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HP To Cut Back On Telecommuting

voitek mad force.... (238 comments)

i think hp is on its way to make his work force very mad... and the net effect is not going to be the one expected. i wonder how much time will take executives to come to the reversal of its decision, as it will come to this point i am sure.

more than 8 years ago



Ubuntu going same annoying path as windows !!!

voitek voitek writes  |  more than 6 years ago

voitek writes "I am a huge fun of Linux and Ubuntu in the resent times moved to the top of my list. Fast, reliable add to that easy way to get extras that are real pain in all other Linux distros (sorry folks but it is hard true, one of the things why Linux is 1000 miles behinds windows is that no single normal windows user is able to get all goodies that are at the click of the mouse in widows). Despite of the shortcoming of Linux (Ubuntu) I have been pushing my entire family to use it and I created reasons for it, faster, more reliable, less worry for viruses and so on. Well, I just installed brandy new version of Ubuntu (8.10) and got PO with it. For years I hated windows informational balloons that pops on every time I start windows or start programs. One of the first thing I always did on every new windows install is to disable these balloons pop-ups, since I found them as one of the most annoying things in windows. Well, folks be prepared, the very first thing you see in your new shining Ubuntu is the balloon when your system connects to network,.. gi, where should I go next to hide from crap like that...and to add to that, what's up with crap o removing xmms from the distro (yes, i know was removed from 8.04). I can click in browser in windows to get winamp on every windows desktop, use to be be same true with xmms, now you force me to 10 different players and none (NONE) is better the old good xmms, and yes, i still can install it xmms, but the same is not true for the average user, so tell me, Ubuntu = next WINDOWS, is that the way you guys want to go?...."


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