so why not set up shop elsewhere? (293 comments)

This can be fixed by requiring insurance in dangerous fields. Then insurance companies have the incentive to encourage corps to improve safety (will lead to lower premiums). Workers compensation is actually an insurance, but it's not run correctly. It doesn't really have a logical risk-to-premium and instead relies on historical results.

Many public works require bonded contractors, which also avoids the "bankruptcy solves everything" problem.

about a year ago

The public sector in direst need of reform is ...

vipw Re:No contest, surely. (405 comments)

Yes, I think you need to go on. Find a health care system that's in the private sector and is more cost effective than the public sector. That was the topic at hand.

If you need an American example, public (US Armed Forces) soldiers are more cost-effective than private security contractors.

about a year ago

Taking a Hard Look At SSD Write Endurance

vipw Re:I Know People Like You (267 comments)

Replacement batteries aren't usually that expensive. Definitely cheaper than a new laptop.

about a year and a half ago

Pushing Back Against Licensing and the Permission Culture

vipw Re:Uh ... What? (320 comments)

No one in the history of man has released open source without a license. That doesn't even make sense.

You're so upset to be binding people to conditions of a license, but have no problem binding them to the far more restrictive copyright law. Does this make sense to you?

I think you probably should stop using the term open source until you understand what it means.

about a year and a half ago

Pushing Back Against Licensing and the Permission Culture

vipw Re:Uh ... What? (320 comments)

If they want to redistribute your created work, then they are extremely vulnerable to your whims.

> If they want to use the whole thing, then fine.

Without a license to redistribute your work, it's copyright infringement.

There's no gift here, because publishing it isn't releasing any of your rights, except the right of first sale. You didn't give them a damned thing except legal liability. It sounds like you either have no understanding of copyright law or you intentionally have your head up your ass.

about a year and a half ago

Recession, Tech Kill Middle-Class Jobs

vipw Soldiers shooting at their fellow citizens (586 comments)

I've often heard this meme about soldiers refusing to fire on their own countrymen. Is there any example of a professional military refusing such orders?

about a year and a half ago

IQ 'a Myth,' Study Says

vipw Re:lemme guess (530 comments)

Is 137 your IQ also?

about a year and a half ago


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