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Will You Even Notice the Impending Robot Uprising?

vizbones I for one (246 comments)

will welcome...oh to hell them

about 4 months ago

How Microsoft Can Lock Linux Off Windows 8 PCs

vizbones Big Deal (899 comments)

Look, it's just a hard drive. They're so !@#$ing cheap now. Take the damn thing out of the computer and SMASH on it sharp rock (yeah, when I bash Micro$oft I really BASH 'em!) Install new drive...cost $50. If you're not tech savey enough to put in a new drive...another $50 to the local tech shop.

more than 2 years ago

Scientists Say a Dirty Child Is a Healthy Child

vizbones Re:Bare foot...close but not quite (331 comments)

Humans evolved in a particular environmental context. While this was dynamic, it was nothing like the societies we have "recently" created. I agree that there really isn't an "unnatural way", but our bodies didn't evolve in the presents of (for example) Twinkies and all their wonderful chemicals. So it's unclear if we are currently adapted to handle the world as we've shaped it. Only time will tell. Oh by the way, Gorillas don't eat chimps, they're vegetarians (for the most part). And while I agree that tool building was a vital part our of evolutionary path, mechanization is a relatively recent invention. So yes, doing the things we do isn't "unnatural" but that doesn't necessarily mean it's good for us either!

more than 4 years ago

Telescope Will Have Images 10X Sharper Than Hubble

vizbones Let's be honest (315 comments)

This isn't about science.

It's about watching chicks undress on the moon
after we've finally established those bases they've been promising us all these years.

Now where the hell did I park my flying car...

more than 9 years ago


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